In the field of sports betting there is a vast number of different and very interesting types of bets. Some of these bets are better suited for beginners than others. Some are very risky and therefore also possibly very profitable, while other bets score with security and high chances of profit. Every betting form has its advantages that we want to point out. In our betting school, we therefore want to present the different types of bets in detail. Explanations on the basis of specific examples, helpful info and tips as well as particularly valuable betting strategies, that are supposed to lead you to success, should not be forgotten either!

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What are standard bets?

In summary the single bet, the combination bet and the system bet are often called standard bets. It's easily explained, why this is the case. These three betting forms are the foundation of sports betting. They count as classics and have a long tradition. One could also call these three standard bets the basic types of bets, since all (Special) bets that we present in our betting school can be placed as a single bet, a combination bet or a system bet. These three playing types are the basic framework of sports betting. The main difference between the three pillars is the extent of the betting slip: At single bets you tip on one event as the name suggests. At the combination bet at least two sports bets are being combined. The respective odds are then being multiplied. If all tips are correct, the combination bet is won. The system bet on the other hand is even more complex. It consists of different combination bets. The calculation of profits is a bit more complicated compared to the two other standard bets. Of course we deliver an extensive explanation!

What are special bets?

Special bets are the single specific variations of sports bets. They are the betting types in the proper meaning of the word, while the standard bets are the playing types. Meaning: The different special bets like goal bets, result bets, half time bets, double chance bets or handicap bets can either be placed as a single bet, a combination bet or a system bet. These betting forms in parts differ roughly, in parts only slightly. Some are targeted at specific sports like football. Others are more or less a general term itself: live bets or longterm bets are examples for that. As well, a scorer bet for example can be placed "normally", interactively or inter-seasonally. You probably already have a good idea, what this amounts to. Of course, we still will present the different types of special bets in more detail!

Which betting opportunities are there?

It still needs to be explained, what the so-called betting opportunities are about. We are talking about the possible betting outcomes of the placed tips. If a sports event like a tennis match for example always has a winner and a loser, we are talking about a 2-way-bet. This means that there is a total of 2 possible outcomes. 3-way-bets can be found at tips on football events for example, since the result may have three outcomes. They work according to the known 1X2 principle. Multiple-way-bets work a little bit different than you might think at first: Among them are not only sports events, that know more than three different outcomes, but also bets, where you bet on numerous outcomes at the same tip. So a multiple-way-bet actually consists of numerous bets. Single special bets can also be distinguished into 2-way and 3-way bets: Over/under bets, Asian handicap bets or head-to-head bets are classic 2-way-bets for example. Half time/end result bets on the other hand are a member of the 3-way-bet family.

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