Apart from single bets combination bets are part of the standard repertoire of sport betting friends and bookmakers alike. In the following we show you everything that you need to know about this popular betting form with specific examples and we also provide important tips.

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. What are combination bets?
  2. How do combination bets work?
  3. What should be taken into account with combination bets?

What are combination bets?

With a combination bet two or more betting tips are combined on one betting slip to a total tip. All different sport bets can be combined as desired. All betting tips must be correct in order for the bet to be won. When for example four tips are put together for a combination bet, then it's enough that one tip is wrong in order for the whole bet to be lost. Unlike single bets combination bets are also very lucrative without any underdog tips, since the betting odds are being multiplied by each other. This way odds can soon tenfold or even grow by a factor of twenty. But be aware: This betting form is also much riskier than the single bet. The larger the combination bet, the smaller are the chances of winning. How exactly this betting form works and how it differs from single bets, we want to show you in detail in the following chapter.

How do combination bets work?

The principle of the combination bet is explained pretty fast: Instead of placing three single bets separately for example, you put them together to a total bet through combining them. Therefore, only one betting stake is placed. In order to win the bet all three sport bets must be correct. Combination bets can be built as desired and in different ways. It doesn't matter, whether you combine handicap bets, scorer bets or usual win bets - the different betting possibilities can be fully exploited. If you have small chances of winning with this betting form, where are the advantages of the combination bet? It's simple: The betting odds make this betting form so attractive for sport bettors. The total odds of the betting tip stem from the multiplication of the odds of the single tips, that are being combined. We want to present a simple example: Instead of two single bets you may decide on a 2-combination bet for example, that looks like this:

  • Tip A Borussia Dortmund versus RB Leipzig | Tip 1 | Odds 1.55
  • Tip B Benfica Lisbon versus Manchester United | Tip 2 | Odds 1.80
  • Total odds 2.79 (1.55 x 1.80)
  • Betting stakes 10 Euros
  • Profit 27.90 Euros | Net Profit 17.90 Euros

The total odds come from multiplying the betting odds of Tip A with the one of Tip B and is 2,79. This calculation principle is the same for all combination bets - in the case of a 5-combination bet, the five single betting odds are being multiplied in order to get the total odds. This again is multiplied by the stakes to calculate the final potential profit. At stakes of 10 Euros you would get a profit of 27,90 Euros in our case. The net profit would be 17,90 Euros If you would split the same betting budget on two betting tips - 2 x 5 Euros - and place two separate single bets, and the maximum profit would only be 6,75 Euros. You can see that this is a substantial difference! So, it's no surprise that combination bets are that luring due to the respectable odds and at times extremely high profit amounts and therefore are tipped particularly often.

What should be taken into account with combination bets?

The potential profit, that stems from the at times very high total odds and is therefore often very high, is the main incentive of choosing this betting form. Many sport bettors can tell you a tale of how fast you can lose a combination bet. It can often happen that the eyes get too big, when looking at the potential profit and that you get greedy: Without further ado you add another betting tip with odds of 2,00 to the combination bet in order to double the potential profit. In such cases you need to be careful! This way sports betting can soon turn into a game of pure chance. Of course, for many betting fun is paramount. But this can soon turn into frustration, when only high-risk combination bets are being tipped, that are usually being lost. So, it's no surprise that combination bets are also a favorite of betting providers and therefore they advertise them accordingly. You should always have one thing in mind though, before placing such a sport bet: In the case of two combined betting tips you get nine different possible outcomes in the case of 3-way-bets (e.g. result of a football match 1X2). Mathematically the chances of winning - independent of the respective odds - goes down to 11,1% already. If you include the betting odds of the afore mentioned example, we receive chances of winning of 35,8% at total odds of 2,79. This means that the combination bet is being lost in two of three times, even though you bet on the favorites of the respective matches both times. We don't want to advise against placing combination bets at all, you only should be aware of the significantly higher risk compared to single bets, so that you don't lose the betting fun too soon! More comprehensive tips you can find in our section combination bet strategies.

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