With a double chance bet you can bet on two results at the same time with one bet for one sport event. So this betting form raise your chances of winning, while the odds are lower. This popular option is now part of the standard portfolio of numerous betting providers and it is particularly often used for football matches. We show you here, how double chance bets work exactly and what else you need to know about them!

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. How do double chance bets work?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of double chance bets?
  3. Can I combine double chance bets?

How do double chance bets work?

If you want to bet on two results instead of one for a sport event, you use the double chance! In contrast to multiple way bets you don't need to make two single independent bets, but you can do so with one single tip. The advantage is obvious: Double chance automatically also means double chance of winning! This betting form is available for all three sports bets that are so-called 3-way-bets. Three ways mean three possible results in this case. The best known and most popular example would be bets on the result of a football match according to the pattern 1X2. For the double chance bet you choose two of the three possible outcomes. The chances of success are respectable 67%. The total number of betting options remains the same - there are still three variations that you can tip. Two results are being covered per tip:

  • 1X home win + draw
  • X2 draw + visitor win
  • 12 home win + visitor win

Understandably the combination 12 is tipped very rarely compared to the other two options. The bet is only lost, when the third result, that you didn't bet on, becomes effective. The high chances of winning have the consequence that the betting odds are much lower of course! In order to illustrate how big the difference of odds between a "usual" bet and a double chance bet are, we show you an example from the German Bundesliga - Hertha BSC versus Schalke 04:

  • Example football bet in format 1X2
    Odds: 1 2,60 | X 3,20 | 2 2,80
  • Example double chance football bet
    Odds: 1X 1,40 | X2 1,50 | 12 1,30

As you can see the odds are much lower for the double chance bets. Due to the high chances of success you can still make a good profit. Additionally some betting providers give you the opportunity to place a double chance bet on the half time result too. The betting odds are often way different for those. From experience the odds that include an X are lower, because after the first half the score often is 0:0 or 1:1, but the match then ends with a winner. One of the three possibilities is higher for the option half time result in any case. So you should definitely compare odds and take the best offer!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of double chance bets?

Advantage number one is clear: As the name double chance already suggests, your chances of winning are twice as high: Turn 1:3 into 2:3! The danger of draws destroying your betting success can be banned with this strategy. This betting form is particularly well-suited when there is an ambivalence between two match results, but when you can rule out a win by a certain team for example. For sports bets higher chances always mean lower odds of course. After thorough consideration of chances and odds you will often get to the conclusion, that the offers for double chance bets are quite good! For some matches it may also be the case that the odds tend to zero, which is often the case for a favourite win plus a combination of it. For 1X or 12 Bayern Munich versus Eintracht Frankfurt you would get meagre odds of 1,01 for example.

Can I combine double chance bets?

Yes - due to the low odds that's a reasonable idea too. You can choose, whether you combine three double chance bets or whether you want to add a double chance bet to two sport bets of another type. What's not possible: To combine two double chance bets, that refer to the same sport event! This means that it is not allowed to combine the betting results 1X and X2 of a football match on one betting slip in a combination bet - here bookmakers understandably cover their backs.

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