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betting tips today

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Betting Tips for Tomorrow

betting tips tomorrow

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Football Betting tips with analysis

Serie A

15.05.2021 15:00 (CET)
CFC Genua
Atalanta Bergamo
3 : 4

1st German Bundesliga

15.05.2021 15:30 (CET)
Hertha BSC Berlin
1. FC Cologne
0 : 0

1st German Bundesliga

15.05.2021 15:30 (CET)
Arminia Bielefeld
TSG 1899 Hoffenheim
1 : 1

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1st German Bundesliga

15.05.2021 15:30 (CET)
Bayer 04 Leverkusen
1. FC Union Berlin
1 : 1

1st German Bundesliga

15.05.2021 15:30 (CET)
FC Schalke 04
Eintracht Frankfurt
4 : 3

1st German Bundesliga

15.05.2021 15:30 (CET)
Borussia Mönchengladbach
VfB Stuttgart
1 : 2

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1st German Bundesliga

15.05.2021 15:30 (CET)
SC Freiburg
FC Bayern Munich
2 : 2


Bundesliga Tips

1. Deutsche Bundesliga Logo

Do you like to bet on football matches in the Bundesliga? Here you will find all of our betting tips!

Betting Tips Today

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This way to today’s sports-betting tips and analyses.

Primera Division tips

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All betting tips for the Spain Primera Division.

A whole new dimension in sports-betting tips - BETTINGFORMAT

Sports-betting hodgepodges are old news, today it’s all about high-quality content and outstanding bonus offers. If you, like us, are truly crazy about sports-betting, then once you have visited Bettingformat just one time, you are certain to stop by over and over again. After all, what we have is unique. You get concise-yet-detailed sports-betting tips about upcoming events updated daily. Of course, the focus is clearly on football, but we don’t just love football, we love all kinds of sports. Okay, curling, not necessarily. But back to the important stuff – here with us, in addition to high-quality exclusive analysis, you will also find offers from sports-betting providers that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. We are talking about the highest free bets and buy-in bonus offers. Not 50 or 100%, with us that number goes up to as high as 500% and, as a member you enjoy many other benefits such as betting coupons even if you have an existing betting account: you don’t always have to be a new customer. After all, we want to offer you unique service long after you have registered.

Sports-Betting Analyses

Alle Wett Tipps auf Wettformat Eishockey, Fußball, Basketball, Tennis, American Football No lame blah blah blah, instead high-quality game analyses created by our editorial staff. That’s our motto. There is good reason why we employ experienced sports tipsters, who supply you with fresh content every day. Current form, betting odds, what do the statistics say, is there unrest on the squad or in management? We take all of this into account in our sports-betting tips. What is decisive, however, is our many years of experience that we put at your disposal, including tips that are complex yet concise. Our written analysis is followed by an “in a nutshell” bet prediction including additional statistical tips based purely on facts and figures from previous matches. Yet another essential part is a comparison of odds including all relevant statistics. You will find all current sports-betting tips on our “Betting Tips Today” page. If the particular match is also part of our tipster competitions, you will be able to see how our Bettingformat tipsters are betting. We will show you where the bets are being placed, which will give you additional help.

Bettingformat Mobile Sports Betting

The majority of all bets are made using a mobile device, which is naturally why Bettingformat is also optimized for all current mobile technology. In the mobile world, too, all of our sports-betting tips are available with complete information, facts and figures about the upcoming match, our analysis including a concise betting prediction. Finally, we show you a clear comparison of the odds offered by our listed sports-betting providers, along with a series of statistics about the competing teams. In this way, you will be able to access our tips at any time and from anywhere.

The Sports Tipster Competition

After many months of development, it has finally gone live – the Bettingformat tipster competition. There are practically as many tipster competitions out there as there are grains of sand on the beach, though generally registration and administration is complicated and time-consuming – but not here with us. Our goal was to develop the best sports tipster competition. And what better to compare with than the place where we make all of our bets? Exactly! The sports-betting providers themselves. Our betting game functions 1:1, just as you are used to from the bookies of this world. You have a login, your own betting slip, variable bets and, in addition to that, the opportunity to make combo bets, including a wide selection of detail bets such as first-half, over/under, draw no bet, win to 0, or double chance. In this way, you can enter a betting game at any time, even right before the end, since high odds = high winnings, meaning that you can quickly climb to the top of the winner’s podium.

Bettingformat Mobile Sports Tipster Competition

Our betting game is also optimized for all current mobile devices. In that way, you can check your current ranking at any time, place your bets on currently available sports bets, as well as receive your winnings – all of this is made possible thanks to the new mobile version of Bettingformat.

Your Winnings

Here, too, our aim is to stand out from the crowd. During football season, you can become a big winner on every match day. You will get started with a set budget of so-called Betcoins, which are our internal currency. Whoever has the most Bettcoins on their account at the conclusion of the event, match or match day wins. Easy, right? You will see a continuously updated ranking and, best of all, your sports bets will automatically be evaluated. Your betting account at Bettingformat also contains betting statistics and your betting history. In that way, you can always track how successful you have been. See how you measure up against the other sports-betting fans out there and enjoy excellent winnings. Generally, these winnings are coupons from well-known betting providers, though we will regularly put up attractive prizes as well. When you are participating in a tipster competition, simply bear in mind that it is important to provide your betting account number or your username in order to receive your winnings.

So that you can get the most out of your sports bets – sports-betting providers

You really profit when, in addition to making the right sports bets, you have as much certainty as possible in the form of free bets or additional bonus offers. One thing is for sure: on Bettingformat, you will find the highest offers on the market. Nowhere else will you come across betting bonuses through more than 15 providers without even having to buy in. In total, you will receive a betting credit (as long as you don’t have an active betting account with any of them). Yet another point where we differ substantially are our buy-in offers. Not rarely, these go up to as much as 500%. Which means, even with a small initial deposit, you can secure yourself 5 or 6 times the original value. These kinds of offers are unique and can only be found at Bettingformat. We often negotiate for weeks until a new offer is available for you. The more of you who take advantage of these offers and participate in our tipster competitions, the more and better the offers will be that we can offer in future. Often, we give out betting vouchers simply for participating in a tipster competition. You can spend a long time hunting for offers such as these elsewhere, but they simply don’t exist. With an active betting account at Bettingformat, you will enjoy additional advantages such as, as mentioned, free participation in tipster competitions with the opportunity for excellent winnings. Furthermore, we also regularly hold drawings for betting coupons – just because!

Comparison of betting providers – not one-size-fits-all – individuality counts

Everyone is different. That also goes for their needs when it comes to sports betting. There are thousands of strategies and philosophies, which is why we have broken down details of all of the sports-betting providers in order to provide the best possible filtering option. Regardless of what’s most important to you, here with us you are certain to find the right offers with just a few clicks. Our comparison of betting providers makes it possible for you to search using specific filtering options. Be that the betting opportunities, the bonus, the odds or the service. Even if you are looking for betting providers that accept certain payment methods, you will also find that right here. Are you looking for betting providers that do not charge betting tax? – We have them! Are you looking for betting providers who offers E-sports and also a high bonus percentage? – You’ll find them here, too! Plus, we compare all of the criteria in a clear graphic, so you can quickly determine who does what better, and thus who is the most suitable provider for your personal sports-betting endeavors.

New betting providers – the big bookies aren’t necessarily always the best

Of course, everyone knows the famous brands when it comes to online sports betting, but it is often the case that, because they are successful, innovation sometimes takes a backseat. A new betting provider, on the other hand, has a very different problem. They have to come up with something that no one else has yet, or actually be better in a specific area. We love variety, and that’s why we are always searching for new and interesting betting providers with exciting approaches or innovative ideas. If you go through our list of bookies, some relatively unknown names will quickly jump out at you. That’s exactly what we want because experience has shown us that many a supposedly small and uninteresting provider turns out to be a pleasant surprise. In the process, we came across special bonus offers, totally new betting options and features that we hadn’t seen anywhere else until now. Our goal is also to make it possible for you to place a free bet so as to get your bearings. In that way, you can gain a sense of what online betting is about before you have to deposit any money into an account.

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