Head-to-head bets - often also written H2H - are one of the most popular betting forms in sports betting. Additionally, they are one of the oldest and most prestigious bets in the world of sports. The format originates from horse sport: You basically bet on which one of two horses will pass the finish line first - independent of whether the horse wins the race or who is the final winner of the run. This betting principle of a duel can easily translated to other sport events. Due to the simple betting principle, head-to-head bets are perfect for betting beginners, in order to become familiar with sport bets.

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. What is a head-to-head-bet?
  2. What are popular head-to-head bets?
  3. Can you tip on both outcomes at head-to-head bets?
  4. Can you place head-to-head bets as combination bets?

What is a head-to-head-bet?

The principle of head-to-head bets is quickly explained: You always tip on the winner of a duel. It's always a direct comparison of two participants - and often it is only a virtual duel, like in a motor sport race for example. After all everybody races against everybody. The participant, who finishes better, wins. It's not necessary that said participant wins the whole competition - it's enough that he is better than his competitor. This format is best suited for sports that have a bog field of participants, like tennis, winter sports or the motor sport sector. Bookies usually offer many H2H options, that you can freely choose from. This betting form is a classic 2-way-bet. The winning chances are therefore always 50%. In the case that a H2H bet ends in a draw, you get your money back from the bookmaker. This mainly is the case, when both opponents get eliminated from the competition or - which is rarer - get disqualified. This occurs more often in motor sport races or ski races. The profit is easily calculated: The betting stakes are being multiplied with the respective betting odds.

What are popular head-to-head bets?

Apart from the high winning chances head-to-head bets are also popular due to the big fun factor. Each sport event gets enriched with another layer through placing such a sport bet. The thrill grows through this additional component - suddenly it's not only interesting or important, who wins a certain event, tournament or race, but also who of the two tipped opponents can win the duel. Formula 1 is a popular sport for H2H bets for example. You have a couple of options there. You can either bet on the winner of a duel between two racers or two teams. Of course, you can also place season spreading bets according to the motto: Who will have scored the most points at the end of the world cup? Possibilities would be:

  • Who wins the head-to-head duel at the GP in the USA?
  • Sebastian Vettel 1.55 I Valtteri Bottas 2.30
  • Kimi Räikkönen 1.85 I Max Verstappen 1.85
  • Ferrari 1,55 I Red Bull Racing 2.30

H2H bets are also very popular in tennis. Here it is often tipped which one of two participants of a certain tournament will go further. Therefore it's an indirect duel - although it's not excluded that the two competitors will face each other in the course of the tournament. If both players get eliminated in the same round, this would resemble a draw and you would get your money back. Very popular H2H bets can also be found in golf or winter sports - among them Alpine skiing, cross country skiing or biathlon. Here you can also bet on a season spreading duel or place a bet on a single event. This betting form has a lot of variations in football. Due to the great demand you have the biggest selections of virtual duels here: Who will score more goals or points in one season? Which team will collect more cards in a certain round or in the course of one season? Which player will score more goals in one season? This list could be expanded at will.

  • Who will score more goals in the 2017/2018 Bundesliga season?
  • Robert Lewandowski I Odds 1.55
  • Pierre-Emmerick Aubameyang I Odds 1.85

Can you tip on both outcomes at head-to-head bets?

Yes, but there is a rub in it! In order to be able to bet on both outcomes, you need to place the respective bets at different betting providers. This only makes sense, if you discover big odds differences, since you can only count with a safe win, when you get odds of 2,00 or higher for both opponents. Should you detect such a scenario, you should act fast! It's rarely the case and therefore also a very elaborative process. Additionally, possible profits are usually rather low. We therefore recommend to use the winning chances of 50%, which are pretty high anyway, and to enjoy the betting fun, that H2H bets generate automatically.

Can you place head-to-head bets as combination bets?

Of course you can add H2H bets to your combination bets. If a sport bet of this format ends in a draw, it will drop from the evaluation automatically. Then the betting tip will be calculated with odds of 1,00. Your combination bet will not be lost because of it.

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