The most important info and tips for your successful sports bet! With our betting school you will soon know everything you need to know about sports betting. Learning how to bet is easy after all. With the most important infos, tips and tricks, that we present in our betting school, it gets even easier. Regarding Sports betting it can soon happen that you lose track of Things due to countless offers and opportunities. So navigating through the sports betting jungle can be a challenge. An unnecessary challenge. With the Bettingformat betting school as a guide navigating isn't an issue anymore. You don't need to gather information and useful tips bit by bit anymore with our betting school. Here you find out everything to know on your way to become a king of betting bundled on one site. Starting with different types of bets, to the most sophisticated betting strategies, to choosing the perfect betting provider for you - the Bettingformat betting school is the one-stop-resource for you. Remember: Nobody was born a master - and this also counts in sports betting. And no worries: Our betting school isn't only directed at beginners, but it's also for advanced betting friends. We are not only handling the most important basics and foundations of the sports betting world, but also specific and individual topics.

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Types of bets Standard or special bets: here you will find all different types of bets simply explained. Types of bets
Betting strategies Sophisticated strategies and valuable tips: here you find an overview of all betting strategies. Betting strategies

What can you find in the Bettingformat betting school?

To simplify your search for helpful tips and infos, we divided our collective knowledge into the sections types of bets, betting strategies and betting providers. As an additional pillar we have the betting assistant, that cracks all relevant topics and questions regarding sports betting for you and answers them in detail. For one we target the basics of the sports betting world in a descriptive way - and we also tackle specific and complex questions. Our betting lexicon offers the perfect compact overview of all important sports betting terms from A-Z.

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How to use betting opportunities countless

The number of available types of bets and betting forms seems to be limitless, when taking a closer look. The most popular one is the single bet - especially for beginners - where you tip on exactly one sporting event. Also very popular with betting friends is the combination bet, where you have to place bets on at least two events. As the name suggests different events are being combined on one betting slip. A little bit more complex is the system bet, that consist of single combination bets. In these cases, most of the time the bets are also usual 2-way-bets or 3-way-bets. In addition, the sports-betting portfolio knows a vast number of special bets. Among them handicap bets, long-term bets, goal bets or live bets, that are becoming more and more popular with beginners and betting pros alike. You can find all betting formats and betting opportunities in great detail and clearly explained in our section types of bets. One thing is for sure though: The more betting options, the greater the betting fun.

With the perfect strategy to the profit

It's common knowledge that many roads lead to Rome. This means that there isn't "the" right strategy or a magic formula for successful betting. It's out of the question, however, that you can learn how to bet and that not only luck plays a role in succeeding. One thing in advance: It's always important to have a precise plan! A clear overview, the weighing of all options and considered actions are the pillars, when placing sports bets. Questions like "Is it better to take smaller steps than big ones?" or "How do I find a suiting sports bet?" are decisive factors on the way to becoming a betting pro and therefore should be well thought out. Of course, emotions are important too, since only the thrill and the high fun factor make betting such a special experience. Still it's important to keep a cool head and stick to your strategy, when making decisions. In our section betting strategies, we present valuable tips for single, combination and system bets or live bets, that will increase your winning chances tremendously. Additionally, we present special and sophisticated strategies and tactics. Betting on scorers or a certain event can also be very lucrative after all and can lead to desired success. Generally, we want to show you tips for how to best generate profit. We explain for example what so-called value bets are, how to detect them and use them in the right moment. We also show how to earn a certain profit with surebets. On the other hand, we additionally present strategies that you should rather avoid.

Whoever gathers information in time, has clear advantages

The gathering of information is a guarantor for a positive betting experience. Of course, you can hit the bullseye with luck - but with a certain portion of know-how the chances of winning are much higher and better. The knowledge of league formats, program, the current form of the teams or other modalities are a decisive advantage. Analyzing statistics may seem dry and tenacious at first, but the effort literally pays off. Additionally, we can only recommend to read daily current information and to fall back on well researched forecasts, in order to stay up-to-date and to reinforce your decision.

Betting providers: Being spoilt for choice

The high density of betting providers on the one side is very positive for betting friends. On the other hand, it turned out to be a very complicated task, especially for beginners, to maintain the overview and to make out the bookmaker, which best fits one's needs. So, you should always research the single bookies in detail. In our section betting providers we listed the most important and best providers, in advance for you and assessed them in an organized way. It's still always an advantage to additionally gather information oneself. Before placing a certain bet it pays off to compare the odds of the respective betting providers. You can always find up-to-date odds comparisons on our site. It's also recommended to look out for bonus offers and to make use of them too! Most providers have new customer bonuses, that you shouldn't miss out on. One thing needs to be mentioned at this Point: Good odds are only one of many quality attributes and it shouldn't be used as the lone quality criteria. Decisive criteria are also a broad betting Portfolio and fast profit pay outs, as well as a wide range of deposit and pay out methods. When looking for the perfect betting provider, usability and transparency of the Website as well as customer service and the quality thereof can be significant. In any case the betting provider should have a valid license - stay away from dubious sites, that you don't trust 100%! You can also find out in our betting school, how you can register for the respective sites with a few fast clicks.

Your betting assistant: Here all relevant sports betting questions and answers

Our betting assistant is supposed to answer all questions regarding the topic of sports betting. The content of this section is aiming at beginners and advanced bettors or pros alike. Essential Basics like "What is a Sports bet?", "What is a betting odd and how is it calculated?", "Which profit can I draw?" or "How do I open up a betting account?" are just as important as tips regarding the topic budget management or creating schedules.

The betting lexicon: All sports betting terms from A-Z in compact summary

Often heard - but what exactly was that again? No worries, our extensive betting lexicon shows all relevant sports betting terms in compact summary.

The BETTINGFORMAT BETTING SCHOOL wishes you a lot of fun and a lot of success with betting!

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