In the field of sports betting goal bets are one of the most popular tipping opportunities. The offers are pretty extensive: Starting at bets on end results, to the number of goals scored to the point of time when goals are scored or the specific scorer of the goal - there are interesting betting options for goal bets for all betting fans and they provide immense betting fun. Just like the betting offer the betting odds also cover a wide spectrum. You can quickly find pretty high odds! Important for goal bets: You should analyze statistics in detail - gather information about the current form of the teams and team news about injuries and roster! Of course, luck plays a certain role too with this betting form. Many goal bet promotions are based on a 50:50 chance and therefore are gladly used. We want to present here what kinds of goal bets there are and how you can best use them!

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What are goal bets?

Meant are all sport bets, that are linked to (scored) goals. We are almost exclusively talking about goal bets in football. Over the years the offer of goal bets has been steadily rising. In the beginning, it was only about tipping on the correct end result. Nowadays you can place tips on countless goal betting forms - and then you again have different variations. The chances are at different levels according to the goal bet: You can find many 2-way bets, but also 3-way bets and such, that have way more than three different betting outcomes. Therefore, the betting odds in this branch are very different. There aren't only differences from goal bet to goal bet, but also from bookmaker to bookmaker. This goes for the betting offer as well as for the quality of the betting odds. Here we only present an extract of possibilities - the most important formats are definitely covered. For the exact offer, you should definitely visit the sites of the respective bookmakers! Often in the field of football not all betting options for all leagues, cups or other competitions are being provided. For certain events like the World Cup final or the Champions League final there are more special bets as usual.

What kinds of goal bet strategies are there?

We already mentioned that there are offered many different kinds of goal bets. This makes for a big range of possible betting tips: From bets on the end result, to number of goals, to the exact point in time of the goals to the scorers. Therefore, you can consider a number of strategies for one and the same football match. You can find a special article regarding the topic goal scorer bets on our site with the best tips and strategies. For all these mentioned categories, there are specific betting variations, that we don't want to hide from you. Important: Before placing the respective bets, you need calculate the risk and be aware of the different winning chances! Luck plays an important part for the different categories. You can gain an advantage when gathering current information, forecasts and study the current form of the teams and also take a look at the most important statistics! Exemplary goals bets that work according to the yes/no principle, therefore 2-way bets, would be these ones:

  • Both teams score yes | no
  • Both teams score in the 1st half yes | no
  • Both teams score in the 2nd half yes | no
  • Team 1 scores yes | no
  • Team 2 scores yes | no
  • Team 1 scores in both halves yes | no
  • Team 2 scores in both halves yes | no

The classic goal bet: Tipping on the end result

The bet on the end result of a match - the result bet - counts as the "classic" goal bet among sport friends, since it is the most popular and most traditional version. The principle is elf-explanatory: You bet on the exact end result - only one result will become effective from a very big selection. Therefore, you can count with lucrative betting odds. The chances of really making profit are much lower than with the usual 1X2 tip though. It's particularly important with this classic goal bet, to study the recent matches of the respective teams and to take the current form into account: How often does a certain team play without receiving a goal? Is their goal getter currently in form? Additionally you should take into account, whether a certain team needs a win - if something "is at stake". Favorites often play with a B roster in return matches or during group stages. Apart from the high odds the big betting fun speaks for this alternative. Here is an extract of possibilities for a sport bet on the end result of the match Bayern Munich versus FC Augsburg:

  • 0:0 | odds 16.50
  • 1:0 | odds 9.75
  • 2:0 | odds 7.25
  • 2:1 | odds 9.75
  • 3:0 | odds 7.25
  • 0:1 | odds 51.00

Betting on the number of goals

Apart from the possibility of betting on the end result, bets on the number of goals are among the most popular and most chosen options: You have different options once again. The goal bet on the total number of goals in one match is for sure the best known one. Besides many sport bets in this field aim at the respective teams, the match halves or the time of the goals:

  • How many goals will be scored in total?
    ...scores team 1?
    ...scores team 2?
  • How many goals scores team 1 in the 1st half?
    ...in the 2nd half?
  • How many goals scores team 2 in the 1st half?
    ...in the 2nd half?
  • Number of goals associated with time
  • How many goals will be scored between
    minute 1 and 15
    minute 16 and 30
    minute 31 and half time
    minute 46 and 60
    minute 61 and 75
    minute 76 and end of match

As you can see when it comes to goal bets regarding time you can almost always choose from time windows of 15 minutes. Usually above listed goal bets work according to the over/under principle. you can find out more in our over/under section. The idea behind it is quickly explained: As the name suggests, you tip on, whether more or less goals than the bookie suggests will be scored. Often this version can also be found under over/under bets. Here is an example for a bet on the total number of goals in the match Arsenal London versus Tottenham Hotspur:

  • More than 1.5 | odds 1.20
    Less than 1.5 | odds 4.30
  • More than 2.5 | odds 1.60
    Less than 2.5 | odds 2.30
  • More than 3.5 | odds 2.40
    Less than 3.5 | odds 1.50

  • More than 4.5 | odds 3.90
    Less than 4.5 | odds 1.20

According to the result this list could be expanded as needed. When Germany plays against San Marino it could be that this list is longer than when a match is supposed to be close, since you can count with a big number of goals. Uneven numbers are chosen for over/under bets, because only in this case a clear answer is possible. Apart from the over/under principle there is also the possibility to tip on the exact number of goals in the different versions. Then the betting odds are even higher of course. 3-way bets that aim at the number of goals in a match also could be interesting for you:

  • More goals in the 1st or 2nd half? 1st half | 2nd half | as many
  • Team 1: More goals in which half? 1st half | 2nd half | as many
  • Team 2: More goals in which half? 1st half | 2nd half | as many

In addition to the mentioned broad offer, you can also find extended goal bets: With this special bets the match result and the number of goals are tied together - for example these scenarios are presented with respective fixed betting odds:

  • Team 1 wins without receiving a goal
  • Team 2 wins without receiving a goal
  • Team 1 wins and both teams score
  • Team 2 wins and both teams score
  • One team wins with exactly one goal difference
  • One team wins with exactly 2 goals difference

Goal bets on the first or next goal

Goal bet strategies that aim on the first or next goal in a match can also be very lucrative. Since it's quite possible that the underdog goes in the lead without winning the match in the end or that there can happen a goal at any moment in the match, you can use high betting odds in your favor with the right itch. Odds in this sector are also particularly lucrative for even matches. The following betting possibilities turned out to be very popular among ports bettors:

  • Who will score the first goal in the 1st half? Team 1 | Team 2 | no goals
  • Who will score the first goal in the 2nd half? Team 1 | Team 2 | no goals
  • When will the first goal be scored in the match?
    Minute 1-15 | 16-30 | 31-45 | 46-60 | 61-75 | 76-90
  • Who will score the next goal? Team 1 | Team 2 | no goals
  • Who will score the last goal? Team 1 | Team 2 | no goals

Especially the last two goal bets that ask for the next goal in a certain match are part of the standard portfolio of live betting. Regarding the betting options, that aim at the scorer in particular, we want to point to the specific scorer bets again.

Can goal bets be combined?

Yes - of course the different goal bets that we presented can be combined randomly in a combination bet. What's never possible, however, is the following: Two combine two outcomes of the same result! For example, you can't combine the outcomes minute 16-30 and minute 61-75 for the question "When will the first goal of the match be scored?". The bookmaker covers its back here. You can place more independent single bets though. Therefore, you can tip on three different end results for one match without problems.