Betting Tips for Sports Wagering

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Betting tips are essential for successful sports betting. There are lots of ways to decide how and where you will place a bet: you can flip a coin, you can see which way the buttered-bread lands on the floor or, you can make a more informed decision by reading the predictions and evaluations determined by our experts. We here at Bettingformat take the business of leisure very seriously. We love sports, we love talking about sports and we love analyzing the statistics to offer you the best value on your bet. We consider the price of the stake, the performances of the teams involved, the history of the teams and so much more. Aside from our betting tips, we also compare the odds offered by over 70 bookmakers. You can read all about that on our odds comparison page. Our expertise covers a wide spectrum of sports. On any given game day, you can expect to find analysis and predictions for the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, the Europa League, Spain’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A, the DEL German Hockey League and much more besides. We organize our betting tips by category of sport and collate all of the day’s action into Betting Tips Today, Tomorrow and for the upcoming Weekend. That way you have the full slate of betting tips and analyses at your fingertips. Read on to find out more about how we deal with your favorite sporting league.

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Click here to find all the current betting tips. From football to tennis to American football, the whole gang is in here. Our betting tips are supported by statistics and analyses generated by our experts.

Today's betting tips

Betting tips for all of today’s action. Click to read our current batch of analyses and predictions. Updated daily.

Tomorrow's betting Tips

Glimpse into the future with our best betting tips for the day ahead. Forewarned is forearmed.

Sports Betting and Tips

Select this drop-down menu when you want the bird’s-eye view of all games. This is a great feature to give you an overview of all the gaming action on offer. The matchups are arranged by sport and date. You will notice a number in parentheses to the right of entries in the drop-downs, this is the number of sports betting tips currently online and available to you. Naturally, these numbers change regularly because, it turns out, sometimes the athletes need a day or two of rest before they take the to pitch, court, rink or field once again. The number of betting tips is usually somewhere between 50 and 60, but we’ve seen it spike considerably higher from time to time.

A bird's-eye view of all current wagering opportunities

Expert Analysis covering the spectrum of sport

Betting tips don’t grow on trees. At least, not ours. We put in the work to bring you predictions and tips based on research, peer-review, diligent study and a nuanced understanding of the X-factors that can tip the scale one way or the other. Our expertise is not limited to football, not by a long shot. As of this writing, we have made a detailed study of ice hockey, basketball, American football and tennis with more to come as we bolster our ranks of sports-gurus. Read on to find more information about your sport of choice.

G O A L ! ! ! Football Betting Tips

The world’s most popular sport deserves the lion’s share of our attention here at Bettingformat. Click the link below to snap to an overview of our football coverage. Our experts drink rivers of Red Bull to keep up with all the action coming from the 44 leagues of professional football. We’ve got you covered on all things football: friendlies, international matches, cup competitions or basically anything else under the sun related to football. We won’t bury you with the full list here, but we will rattle off a few that you might have heard of: Premier League, Champions League, Serie A, the FA Cup, the Copa del Rey and a little tournament called the World Cup. We even sprinkle in coverage of our charmingly lagging cousins in the MLS. We love football, plain and simple. We provide you with our objective analysis and show you the best betting quotes from over 70 bookies so you can make the most-informed decision.

Basketball Betting Tips

Is it even legal for people to be that big and still be so coordinated? After a brief consultation with our lawyers, it turns out the answer is yes. With global mega-stars like LeBron James and Steph Curry as the face of the NBA, it’s understandable that we’ve seen an uptick in demand for our basketball betting tips. As the popularity of the NBA continues to surge, we also see the value of writing betting tips and offering our analysis and predictions from other basketball organizations such as the EuroLeague, the German Basketball Bundesliga and the Austrian Basketball Bundesliga. You can bet (literally) that our experts will produce as many even-handed, data-driven analyses and predictions as is humanly possible.

Tennis Betting Tips

If you’re a fan of tennis, you won’t want to miss out on our coverage. The structure of tennis tournaments makes it virtually impossible to write an analysis and provide a betting tip on every single match, but we will do our best! For marquee events such as WTA, ATP and Grand Slam weekends, you just know we’re going to have predictions for you!

Ice Hockey Betting Tips

You didn’t really think we were going to ignore the fastest team-sport in the world, did you? Follow the link to read up on betting tips for games in the NHL, DEL-1 and 2, EBEL, AHL and the Champions Hockey League.

American Football Betting Tips

The popularity of the savage ballet that is American football has been on the rise around the world in the past few years. Check in with us for NFL betting tips every gameday during the regular and post season. As an interesting aside, the Super Bowl offers some of the most eye-popping prop bets imaginable. The tips may not always be succinct and pithy as American football is an enormously complex sport, but that’s really half of the fun, isn’t it?

Betting tips around the clock

As well as being arranged by type of sport, our predictions and tips can be accessed by time periods. We offer you the ability to find our experts’ tips for the games today, tomorrow and this upcoming weekend.

  • Today’s Betting Tips:
    This is the button our tech team has to replace the most often. Betting Tips Today features the most up-to-date sports betting opportunities. Whether you’re a fan of the Champions League, NBA hoops or a connoisseur of the Bundesliga, this is where you can access our compact analyses, results predictions and our expert advice on betting options. We compare the betting lines from over 70 bookmakers to help you find the best bet at the best price.
  • Tomorrow’s Betting Tips:
    Are you a forward thinker? Maybe today’s games didn’t go your way. It can happen! Thank goodness there’s always tomorrow. Click here to find tips for the most exciting games in hockey, football, tennis and all the rest. Rest assured our expert tips are further supplemented by an objective odds comparison, ensuring you the most favorable betting line for your investment.
  • This Weekend’s Betting Tips:
    Take an early lead into the weekend by checking out our Betting Tips for the Weekend. Read the analyses, get the expert’s tips, make your own decision, find the bookie you like and get comfy on the couch. Enjoy the games knowing you’ve already done your homework and let the good times roll.

Which sports offer the opportunity for interesting betting options?

In our considerable experience, we have seen that some sports and leagues are particularly conducive to a wide range of betting options. Read on for a brief overview of the most popular we cover for you.

  • Basketball Betting Tips:
    The NBA combines otherworldly athleticism with global superstars like LeBron James, Steph Curry and a guy you might remember, Michael Jordan AKA His Airness. Basketball may have humble origins, the name is hardly a brain-buster, but the fluid action and relative simplicity of the sport (a basket and a ball) have spurred this sport to all corners of the world. With 30 teams in the NBA playing 82 regular season games apiece, you can expect a betting opportunity nearly every single day. Our coverage goes beyond NBA games as we also follow prominent European Leagues to keep you in the hoop-loop.
  • Ice Hockey Betting Tips:
    Basketball is fast, of course, but hockey is a whole lot faster. One cracker-jack in the office tells us they move faster due to ‘reduced coefficient of friction.’ We assume that has something to do with the skates. The lion’s share of our analytical interest is invested in the NHL as that is the league that really moves the needle, but we don’t overlook European enterprises such as Germany’s DEL-1 and 2. We even keep an eye on up and coming organizations like the Alps Hockey League. Like the NBA, there are a lot of NHL games to place wagers on.
  • Tennis Betting Tips:
    We here at Bettingformat think tennis is magnificent. The reaction time of the top pros is nothing short of uncanny. Tennis can be played year-round, which sounds tiring for the players, but we can’t get enough of it. We find the duels stirring, the storylines compelling and the action incomparable. Our pros don’t move like top tennis players, but they still serve their betting tips for your consideration.
  • American Football Betting Tips:
    The NFL is the undisputed leader in American football. As the sport’s popularity continues to surge on the world stage, other countries have started their own American football ventures. You can turn to us for our expert analyses, betting tips and results predictions for the NFL regular season and playoffs. Naturally, we devote attention to that most American of spectacles- the Super Bowl and the myriad betting opportunities.
  • Football Betting Tips:
    Let’s save the best for last. Football is hands-down (literally) the most popular sport in the world. While you are undoubtedly spoiled for choice when it comes to betting markets, one could almost do well with a machete to slash through the jungle of betting options. Fortunately, our Football Betting Tips covers the most popular leagues and cup competitions, clearing up the jumble and presenting you with concise, data-driven objective predictions and betting suggestions.

Which are the most popular leagues in sports betting?

While you can find gambling action for virtually all sports, some leagues simply carry more weight. You can always click on the Betting Tips by League button to take you to your league of choice. Below is a brief overview of the movers and shakers in the sports betting universe.

Europa League Betting Tips:

The Europa League is the second-highest football league on the international level. Before placing a bet in the UEFA Europa League, consult our expert analysis as we scrutinize the teams and factors that are the game behind the game. Our tips are impartial and our odds comparison feature ensures that you will always find the bookmaker offering the best price.

NHL Betting Tips:

The schedule of games in the NHL makes it difficult to offer detailed analyses of every game. However, you will find an odds comparison of the games helping you to place your bet with the bookie offering the most favorable rates. You can bet we will devote appropriate attention to the marquee matchups in the NHL with our analyses and predictions.

NFL Betting Tips:

Our analysts derive particular enjoyment from NFL games. Maybe it’s scarcity of games (only 16 per team during the regular season). Maybe it’s the heap of next-gen statistics that confirms their position as expert. Well, whatever it is, they sure do like writing and sharing betting tips and prognostications.

La Liga Betting Tips:

Also known as the Primera Division, La Liga is the top-dog football division in Spain. Teams like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and FC Sevilla are household names. We here at Bettingformat are pleased to offer you a wide range of betting tips to help you maximize your price-to-payout odds.

Serie A Betting Tips:

Serie A is the top Italian football league. Our experts share their analyses, predictions and betting tips on the action. Perennial powerhouses like Lazio, Juventus and AC Milan always make for compelling topics.

NBA Betting Tips:

The NBA has 30 teams playing 82 games each during the regular season alone. Our basketball-knowers create betting tips on the feature games with an eye always to the playoffs where things really start to get interesting. Whether you like the star power of LeBron James or the surgical precision of Golden State’s small-ball, we bring you predictions, analyses and betting advice not only from the NBA, but also European leagues.

DEL German Hockey League:

Germany’s DEL-1 is very popular among sports betting fans. With the Berlin Polar Bears and EHC Red Bull Munich consistently ranking as fan-favorites, we study the matchups and provide you with analyses and predictions you can use, particularly heading into the playoffs.

Ligue 1 Betting Tips:

You’ve probably noticed a bit of a motif in this section. So, yes, you are correct in assuming that we follow the fortune of teams like Paris Saint Germain, Monaco and Lyon in order to provide you with our experts’ betting tips and bookmaker’s comparison.

Premier League Betting Tips:

With some of the most valuable franchises in all of sports, we think it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on the top-tier of English football. We’ll keep you in the loop regarding the comings and goings from teams like Manchester City, Chelsea and the rest of the bunch.

German Bundesliga Football Betting Tips:

The German Bundesliga features top-flight competition from teams like FC Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig, just to name a couple. Check in with us for tips and predictions, as we certainly do like generating content for this league.

UEFA Champions League Betting Tips:

The Champions League is the granddaddy of all football leagues. The quality of play is second to none (by definition) and the gambling action can be downright lucrative. Our experts analyze the matchups and give you impartial betting suggestions to help you know the odds.

The Last Word

Our betting tips here on Bettingformat are created by impartial professionals who have accrued vast experience covering their respective sports. Our advice stems from both our experience and the doubly-object odds comparison feature which simply shuffles the best-value betting options to the top of the pile. Neither we, nor odds assessment tools are beholden to an outside entity and we are therefore able to remain neutral. All suggestions and predictions are prepared to the absolute best of our ability and knowledge. Obviously, the tips are not to be interpreted as a guarantee, because that would undercut the whole nature of sports BETTING. Our recommended tips are supplemented by an odds comparison feature, showing you not only our analysis, but also which bookie is offering the most favorable odds for you. This feature sets Bettingformat apart from the competition.

The Betting Tip Program on BETTINGFORMAT is constantly undergoing adjustments and modifications. We reserve the right to add or subtract coverage of sports as dictated by market forces. That sounds heavy, but we go the way the wind blows. Check back with us early and often to stay on top of the latest developments and best betting lines from your sport of choice.
As always, GOOD LUCK!