Betting Tips for Sports Wagering

Betting tips should play an essential role in sports betting, after all, they help with a tip levy. Betting tips are written at Bettingformat by experts. You make predictions and betting tips for current sporting events, be it football, ice hockey, tennis or American football. The teams are meticulously analysed before you can read for example a Bundesleague Bet Tip under Bet Tips online today. Almost every match day of the Series A, the DEL, the La Liga, the NFL and the NBA, as well as the NHL and the Europa League, you will find betting tips online at Bettingformat. Some may now ask themselves the question of how the overview of the individual betting tips and sports events can be granted. Consequently, the individual sports betting tips were arranged according to their leagues. In addition, the Bet Tips are presented in a special section at Bettingformat. In this respect you will find for each day the matching bet tip. Below we will discuss the individual points just described and present the preferred leagues for each sport.

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ALL BETTING TIPS Here you can find all bet tips of our experts. From football to tennis to American football, the complete tip program. Each tip includes an analysis with statistics and recommended bets from our team. Betting Tips Predictions Today's betting tips Bet tips for all sports for today. Here you will find all current analyses and forecasts of our experts. Daily Bet Tips. Today's betting Tips Tomorrow's betting Tips Today, tap on the games of tomorrow. Our betting team will give you the best betting tips for the day ahead. So you are always well prepared. Betting Tips Tomorrow

Sports Betting and Tips

On this page you will find the collection of all betting tips for the individual sports events on Bettingformat. They are arranged according to the respective sports and listed by date. This ensures a rough overview. A tip on the edge: The number in the bracket next to "All Bet Tips" is the number of sports bet tips that are currently online. These vary coherently depending on the week, after all, is not always playoff time, Champions League or Europa League time. In the normal case, however, at least 50 to 60 bet tips per week should be available to you. From experience we know to report that there are often more.

Here you get to the collected bet tips

The expert tip for the most diverse sport events

Of course, a betting tip on Bettingformat does not come from anywhere, it's written by editors who are experts in their field. Not only did the match days undergo a peer review or comparison with the teams, but attention was paid to the details that could tip the scales. The betting tips, however, are not just football. Ice hockey, basketball, American football and tennis were also included in the sports betting program. Which leagues are covered, you can read below.

The football betting tip offer:

Football Betting Tips represent the largest area on Bettingformat. In the end, bets are mostly placed on football. As you can easily see in the picture, the range of football betting tips is very extensive. In the best case, the betting tip program covers the 44 leagues, including cup competitions, international matches and friendly matches. We do not count all the leagues here, but mention only the best known ones. In addition to the German Bundesliga, you can read betting tips for the Ligue 1, La Liga, Premier League, Scottish Premiership, Europa League, Champions League and Serie A, the Primeira Liga and the Nations League as well as the Primera Division. We also provide the FA Cup, the French Football Cup, the Copa del Rey, the ÖFB Cup and the Turkish Football Cup with a Bet Tip. Exotics, as far as one can call them, like the MLS, the Swedish Allsvenskan and the Eliteserien as well as the Turkish Süper Lig are also regularly supported with a bet tip.

The Basketball Bet Tip Offer:

Basketball betting tips seem to be getting more and more interesting as we report from experience. That should not come from coincidence; after all, the NBA is one of the most famous leagues in the world. Of course, games from this league are often provided with an expert bet tip. You can also read game predictions with tips on games in the EuroLeague, the German Basketball Bundesleague, the Champions League and the Austrian Basketball Bundesleague on Bettingformat. It goes without saying that major events such as World Championships and European Championships will not be missed and that you will be able to experience a betting tip written by professionals for almost all matches of these events. By the way, this applies to all sports.

The Tennis Bet Tip Offer

Betting tips for tennis games must not be missing on Bettingformat. The schedule at tennis tournaments is always very tight, so there is no guarantee that a bet tip can be offered for each game. In any case, predictions for WTA, ATP and Grand Slam games are written and made available online.

Ice Hockey Betting Tips

Needless to say that the fastest team sport in the world wants to attract attention with an expert forecast. So, you can read up on betting tips for games in the DEL, DEL-2, EBEL, NHL and the Champions Hockey League as well as the Alps Hockey League.

American Football Betting Tips

The American Football heart will now beat faster for NFL fans. Not without reason, because on Bettingformat you can of course find NFL betting tips for each match day in the regular season and postseason. Of course, the Super bowl cannot be missing. However, betting tips on American football games are not always written compactly, as this is a very complex sport. But this should not really bother the American Football experts.

Betting tips around the clock

After the predictions are divided into the different leagues, they can, as already mentioned in the introduction, be called up for different periods of time. Here you can select the expert tips in Bet Tips Today, Bet Tips Tomorrow and Bet Tips Weekend. If asked which sports bets can be placed today, tomorrow or on the weekend, you will quickly get an answer.

  • Today’s Betting Tips:
    This is probably one of the most clicked buttons on Bettingformat. This is the most up-to-date sports betting tips of the day. Whether it's the Bundesliga or the Champions League, the expert's bet will make it easier than ever before. The compact analysis, the forecast for the game and the proposed betting variants that were combined with the odds comparison, are rarely found in this form with the mark of the betting experts.
  • Tomorrow’s Betting Tips:
    To get to the bet tips from the next day, we recommend to click on the corresponding link. Here you will find all the tips for the most exciting games in football, ice hockey, tennis, basketball and American football. Of course, these expert sports betting tips are backed by a quota comparison.
  • This Weekend’s Betting Tips:
    What could be simpler than the betting tip program of the weekend to take to heart and then place a sports bet? It has probably never been so easy for you to bet. In order to get to the betting tips on the weekend, you just have to click on the menu item Bet Tips, Bet Tips Weekend and you can already choose from football, ice hockey, basketball, tennis or American football betting tips.

Why are certain leagues particularly interesting for betting tips?

It has been learnt that certain leagues in sports betting are particularly popular. Below you will find the most famous leagues in football, ice hockey and basketball. Before that, however, we would like to talk briefly about the most popular sports.

  • Basketball Betting Tips:
    You might say, ten nimble feet run after a ball to carry it into a basket that is ten feet high. Sounds exciting, right? Jokes aside, basketball is a very traditional sport in the United States and has become known in Europe, among others, by Magic Johnson and Air Jordan. Consequently, the NBA increased in popularity of sports betting friends. As the amount of play in the NBA is enormous, it is possible to place bets on basketball almost every day. Therefore many tips can be made.
  • Ice Hockey Betting Tips:
    Ice Hockey is one of the fastest team sports in the world. We have already mentioned that. The NHL is likely to be known by everyone, even those who are not interested in hockey. The National Hockey League is apparently the strongest ice hockey league in the world. Canadian and US teams are represented in the NHL. As with the NBA games take place almost daily in the NHL, which is why almost every day a sports betting can be made here.
  • Tennis Betting Tips:
    Not only by hearsay have we known that tennis is one of the top sports in the sports betting scene. The reason is apparently that it is played almost the whole year. The duel between man against man or woman against woman naturally has its own special charm. Therefore, it is only a logical consequence that tennis betting tips are presented on Bettingformat by professionals.
  • American Football Betting Tips:
    The strongest American Football League in the world is the NFL. From year to year, the popularity of this sport is growing in Europe. More and more sports bets are being placed at American Football events. Therefore both betting tips for regular season games and postseason games are written and made available to you by American Football experts. Of course, the Super Bowl enjoys special attention.
  • Football Betting Tips:
    The most popular sport for sports betting fans revolves around the round leather. Countless betting markets offer was made by betting providers for a football event, so a bet tip is necessary to find your way through the jungle of betting opportunities. As mentioned earlier, the Bet Tip Football Program covers the most popular leagues and cup competitions, leaving you spoilt for choice.

The most popular leagues in the sports betting industry

As described in the previous section, we introduce the most popular leagues in the sports betting world. In order to get to the respective League-Bet Tips, we recommend you just click on the dedicated button.

Europa League Betting Tips:

The Europa League is the second best football league on the international level. For a UEFA Europa League Bet Tips are analyzed nonstop, especially for the competing teams.

UEFA Champions League Betting Tips:

Betting tips for the premier class in football are not only exciting and interesting, but can sometimes be lucrative. Especially since the supply of betting markets in the Champions League is enormous. The most lucrative betting options are offered to you in a UEFA Champions League expert betting tip.

Ligue 1 Betting Tips:

We probably do not have to mention that bets are being made on the Bettingformat on the highest French football league. Teams like Paris Saint Germain, Monaco, Lille and Lyon, just to name a few, will be analyzed and compared, so that you find the appropriate Ligue 1 Bet Tip.

Serie A Betting Tips:

Serie A is the first Italian football league. Experts give tips on the upcoming games nonstop. Here you can read tips on matches between Lazio, Juventus, Torino, Milan, Inter Milan and many more.

Premier League Betting Tips:

It is rumored that the English Premier League is one of the most popular football leagues among the sports betting aces. In the Premier League Bet Tips you will find not only team analysis but also various betting options.

German Bundesliga Football Betting Tips:

Many sports bets are placed on the first German Bundesliga. As the name suggests, we are dealing here with the best football league in Germany. You can find on Bettingformat Bundesliga betting tips for matches with FC Bayern Munich, FC Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund. Of course, there are still tips with Werder Bremen, RB Leipzig and VfB Stuttgart to read on Bettingformat, as almost every match day of the 1st German Bundesliga with a football betting tip is provided.

La Liga Betting Tips:

The La Liga is the best Spanish football league and is also called the Primera Division. Clubs like Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Sevilla FC, just to name a few, are well known to many. For this league you will find a comprehensive range of betting tips on Bettingformat.

NBA Betting Tips:

The NBA is waiting with a game program that consists of over 83 match days. Basketball pros and NBA experts regularly create betting tips on a variety of games, with the focus of course on the playoffs. As Austrian and German basketball aces repeatedly made the leap into the NBA, the name recognition of the NBA also rose in Europe. Of course, betting on NBA games became more and more popular.

DEL German Hockey League:

The first German Ice Hockey League enjoys great popularity among sports betting fans, and not just thanks to the Kölner Haie, EHC Red Bull München or Eisbären Berlin. The DEL also demands a lot of gameplay from the teams; the most interesting pairing bets will be made available to you, with the main focus on the playoffs.

NHL Betting Tips:

The NHL offers almost daily betting opportunities. Therefore, it is a challenge to offer an expert betting tip for each match day. However, we offer a quota comparison for almost every game in the world's strongest ice hockey league and try to add a bet tip to the most popular games.

NFL Betting Tips:

The National Football League is known beyond US borders. It is also one of the strongest American Football leagues in the world. For this reason, you can find NFL betting tips on Bettingformat. Especially statistic fans are likely to enjoy it.

The Last Word

The expert bet tip, which can be called up on Bettingformat online, has been objectively designed by professionals for the respective sports. You can find not only an analysis of the teams in it, but also a selection of the most lucrative and possible betting markets for an event. The betting tips were carefully prepared to the best of our knowledge. However, they are not to be seen as a guarantee, because our editors cannot influence the game. The recommended tips are in most cases backed by a quota comparison. Consequently, you can choose from a collective of betting providers with the most lucrative odds. In our opinion, therefore, a betting tip of Bettingformat in this form is almost unique. Like most sports leagues, the Bet Tip program on Bettingformat is constantly undergoing change. This means that leagues or sports are taken on demand or some are dismissed from the program. Therefore, it is worth the time to regularly pay a visit to Bettingformat.

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