Betting tips weekend, from Friday the 17.07.2020 to Sunday the 19.07.2020

Latest betting and experts’ analysis for today. Betting tips for Football.

Football Betting tips with analysis

Serie B

17.07.2020 21:00 (CET)
FC Crotone
US Salernitana
Tip 1

Spain Segunda Division

17.07.2020 21:00 (CET)
CF Fuenlabrada
FC Elche
Tip 1

England Premier League

17.07.2020 21:00 (CET)
West Ham United
FC Watford
draw no bet tip 1

Betting Tips Weekend

You don't want to constantly search for all the individual tips for the upcoming weekend and would appreciate a clear overview of all available betting tips? If that's the case, we have a solution, because we, as well, thought that we needed a new classification, so that all betting tips for the weekend are visible at one glance, regardless if it's soccer, tennis, ice hockey or handball. On this site, we combine all our editors' betting tips for the upcoming weekend. For us, the weekend lasts from Friday till Sunday, because most games take place then. We hope to make betting even easier for you. All further matches can be seen in the other sections. We wish you success with your betting tips for the weekend.

How can I find the best betting tips for the weekend?

If you are looking for the best betting tips for the weekend, there are various possibilities. The simplest way may be to go through the homepage of your favorite bookmaker and search for highlights. Those appear mostly directly after the bonus offers on the screen. On weekends, there is always a lot going on, so you should be lucky soon. If you are not focused on a special bookmaker yet, and are looking for attractive betting tips for the weekend, betting boards or other web sites that specialize on sports betting can be helpful. They scrutinize the most exciting events of the weekend and mostly offer the best odds as well. Bettingformat.com, too, analyzes the highlights of the weekend in advance and provide a detailed comparison of all the top-odds.

Who are the best bookmakers for the upcoming weekend?

The search for the best bookmaker for the weekend is not an easy job, as there is a wide choice. If you take a closer look, however, you will come to a conclusion fairly quickly. Bookmakers with a great offer of betting services, reliability and good customer service are less common. A thorough comparison is worth it and can lead to a very lucrative weekend at best.

Do bookmakers provide special offers for my betting tips on weekends?

For fans of sports betting a weekend is always of special interest. After all, on lots of weekends various great events take place. In soccer or handball, at the end of every week exciting league matches are on the agenda. The finals of the ATP and WTA tennis tournaments are mostly on Sundays. The big track and field meetings also climax on weekends. This list could be continued endlessly. Of course, those highlights are very interesting for bookmakers, as well. That's why there are frequently special offers for exciting weekends. Currently the famous bookmaker Betsson offers a 5 euro bonus on live bets on weekends, under the condition that you have played at least ten euros during the week. If you are looking for such bonus offers for an exciting weekend, you should occasionally take a look at the section “Promotions” with your favorite bookmaker.

How do I find additional betting tips for the weekend?

If you are looking for great betting tips for the weekend, you are really spoilt for choice on the internet. With lots of different options it's hard to keep on top of things, though. Web sites that specialize on betting highlights for the weekends and present the most attractive bookmakers as well, are very helpful. Bettingformat, too, offers a clear overview of all the upcoming betting tips. In addition to that, we provide up-to-date odds and the best bonus offers. If you rather rely on the bookmaker you trust, you should look for the upcoming highlights there. Sometimes there is a separate section “Highlights”, but mostly the best betting tips are shown on screen right at the beginning on the homepage. Regardless which way you take, there is a wide choice and you can frequently find nice betting tips for the weekend.

What else do I have to consider with my betting tips for the weekend?

If you have already selected events for the weekend, it's advisable to closely watch the odds. Those often change repeatedly within hours. If you have a good impression and have compared the odds properly, you can place your bet without thinking. If you bet with the support of a current bonus for the weekend, you should take a close look at the terms and conditions. Those offers are often tied to certain conditions. Moreover, lots of campaigns for the weekend can only be applied in combined bets. Thus, there is a lot to be considered. For experienced bettors this should be routine, though. Less experienced bettors may benefit tremendously from looking closely at all possible conditions, so there won't be any unwanted misunderstandings and depressing weekends.

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