Scorer bets are part of the goal bets family and they are growing in popularity among sports bettors. Book noticed the ravages of time and therefore expanded their portfolios in this sector in the last couple of weeks. Betting on the scorer simply belongs to football now. The betting program of the providers can be very colorful and diverse: We want to present the possibilities of this betting form in great detail. We show you here, what you need to be aware of and how you can capitalize from the advantages of this form of sport bets!

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. What are scorer bets?
  2. What kind of scorer bet strategies are there?
  3. Best scorer of a competition
  4. Betting on scorers in a certain match
  5. Scorecasts: 1st scorer plus exact result
  6. Scorer bets with live bets
  7. What are the advantages of scorer bets?

What are scorer bets?

Scorer bets are a sub category of goal bets. It's sport bets of all kinds, that are associated with scored goals of certain players. You can place bets on the scorers in a certain match, on the scorer champion of a competition and on many other versions, that we want to present. The development in the last couple of years showed one thing in the football business: Due to the professionalism of the market and the big interest of the media and spectators, individual players are getting more and more in the focus. Not only clubs and teams, but also football players draw hordes of fans. So, it's no surprise that betting on scorers is of big interest. Apart from cheering with the respective player, this betting form provides excitement in every match. Absolute plus: Scorer bets can be very lucrative!

What kind of scorer bet strategies are there?

The offer of scorer bets is very diverse. You can therefore follow a couple of strategic thoughts with this betting form. We will present examples for the most popular variations:

Best scorer of a competition

At national and international leagues and bigger competitions like the EURO or World Cup final rounds or the Champions League you always have the opportunity to bet on the top scorer. So, this form is a typical long-term bet. Usually betting providers publish a quite extensive list of possible top scorers and the respective odds on their sites, which are being constantly updated and adapted during the competition. You don't necessarily get the best odds at the beginning of the competition. Maybe a favored scorer is injured at the start of the season or he only starts scoring in the second half of the season. Often top scorers are the strikers of teams, that fight for the title from the get-go. But this doesn't always have to be the case - just look at the football World Cup 2014: James Rodriguez, the Colombian midfielder, was able to win the golden shoe contrary to all forecasts. It's important - especially offside of leagues - to note the draw! In a qualification especially players of teams that have opponents like San Marino or Gibraltar in their group have good chances, since those teams traditionally receive a lot of goals. But the first impression can deceitful here too, since the main players are often being rested against opponents like that. The draw for final rounds is therefore more important: Here even against weaker opponents the first eleven will play. Apart from betting on the top scorer of a whole competition, many bookies also offer the opportunity of betting on the top scorer of a team.

Betting on scorers in a certain match

By far the most popular option of this kind of goal bet is to tip on a certain scorer in a certain match. Here you can combine your expertise with a good feeling. You need to be patient though and wait for the roster, that is usually made public one hour before kick-off. Of course, bookmakers may react to it and adapt the odds after the publication of the starting eleven. It still pays off to know that a certain player will play for sure. Additionally you can elevate your chances of winning with a little bit of research. First you should check the current form of the player as well as his team - even star players can get into a dump. Maybe there are system changes by the coach and a striker is then more on the outside lane than in the center. In addition, one needs to analyze the opponent too: Are they deep on defense and defensively oriented? How to certain teams act in standard situations - are there strengths or weaknesses? Decisive factors can also be, whether the match is played at home or on foreign turf. Often certain scorers struggle in away games and hardly score there. A glance at the statistics can tell, whether a certain goal getter has a favorite opponent or whether he struggles against certain defensive lines. Bookmakers usually offer a wide range of betting opportunities when it comes to scorers. We want to show this range with the example of the player Neymar in the Champions League match RSC Anderlecht versus Paris Saint Germain:

  • Scorer in regular time | Odds 1.25
  • 1st scorer in match | Odds 3.25
  • Last scorer in match | Odds 3.25
  • Player scores 2 or more goals | Odds 2.60
  • Player scores 3 or more goals | Odds 8.00
  • Player scores and his team wins | Odds 1.35

Scorecasts: 1st scorer plus exact result

Many betting providers let you make so-called scorecast bets: You bet on the first scorer of a match - combined with the exact result. There you can score particularly high betting odds. Let's stick with match RSC Anderlecht versus Paris Saint Germain and the possible scorer Neymar. Here an extract of betting opportunities:

  • Neymar / 0:1 | Odds 17.00
  • Neymar / 0:2 | Odds 13.00
  • Neymar / 0:3 | Odds 13.00
  • Neymar / 1:3 | Odds 19.00
  • Neymar / 2:2 | Odds 67.00

The betting odds can be exorbitantly high with underdog tips, therefore very unlikely scorers like inside defenders and /or unlikely end results. Odds higher than 2000.00 are met quickly. A betting success would rather be the result of luck than of strategic thinking in this case, however.

Scorer bets with live bets

Scorer bets are used more and more together with anyway booming live bets. Apart from lucrative betting odds, you can use the advantage of watching the match and read the body language of the players. How often have you had the feeling: "I saw this goal coming." or "This player will score for sure." The course of the match may develop in a way that a midfielder goes to the front or a defender makes free kicks. With a little bit of luck and a bet placed in time you have the chance of making nice profit.

What are the advantages of scorer bets?

The big offer of scorer bets can get you decent profits, when taking into account the current form and having a little bit of luck and the right feeling. Starting with live bets, to goals in a certain match to long term bets - this broad spectrum should offer something for every betting type and strategist. You can use your football expertise. We still recommend to place rather low betting stakes. A glance at the statistics is sufficient to recognize that absolute top scorers often don't score against supposedly easy opponents. Another advantage apart from odds and profits is the high fun factor and excitement when watching football matches. Let's say that the score is 4:0 after 75 minutes, then usually the cake is eaten. But when you place a bet on a scorer, the excitement remains for 90 minutes at best.

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