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Find sure tips for today and best betting tips or our experts

In this section you will find our betting tips from today with all current tips of the day. Our betting experts research daily tips of the football leagues; the Primera Division, the Premier League, as well as the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League and many other. At each match you will also find the bookie listed with the best odds, so that you get the maximum profit. The best odds will be adjusted automatically. With our unique typing system you are well equipped and will never miss a tip. In today's betting tips, you'll also find the latest stats from the duelling teams, as well as the latest results. If we have free bets for you today, you can also find them on this page.

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Bet # Bet Amount € Bet placed on Odds Profit €
1 52.54 1 1.97 103.27
2 24.88 X 4.45 110.72
3 22.70 2 4.55 103.29
Bet # Bet Amount € Bet placed on Odds Result
1 5 X 3.50 Lost
2 10 X 3.25 Lost
3 20 X 3.55 Lost
4 40 X 3.55 Won

BETTING TIPS TODAY - Find best football betting tips for today

You want to tap into the top football games of the best leagues and are looking for compact analyses and on-the-point forecasts? Then we recommend you our new section "Bet Tips Today" from the heart. We have made it our mission to make your bets easier and provide up-to-the-minute game forecasts. On this page we combine all current events from the most different sports to our tips of today. So you will always know at a glance what is available for betting. Of course, as we are completely enthusiastic about football, most of the tips revolve around leather ball. However, we try to provide a good mix for you and also analyse other sports like tennis and co. Just keep looking over and over; we'll be constantly adding new sports and leagues.

Spezia Calcio : Juventus Turin
Serie A
22.09.2021, 18:30 Uhr
SC Freiburg II : Eintracht Braunschweig
3rd German Bundesliga
22.09.2021, 19:00 Uhr
OSC Lille : Stade Reims
Ligue 1
22.09.2021, 19:00 Uhr

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AS Monaco : AS Saint-Etienne
Ligue 1
22.09.2021, 19:00 Uhr
FC Sevilla : FC Valencia
Primera Division
22.09.2021, 19:30 Uhr
Manchester United : West Ham United
EFL - Carabao Cup
22.09.2021, 20:45 Uhr

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FC Chelsea : Aston Villa
EFL - Carabao Cup
22.09.2021, 20:45 Uhr
AC Milan : FC Venedig
Serie A
22.09.2021, 20:45 Uhr
Olympique Lyon : ES Troyes AC
Ligue 1
22.09.2021, 21:00 Uhr

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FC Metz : Paris Saint Germain
Ligue 1
22.09.2021, 21:00 Uhr
Real Madrid : RCD Mallorca
Primera Division
22.09.2021, 22:00 Uhr

The Surebet - the safe profit

A Surebet is a bet that you cannot lose. It is crucial that you usually place 3 betting tips, at least 2, but more commonly with 3 different bookies. Since not everything is always rated correctly there are combinations so that if you place a bet on Tipp1, TippX and Tipp2, no matter how the result ends, you make a profit. If there is a Surebet in our betting tips for today, then this is marked in the odds comparison with a green line.

  • * The sure bet is more a mathematical curiosity than a sustainable betting strategy. Bookies are a clever bunch. When bookmakers see unusual wagering activity they can and will call off the bet. Keep in mind that if any leg of a sure bet is called off or the odds altered, the sure bet is no longer a certainty. BE AWARE WHEN YOU GAMBLE!

    The Table below demonstrates how a sure bet will earn you a minimum profit of € 3.27 based on a € 100 stake.

Here's a Surebet example with a bet of $ 100 where you can see a minimum win of $ 3.27 is possible:

The combo bet - Our recommendation

In combination bets, there are different football betting strategies, there is the betting strategy that you combine very low betting odds, but keeps the number high in order to achieve a good profit through the odds multiplication. However, we rather recommend the strategy of combos, especially in football to choose a variation that is very likely to occur. Let's take as an example a match between Borussia Dortmund and FC Augsburg. Here, the odds on BVB could be at 1.50 and thus represents a relatively safer bet. As the second combination bet you choose the best a tip that has a passable rate, but the result is quite realistic, such as a clash of FC Schalke 04 against Hannover 96. Such tips you can find here: in our Betting Tips today range. It might occur that the odds on the Blue White are at 1.85 and therefore a positive outcome is also quite probable, but not as secure as the first tip. The combination of these two soccer betting tips gives a quota of 2.78 and is thus much more attractive than a single bet on the FC Schalke.

Football live bets for today

If you like to bet on football when the game is already running, you bet using so-called live betting. A variant that is very popular among the more experienced. This requires not only a good base of expertise, but also a certain sense of the right moment. Here we recommend looking for a party before the kick-off, which provides you with a Valuebet. We are currently unable to present such bets in our today's tips, but we are trying to provide you with live bets as well. A value bet is a bet in which the odds are overstated taking into account the probability of occurrence. The difficulty here is that you have to evaluate the probability yourself. At such odds, we recommend using all available statistics, as well as current squad situations and all the info you can find on the upcoming game. A value bet is created when the formula calculates a value of more than 1.

That's how it works

At a value bet we assume that the probability was wrongly evaluated.

  • Betting quota x probability / 100 = VALUE

Football Betting on late goals

If this formula has a value above 1, we have a value bet. Assuming in any duel, the odds of winning Tip 1 are 2.50, and we judge the probability of entering Tip 1 to be 55%. If we now put in the formula we have 2.50 x 55/100 = 1.375 and thus a value bet.

Serie A AS Roma vs. SSC Napoli, for example, offers live betting. To the football betting tips of today. Photo: GEPA pictures / Insidefoto

Football tips on late goals

The aim of this strategy is to get a good bet odd that a goal will be scored in the final minutes of a game. For such a tip, it is important to select an encounter where there is a clear outsider, that is, the difference in game strength is very large. When it is the case, it often happens that the outsider concedes just one more goal at the end of the game. As an example, one could choose here a clash of FC Bayern Munich and SC Freiburg. The best way to look at the football statistics of the last encounters and the total cashed goals of the outsider. Suppose we are at the end of the first round and Bayern is meeting Freiburg. The Bayern have a goal statistics of 38: 2 and the SC Freiburg a goal balance of 11:25. In this case, a bet on a late goal would be highly recommended, which you will also find in our section "Betting Tips Today" again and again. Just remember the last European Championship or World Cup, how many goals have been scored in the last few minutes, or even stoppage time. Such betting tips are usually to be found with a correspondingly high rate.

So you can bet the best draws

The variant draw is so popular because the quota is usually very attractive. A classic strategy is simply to consistently select a draw until it occurs. Of course, you always have to keep an eye on the odds here. The point of this variation is that you double your bet until a tie occurs. Suppose you start with a 5 € bet on a draw of the 1. FSV Mainz 05. You also choose the team with the most draws in the table. This is just a strategy and not a bet recommendation and can also quickly lose your bet.

  • Here is an example:

    Bet number 1 on TippX / odds 3.50 stake € 5
    Bet number 2 on TippX / odds 3.25 bet € 10
    Bet number 3 on TippX / odds 3.55 bet € 20
    Bet number 4 on TippX / Quote 3.50 stake € 40 = € 140 - stake (5 + 10 + 20-40) = € 65 net profit

Bet types in a possible draw

It is also possible to place different bets on a draw, such as a double chance or a draw no bet. Below you will find links in which there are more detailed descriptions of said bets.

Offer of the day

In addition to today's bet tips, we also recommend the bookmaker of the day or the best deal of the day. This is presented at the top of the tip page including the current bonus information. Of course, we recommend you always follow the respective bet tip with the highest odds, but there is always a bookmaker with the best overall package and this is recommended as the bookmaker of the day by us. Today's top Bet Tip offer is usually mentioned with the whole program. Inquiries about betting odds, or customer service and other detailed information about the respective product can be found in our bookmaker section, where we provide you with detailed analyses of the respective provider.

You want to see a specific football league today in our betting tips?

Then send us an e-mail or contact us via the contact form. Our team will answer you within 24 hours. If our betting professionals also feel that your desired league could provide good betting tips, then we will research new tips for the next round and then publish them on Bettingformat in today's predictions. It is also important that you pay attention that your desired league is also offered by the bookmakers, so that we can also compare the odds.

Football leagues and sports

Our betting experts try to vary as much as possible between the football leagues. In addition to the top leagues, you will also often see lower leagues, or countries that are not shown much by the media. But such leagues can be exciting for betting fans, as the skill level of the teams varies a lot, which can lead to interesting betting opportunities. In addition, you will also find many insider tips from us today, as our tip experts often catch one or two good points. In the field of football, we now cover 22 different football leagues, to which we can provide betting tips today. We are constantly trying to expand our tip range and to provide more and more details. Also with the other sports we are trying to expand the offer steadily. We are planning to include at least 2-3 new sports over the next year to provide you with some variation. In case you have suggestions for improvement, we are very happy to receive any kind of feedback. We are always interested in the direct implementation of the suggestions from our betting friends who visit our site daily.

Rafael Nadal Wetten ATP Tennis © GEPA pictures/ Matthias Hauer Also tennis betting tips to Rafael Nadal are offered on Bettingformat under betting tips today. Photo GEPA pictures Matthias Hauer

Bettingformat Team - Our Tipper

Our team consists of a variety of sports betting professionals. Some of us have years of experience and have been able to catch insider knowledge even with the most different sports betting companies. Over the years, we have built up such a strong know-how in sports betting and can thus provide you with the best football tips. Some of us are also active athletes who want to share their experiences and knowledge with as many people as possible. We are all sports fanatics with absolute enthusiasm and that is another crucial success factor, because what you enjoy doing, you do well. Convince yourself and follow our betting tips and analysis on the current football games. Only then you will be on the right course to professionalism and in time, better tips.

Football Betting Tips - The Best Strategies

Especially in football bets, the choice is limitless. Since it is not so easy to make the right tip, start with the main bets like Tipp1, Tipp X and Tipp2, the popular over / under bets, or detail bets and live bets. In the corresponding betting tips we present you the most lucrative bet types. The betting school will explain the most popular types of bets in detail.

How to find the today's best bet tips

Below we have given you some strategies on how to filter out the best football tips of the day. If you follow our recommendations, you will surely find some good deals every day worth betting on. It is important to pay close attention to the details. Take your time and analyze all the information that you can get, because only then you can bet successfully.