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Latest betting tips and experts analysis for today. Betting tips for Soccer.

Soccer Betting tips with analysis

English Football League Championship

20.08.2019 20:45 (CET)
Middlesbrough Logo FC Middlesbrough
Wigan Athletic Logo Wigan Athletic
Tip 1

UEFA Champions League

20.08.2019 21:00 (CET)
Apoel Nikosia Logo Apoel Nikosia
Ajax Amsterdam Logo Ajax Amsterdam

UEFA Champions League

20.08.2019 21:00 (CET)
CFR Cluj CFR Cluj
Slavia Prague
under 2.5 goals

UEFA Champions League

20.08.2019 21:00 (CET)
Lask Logo LASK Linz
FC Brugge Logo Club Brugge KV

Past tips

Primeira League

19.08.2019 21:15 (CET)
CD Tondela Logo CD Tondela
Portimonense SC Logo Portimonense SC
1 : 2

England Premier League

19.08.2019 21:00 (CET)
Wolverhampton Logo Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
Manchester United Logo Manchester United
1 : 1

2nd German Bundesliga

19.08.2019 20:30 (CET)
VfL Osnabrück
Darmstadt Logo SV Darmstadt 98
4 : 0

Primera Division

19.08.2019 20:00 (CET)
RCD Mallorca Logo RCD Mallorca
Eibar Logo SD Eibar
under 2.5 goals

Russia Premier League

19.08.2019 19:00 (CET)
Spartak Moskau Logo FC Spartak Moskau
Zaska Moskau Logo ZSKA Moskau
2 : 1

Turkey Süper Lig

19.08.2019 19:00 (CET)
Fenerbahce Istanbul Logo Fenerbahçe Istanbul
Gazisehir Gaziantep FK Logo Gazisehir Gaziantep FK
5 : 0

Betting Tips Today

There is no time like the present. As such, we welcome you to Bettingformat’s Betting Tips Today. Here you’ll find our experts’ betting tips for the most exciting sporting events taking place today. As you would expect, our in-house experts track the major soccer leagues such as the Premier League and the Bundesliga to provide you with today’s most profitable betting tips. Our experts are interested in more than just soccer - they offer their betting advice on ice hockey, basketball, tennis, American football and more. No matter which sport you bet on, you will always find the bookie offering the best odds clearly displayed on the top line of our real-time odds comparison feature. We also provide you with the relevant statistics from both teams as well as their recent match outcomes.


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Now is the time and here is the place. If you want to take your sports betting to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Our compact analyses, objective predictions and real-time odds comparisons will give you the advantage you need. Like most of the world, we are obsessed with soccer, but we also analyze other sports. It is our mission to provide you with a practical, timely and precise overview of the action unfolding across the sporting world. Check back with us regularly, as we intend to expand our coverage to more sports and leagues.

How to use Betting Tips Today to your advantage

With so many betting markets available today, it can be difficult to select the most profitable option. As the majority of our coverage is devoted to soccer, we feel that it is the appropriate subject to illustrate our explanations. In the following sections, we’ll briefly outline some of the time-tested sports bets. You can always refer to our Betting School to find out more. Take your time and analyze all available information so you can feel confident that you’ve placed the bet with the best chance for a great payday!

Betting School

THE SURE BET – Money in the bank *

A sure bet is a bet that cannot lose. In order to forge a sure bet, you will have to place bets with at least two, and often three, different bookmakers to successfully finesse the odds into a winning formation. Because bookmakers will offer different betting lines for the same match, placing bets on a win / lose / draw outcome can be a mathematical certainty when the betting margins are wide enough.

  • * The sure bet is more a mathematical curiosity than a sustainable betting strategy. Bookies are a clever bunch. When bookmakers see unusual wagering activity they can and will call off the bet. Keep in mind that if any leg of a sure bet is called off or the odds altered, the sure bet is no longer a certainty. BE AWARE WHEN YOU GAMBLE!

    The Table below demonstrates how a sure bet will earn you a minimum profit of € 3.27 based on a € 100 stake.
Bet # Bet Amount € Bet placed on Odds Profit €
1 52.54 1 1.97 103.27
2 24.88 X 4.45 110.72
3 22.70 2 4.55 103.29

The Combination Bet – Preferred by our experts

The combination bet is an excellent betting option thanks to the power of multiplication. Combination bets (also known as accumulator bets) can be difficult. Instead of placing two (or more) individual bets, a combination bet weaves those bets together into one betting slip. Be warned – if any of the individual line-bets fail, the whole bet has failed. That said, when you string together a few safer bets, your winnings potential is strengthened. The conventional thinking is to link a series of safe bets and let the multiplication make the difference. This approach is certainly realistic, but our experts suggest combining a safe bet with a bet that has more attractive odds, but is still achievable. By reducing line-items, you are eliminating risk from your equation and helping your cause.

Live-Betting Tips Today

For many sports fans, placing in-game bets, enhances the overall viewing experience. Most of these so-called live bets are placed on soccer matches, but tennis, hockey and American football also have numerous betting markets available. Currently we do not provide live-betting lines on our Betting Tips Today page. A great way to gain experience with live betting is to check our site and find a value bet. A value bet will give you a little insurance and allow you to try out some in-game betting action.

How to calculate a value bet

A value bet is an instance where we feel that the probability has been incorrectly evaluated.

Betting odds * Probability / 100 = VALUE

When the result of this formula yields a number higher than 1, we have a value bet. As an example, suppose the odds for winning tip 1 are 2.50 and we determine the probability of tip 1 being the winning bet at 55%. When we apply those variables to our formula, we find: 2.50 * 55/100 = 1.375 and therefore a value bet.

Betting on late goals

As the name implies, the idea is to place a wager on a goal coming in the closing minutes of a match. When considering such a bet, we strongly recommend that you seek out a match wherein one of the teams is a clear underdog. In such a game, all too often the overwhelmed team surrenders a late goal adding to the heartbreak of their fanbase. A careful examination of a team’s goal difference can prove invaluable. For instance, consider an all-too-likely scenario wherein Bayern Munich has a goal differential of 38:2 and SC Freiburg sputters along to an 11:25 ratio. Clearly, Freiburg is overmatch on both sides of the ball, giving the juggernaut from Munich more goal-scoring opportunities. Admittedly, we cover a lot of soccer games, but this is a betting-line that you will see frequently on Betting Tips Today. Maybe it’s just us, but thinking back to the last World Cup or European Championship, how many goals were scored in the closing minutes and stoppage time? Too many according to our resident cardiologist. Despite the frequency of these last-minute fireworks, many bookies still offer generous betting odds for this betting market.

Betting on a draw

Betting on a draw is a popular bet because the odds tend to be very attractive. A classic strategy is to bet on a draw until it occurs. Naturally, you’ll want to keep the odds in mind and look for the team that has played to the most ties in your league of choice. The reasoning behind this method is that by doubling your bet until a draw occurs, you will eventually earn a profit. This is a subtle variation of the Martingale strategy. Keep in mind that this is simply a strategy and not a betting recommendation. To find out more about betting strategies, we refer you to our Betting School. Below you will find a table illustrating how this betting strategy unfolds.

  • The payout is calculated as follows: € 140 - wagered amounts € 75 (5 + 10 + 20 + 40) = € 65 profit.
Bet # Bet Amount € Bet placed on Odds Result
1 5 X 3.50 Lost
2 10 X 3.25 Lost
3 20 X 3.55 Lost
4 40 X 3.55 Won

Is there a specific league you think we should provide betting tips for?

We are always open to suggestions! Click ‘Contact’ at the bottom of this page and pass along your request. If we feel the league has potential, our experts will apply their skill to publishing betting tips for the new addition. It’s important to note that our service is predicated upon having enough bookmakers involved so that we can generate our odds comparison.

What sports can I expect to see in Betting Tips Today?

The majority of our predictions and recommendations are for soccer. However, we are fans of all sports and as such, we have in-house experts who write analyses and offer betting tips on the whole spectrum of sport. We cover basketball leagues in Europe to the NBA in the United States, the same can be said for our attention to hockey. We’ve recently established ourselves as a presence for tennis and golf. In short, you can expect to see actionable betting tips from professional sports-betting analysts in virtually every field.

Who are the experts at Bettingformat?

Our in-house experts here at Bettingformat have years of experience in sports-betting and journalism. Simply put, they’ve been exposed to bookmakers for so long, it’s become an extension of them. As analysts, they have spent years collecting and deciphering data in order to bring you the best betting tips. We are passionate about what we do and we want to do it well. All of our betting tips are written in good faith and are based upon actuarial data. If you’re a high-roller or a true beginner, you will always find our predictions and analyses to be direct, objective and the best price for the bet clearly indicated. We are not secretive with our knowledge – in fact we are proud of our transparency. Our Betting School is open to all! As always, GOOD LUCK!