Result bets are a classic in the world of sport betting - they can look back on a long tradition. Forever people have been betting on the exact result of a sport event. Even though it's a risky betting type, it's mainly the high odds and the lucrative profits, that many value regarding result bets. Every decent betting provider should have them in its portfolio. In the following we want to present, what you need to be aware of with this betting form and which strategies may lead to success with this pretty risky betting type.

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. What are result bets?
  2. Which odds can you expect with result bets?
  3. Which betting strategies should pursue with result bets?
  4. Before a result bet: gather information
  5. Betting on recurring results
  6. Keeping the stakes low for result bets
  7. Tipping on a couple of end results of one match
  8. Avoiding combination bets when betting on the result

What are result bets?

When you tip on the exact end result of a sport event, we are talking about a result bet. The sport doesn't matter. But first and foremost, such bets are used in soccer. Soccer bets are the first among sport bets anyway - additionally it's much easier to tip the exact result in soccer compared to other sports like basketball, tennis or ice hockey. Of course, this betting form is also characterized by a certain factor of uncertainty. Unlike a 3-way bet, where you only have to tip on the right tendency (1=home win, X=draw, 2=visitor win), and the winning chances are therefore 1:3, it's much more difficult to predict the exact end result. This difficulty also means higher odds and in the case of success bigger profits, however. Many bookmakers either give you a certain amount of end results to choose from or you can tip the result manually. In the first case betting providers usually provide a selection of 25 to 35 results and furthermore you sometimes have the option of tipping on "any other/additional result" with fixed odds.

Which odds can you expect with result bets?

First off: The very high betting odds are the main argument for placing result bets. Let's take a look at the match Sweden versus Italy and let's examine ten possible results:

  •  Result | Odds
  • 1:0 | 8.00
  • 2:0 | 15.00
  • 2:1 | 13.00
  • 0:0 | 7.00
  • 1:1 | 5.50
  • 2:2 | 17.00
  • 0:1 | 6.50
  • 0:2 | 10.00
  • 1:2 | 9.50
  • 1:3 | 21.00

For comparison let's now take the betting odds of a usual 3-way bet: The odds for a Sweden home win are 3.50, for a draw 3.10 and an away win by Italy is listed with odds of 2.40. As you can see the lowest odds of the result bets are still significantly higher than the highest 3-way bet odds! Therefore, it's lucrative business. It's also interesting that the most probable result is 1:1, even though the betting odds for an Italy away win are actually lower than a draw. You should generally compare the odds of the respective bookmakers before placing a bet on the exact result. You can make out pretty big differences with this betting form. Since you are entering a bigger risk anyway, it should really pay off and you should make the most profit possible.

Which betting strategies should pursue with result bets?

The general opinion among betting friends often is: result bets are too risky and you should avoid them. The strategic possibilities that this betting form offers after a close look are often blanked out and left unused. But our opinion is that you shouldn't exclude betting on the exact result beforehand and therefore want to show you, what you need to take care of and how you can use this betting form to your advantage!

Before a result bet: gather information

First off it's important to gather the most useful information: How is the current form of the teams? Are important players injured? Do the scorers of the respective teams have a run? Who rather needs the win? Is something still at stake for both teams or is one team even playing with the B-eleven? These are all questions that you should definitely consider before placing a bet - especially with such a risky tip like an end result bet. A glance at the ranking and the current match statistics also goes in your favor.

Betting on recurring results

It's best, therefore safest, to bet on results that occur most frequently statistically. The chances for a betting success are logically higher. In soccer, the five commonest end results are the following: 1:1, 2:1, 1:0, 2:0 and 0:0. As we already know, the betting odds are way higher for result bets than for normal 3-way bets, where the correct tendency is sufficient. So it's not necessary to tip exotic and therefore very unrealistic results like a 5:1 or 4:2 in order to make big profit. As you can see a bet on the end result is a good idea, when you count on few goals. It's way harder to judge matches with a clear favorite and underdog, where many goals can be expected. Tied matches, where you expect a close win or a draw, should be the first choice for your result bets strategy.

Keeping the stakes low for result bets

The golden rule for sport betting is: the riskier the bet, the smaller the stakes. You shouldn't enter too a big risk with this betting form - after all you need a good portion of luck to win result bets. Due to the high odds, it's sufficient to bet smaller amounts between 1 and 5 Euros. This way you avoid unnecessary frustration!

Tipping on a couple of end results of one match

Our betting strategy number one clearly is: Split your stakes on more single bets and tip a couple of different end results for one event! This way you raise your betting chances and on the other hand you still make good profit with the correct tip due to the very high betting odds - even though the remaining bets are lost. We want to explain this strategy with the help of an example: Let's take the Bundesliga match FSV Mainz 05 versus 1. FC Cologne. You tip the 6 results that you believe are most likely to happen and bet 4 Euros per tip. In order to make profit in any case - given that one tip is correct - the betting odds for the results need to be higher than 6,00 respectively. Usually this is not an issue with this betting form. You decide to place following betting tips:

  • Result | Odds | Profit | Net Profit
  • 1:0 | 7.00 | 28 Euros | 4 Euros
  • 2:0 | 9.50 | 38 Euros | 14 Euros
  • 2:1 | 8.50 | 34 Euros | 12 Euros
  • 0:0 | 7.75 | 31 Euros | 7 Euros
  • 1:1 | 6.50 | 26 Euros | 2 Euros
  • 0:1 | 9.25 | 37 Euros | 13 Euros

Avoiding combination bets when betting on the result

The risk with end result is high enough anyway. Therefore, you shouldn't enter an even bigger risk by adding a result bet to your combination bet or even making a combination of a couple of such betting tips. The possible profit of single bets is lucrative enough for this betting form!

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