Nowadays half time/end result bets are part of the football bets standard repertoire. This betting form is a modification or variation of the very popular half time bet. For this special form you need to tip the half time result as well as the end result of a sport event correctly. Both forecasts need to be right in order for the bet to be won. Precise examples, explanations and helpful strategies for this betting form will be provided in the following article.

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. What are half time/end result bets?
  2. What do betting odds for half time/end result bets look like?
  3. Which betting strategies can be recommended for half time/end result bets?

What are half time/end result bets?

This special form of the half time bet is actually a double bet. Two events need to be forecasted correctly in the case of success: The result at half time and the end result of a match. It's is not necessary to tip the exact result. The forecasts are based on the known format 1X2 (1=home win, X=draw, 2=visitor's win). Therefore the sport bettor has nine different tip opportunities:

  • Half time result / end result
  • 1/1 home team leads I home team wins
  • 1/X home team leads I draw
  • 1/2 home team leads I visitor wins
  • X/1 draw I home team wins
  • X/X draw I draw
  • X/2 draw I visitor wins
  • 2/1 visitor leads I home team wins
  • 2/X visitor leads I draw
  • 2/2 visitor leads I visitor wins

The mathematical probability of winning the sport bet is a meagre 11,11% due to the nine different possible outcomes. What makes this betting form particularly attractive are the corresponding high betting odds. You can already make big profits with small betting amounts. The principle of half time/end result bets can also be transferred to other sports with different playing times like ice hockey for examples (three parts) or basketball (four parts). Due to the growing complexity with more playing parts it's only sometimes possible to place such half time/end result bets in other sports.

What do betting odds for half time/end result bets look like?

As mentioned earlier there are nine different possible outcomes for football halftime/end result bets. Due to the big number of options the betting odds are extremely lucrative. Let's take a look at a precise example and the matching odds to get a better understanding. Let's take the Champions League match Tottenham Hotspur versus Real Madrid:

  • 1/1 | odds 5,00
  • 1/X | odds 13,50
  • 1/2 | odds 21,00
  • X/1 | odds 7,50
  • X/X | odds 6,00
  • X/2 | odds 5,75
  • 2/1 | odds 26,00
  • 2/X | odds 13,00
  • 2/2 | odds 3,50

For comparison: A usual result bet in the form of 1X2. As you can see, the lowest odds for the half time/end result bet option are as high as the highest betting odds for a usual result bet. So it's no surprise, that this betting form becomes more and more popular.

  • Tip 1 | odds 3,00
  • Tip X | odds 3,60
  • Tip 2 | odds 2,20

Which betting strategies can be recommended for half time/end result bets?

In the following we want to present a collection of strategic considerations that are supposed to maximize the chances for your personal betting success!

Using and evaluating half time/end result statistics

For sports bets in general and for half time/end result bets in particular it's helpful to take a look at betting statistics and important charts. It shouldn't be a secret for football interested sports bettors that a draw after the first half occurs much more often than after the end of the regular playing time. You may find more concrete patterns though when looking closely at statistical numbers and the most recent matches of the respective teams. The following fact is interesting for example: In the Bundesliga season 2016/2017 the half time result was a draw in 23 of 34 HSV matches - that's 68% and therefore more than two thirds of all matches! The final ranking looked quite different, however: In the end HSV only drew 8 times - most of the time they lost their matches in the second half. Only sometimes they were able to hold the draw or to even turn it into a win. In 2017/2018 it looked quite similar. This knowledge can be used and therefore tip on combinations with "X+" for HSV matches. A different example: Let's look towards England. In the last couple of years one could make out a pattern, when Manchester United played against supposedly weaker teams: The half time result often was a draw, but in the end ManU won. If the odds for a X/2 or X/1 - depending on whether United plays at home or away - are respectable, a small amount may already mean good profit. Of course the focus should always be on the current form of a team before placing a sport bet and the decision should not solely be made according to statistical evaluations.

Avoiding unusual half time/end result combinations

Statistically it only occurs very rarely that a match is turned completely after the break - meaning that a lead ends in a loss or vice versa. Extremely high odds for half time/end result bets can be luring. Due to the small probability such bets should remain an exception or should be avoided in general. After all sports betting is not supposed to turn into a sheer game of luck!

Placing two half time/end result single bets

A very sophisticated and often profitable betting strategy is to place two single bets on one event. Let's take the match Tottenham Hotspur versus Real Madrid again: Let's assume you are sure that Real Madrid will win. Therefore you decide to place to bets each worth 10 Euros.

  • Tip A | X/2 | odds 5,75
  • Tipp B | 2/2 | odds 3,50
  • Betting stakes 20 Euros
  • Profit A 57,50 Euros | net profit 37,50 Euros
  • Gewinn B 35 Euros | net profit 15 Euros

Assuming Real Madrid really wins the match - these two options would be the most likely ones. You eliminate the options that a half time lead by Tottenham will be turned around in the second half. Independent of which of the two options will be the right one in the end, you make a profit either way. It's important that the betting odds are higher than 2,00 respectively in order to be able to balance out the loss of the second bet. But always consider that the purely mathematical winning chances are still 2:9. Would you have placed a normal result bet on Real Madrid and won this bet, the net profit would be 22 Euros with the same betting stakes. So with this betting strategy you can either make 15,50 Euros more or 7 Euros less profit in this case. With a little bit more risk soon higher profits are possible with half time/end result bets. In the case of a Real Madrid loss you naturally lose your stakes in both cases.

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