In this section we present the best and most promising betting startegies regarding sports betting. These strategy tips are supposed to substantially increase your chances of winning and therefore your betting success! Apart from betting strategies, that target certain kinds of bets, we also want to present a number of specific and sophisticated tactics. Some of the following articles target sports betting in general, many target the topic of football in particular though.

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. Specific betting strategies based on betting forms
  2. Strategies for the different leagues
  3. Betting odds and probabilities
  4. Betting strategies for Bundesliga

Specific betting strategies based on betting forms

The number of offers from different bookmakers is increasing every year, but the number of betting types either. That is why we searched for the favored betting types and compiled the specific betting strategies based on betting forms. The strategy for the football match cannot be the same as for the tennis match, that is logical. Also, for basketball in comparison to American football the strategy cannot be the same. The reasons are for example the amount of the outcome or the complicity of every sport. If thinking of different betting variants every type of sport can request its own strategy. Here you can find the best strategies for the most popular types of sports.

Strategies for the different leagues

Not only different types of sports need different betting strategies but also diverse leagues have their own dynamics and rules. Finally, the Bundesliga is not really similar to the Premier League or Europe League. There is a different effort for every team within the league or we can see differences in visible trends in matches. All of these can be used in combination with the best strategy. Therefore, we brought specific strategies for the most important leagues and competitions inside of Europe. The information below is not only for beginners. Also, an expert can find something interesting here. Maybe you will also find your new favorite under the leagues, who knows.

Specific betting strategies

Apart from the considerations regarding certain betting forms in general, we also want to discuss special strategies from the world of sports betting in detail. Many of these tactics target a certain sport or focus on the topic betting stakes, betting odds or betting budget. We also give general tips that are important for all strategies. Science is also applied - we also want to explained what is meant by betting with the Kelly-formula or the Martingale-formula. Specific betting strategies that are underestimated by many, like "under 3,5 goals in the first half" are also being discussed. Additionally, we show you, how you can make fast lucrative profits, as well as how you can obtain a plus with foresight and a long-term strategy.

Betting odds and probabilities

To achieve a long-term success in sports betting it is necessary to understand the importance of odds and how they actually work. An odd is not just a rate to be multiplied with your stake when winning, but it is also a statement. The odds can tell you about the probability of the result. That means, the higher the odds, the lower the probability of winning. It happens very often that bettors are manipulated by high odds and high possible profit. In this situation, you can easily forget the meaning of the odds. We will show the connection between the odd and the probability and how you can mix the risk and know-how to be successful in the betting market.

Betting strategies for certain betting forms

Some of the strategies we present on this site target a certain betting form. It needs to be explained, how to best use single bets, combination bets and system bets for example and what you need to be aware of, when doing so. The same goes for the topic of live betting or half time bets: One can also follow different tactical considerations, that can lead to success at these kinds of bets. Apart from that we also discuss essential points, that should be avoided at sports betting. Especially for beginners the broad betting portfolio and consequentely the vast number of betting strategies are often overwhelming and not very transparent. We therefore show you in our betting school, which strategies really pay off for certain betting forms and which you should stay away from!

Betting strategies for Bundesliga

Here we get into the detail. German Bundesliga is one of the most popular leagues in Europe. And this trend you can also find in the betting world. Therefore, we attend to some of the teams in the highest class of Bundesliga. Here on this page, you can find the betting strategies which consider the trends for each of the teams and therefore can be used as the perfect strategy. Is the biggest part of the goals made in the first or the second half time, how many goals can be reached? These are just some of the considerations which can be formulated with today´s know-how - and our experts have made it.

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