2-way bets are the simplest form of sports betting. And the underlying foundation of this betting principle is quickly explained: This type of bet gives you 2 different outcomes to choose from! We will discuss what aspects of 2-way betting you should be aware of and what strategy will secure you the greatest winnings!

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. What is a 2-way bet?
  2. What are typical 2-way bets?
  3. What should you bear in mind when considering a 2-way bet?
  4. Is it possible to bet on both outcomes of a 2-way bet?
  5. Is it possible to combine 2-way bets with each other?

What is a 2-way bet?

As the name suggests, 2-way bets are sports wagers that give you 2 paths to success. In other words, there are two possible outcomes and, logically, only two options for your bets. For example, a tennis match has one winner and one loser, meaning there are two outcomes to choose from. This is a classic instance of a 2-way bet: the winner will either be Player A or Player B. With this type of bet, your chances of success are theoretically 50:50. But because there are only two possible outcomes, the bookmakers react to this with lower betting odds than those offered for events with three or more potential outcomes. However, if you choose to bet on a longshot, even 2-way bets can generate high winnings. Strategists who think long-term, in particular, build upon these chances for high winnings and like to wager on this type of bet.

What are typical 2-way bets?

You will find classic 2-way bets for sporting events and sports where there is no chance of a draw, meaning that there are only two possible outcomes, as is the case in tennis and volleyball. Aside from wagers that focus on the winner of a given sporting match-up, all other sports-related bets with two potential outcomes belong to the 2-way-betting family as well. This includes such bets as “Will more or less than 1.5 goals be scored in a given football match?”, as well as any questions that can be answered with a Yes or No, such as “Will a goal be scored in the first 15 minutes?” If you decide to bet on whether or not Germany makes it to the semifinals of the next World Cup, here, too, there are two possible outcomes: either the Germans make it into the semifinals or they don’t. Once again, this is a 2-way bet. Other similarly popular 2-way wagers include so-called head-to-head bets.

What should you bear in mind when considering a 2-way bet?

You should be particularly cautious when considering a “supposed” 2-way bet. What do we mean? For the most part we think of ice hockey and basketball as ideal candidates for 2-way bets since, after overtime or a penalty shootout, there is always one winner and one loser. However, if you happen to bet on the score at the end of regular time, you might also be looking at a tie. That means, before you place your bet you should be cautious and double check precisely what the betting odds refer to. The same applies to knockout matches in football: Be sure to check whether the bet and/or odds apply to the score after 90 minutes, 120 minutes, or potentially even after a penalty shoot-out! If you do bet on who will ultimately come out on top in an elimination match-up, this will indeed be a two-way bet.

Is it possible to bet on both outcomes of a 2-way bet?

Yes – that is, assuming you place your bets through two different bookings. This means, of course, you would need accounts with multiple bookmakers. This is only profitable if you notice major discrepancies in the odds offered by the different bookies. If the odds for either outcome are 2.00 or more, you are going to chalk up fixed winnings. Here is a possible – purely theoretical – example:

  • Tennis: Alexander Zverev versus Dominic Thiem
  • Bookmaker A: odds for a Zverev win 2.10
  • Bookmaker B: odds for a Thiem win 2.30

If you make a wager of €10 with each bookmaker, you will be able to count on fixed winnings of either 1 or 3 euros. That said, this is generally a scenario you will have to spend a long time hunting for, probably involving a lot of effort for only minimal rewards. So-called “sure bets” – in other words, bets where your winnings are guaranteed – are something we regularly look for on your behalf and then present on our website.

Is it possible to combine 2-way bets with each other?

Naturally. It is possible to put together combo bets however you wish – regardless of the type of bet, betting opportunity or sport. It makes no difference whether those bets involve 2-way or 3-way bets. However, combining both outcomes of a single event is, as previously mentioned, not possible.

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