Single-bet strategies

It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that professional sports tipsters, especially, swear by individual bets in view of the comparatively low risk factor associated with them. The strategic opportunities involved in this type of betting and how to take optimal advantage of those opportunities are explained for you here.

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What strategic issues should you keep in mind with respect to individual bets?

Individual bets work very simply and are therefore the most popular wagering option for fans of betting. However, this should not imply that this form of bet does not require strategy. Quite the opposite: There are a number of important points you should absolutely bear in mind. Because of this, in our “betting school” we have collected the most helpful tips on your behalf. If you place an individual bet, the chance that it wins is comparatively high. This has to do with the fact that you are betting on just one result and your bet is not dependent on any others. However, the lower risk and higher chances of winning do not mean that you should place your bets carelessly and without giving them serious consideration beforehand. After all, the minimized risk only pertains to the fact that your bet is independent of any other events. For example, in a football match, if you bet on an underdog winning, an underdog who has been quoted odds of 6.80, the mathematical probability your bet will win is only 14.7%. That said, always bear in mind that individual bets do not automatically equate to a certain win. At the same time, this example clearly shows that this type of bet has the potential to produce lucrative winnings.

What makes individual bets of strategic interest to beginners?

On the one hand, individual bets are very clear and simple to understand. On the other, many tipsters appreciate the low risk involved. Whereas with combo bets the individual wagers are interlinked, meaning that each line of the bet must be accurate in order to win, in the form of bet we are discussing the correct result in a single event is all you are relying on. This means that your chances of winning are much higher than in combo bets. However, individual bets generally produce lower winnings – unless, of course, you bet at high odds. From a strategic point of view, this means that actual “gambling” is less of a factor, though you do have, figuratively speaking, more to lose. What we mean isn’t the amount of your wager. Rather, it is the fact that this type of bet leads people to assume that they have a sure thing. Which makes it an even bitterer pill to swallow if you end up losing the bet. Which is where gathering all of the pertinent information comes into play! It goes almost without saying that, regardless of the type of bet, before you place your wager you must consult the most important information beforehand. This can prove especially valuable when considering your individual bet! Here, you can exploit your information advantage in order to further optimize your chances of winning. That said, prior to a football match you must study up on the current form of both teams and gather as much news as possible about them. Browsing various statistics definitely won’t hurt either! Knowledge about their home and away strengths, tactical approaches and other variables will help you place a successful bet. Similarly, you can find answers to such questions as “How frequently does a certain player score against a given team?” immediately prior to placing your bet. Analyses of recent matches may also impact your judgment as to whether the odds being quoted are fair or not. In addition to this strategically important point, individual bets are a perfect opportunity for beginners to give online bookies a “test drive” as well as get to know their website or mobile app. If you decide to take advantage of one of the numerous new customer bonuses, we recommend first playing it a little safer – even though sports bets are never 100% “safe” – and first dividing up your wagering budget between individual bets, rather than going with more lucrative and more tempting combo bets. It is also advisable to begin by wagering smaller amounts in the range from 5 to 10 euros. Only when you have a larger betting budget, should you begin wagering higher amounts.

What strategic considerations involving individual bets influence the betting experts?

True pros wager almost exclusively on individual bets. Though combo bets do offer higher winnings since the odds for each of the lines are multiplied together, thus giving them a special appeal. That notwithstanding, many tipsters go out of their way to avoid this approach whenever possible. While in the short term they might expand your sports betting budget substantially, professional sports tipsters are far more focused on a longer-term strategy. For them, risk minimization and secure winnings are a top priority. Their primary consideration is quite simple: The probability of accurately predicting the correct result – such as the outcome of a football match – is 1:3. Which means your chance of winning is 33.33%. For betting experts, even that number is quite low. Let us continue the thought: In a combo bet containing three 3-way bets such as this, you already have 27 different betting permutations (3x3x3). At that point, your chance of having a successful betting slip drops drastically to below 4%! As you can see, the low success probabilities involved in this strategy essentially make the higher odds irrelevant. Real professional tipsters and those who wish to live from sports betting view everything from a much more matter-of-fact perspective. Some, of course, would say that this approach cuts back on the fun factor, making betting less attractive. And to a certain degree they are correct. However, making fast money is simply not the focus of this strategy. Ultimately, having the right stamina and endurance will pay off in the truest sense of the word. Through this approach, it is easy to make up for bets you have recently lost. As an example, let us look at four individual bets that involved wagers of €10 each:

  • Bet A. Odds 1.40 | The bet wins | Your winnings 4 euros
  • Bet B. Odds 1,50 | The bet wins | Your winnings 5 euros
  • Bet C. Odds 1.60 | The bet wins | Your winnings 6 euros
  • Bet D. Odds 1.70 | The bet loses | Your loss 10 euros
  • Net winnings 5 euros

In this example, our betting professional placed bets with a high chance of winning. While one of those is lost, all of the remaining three end up winning. Bottom line: At the end of the day, he has a €5 profit. With a little patience and discipline, using a strategy focused on individual bets you will be able to substantially increase the size of your sports betting budget.

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