More and more fans of sports betting are focusing on strategies that involve live betting. The selection of betting products in this sector, as well as the number of live bets that are placed have both increased rapidly in recent years. In fact, for some bookmakers live bets represent roughly half of all bets placed. For this reason, below we present to you our own experiences with live betting along with those strategies that may prove particularly rewarding, along with a few pointers for things to watch out for!

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. What are the most popular types of live bets in football?
  2. Live bets on a result during remaining time
  3. Goal bets a lucrative live option
  4. Sure live bets: The favorite is trailing
  5. What live betting strategy is recommended for tennis?
  6. What live betting strategy is recommended for ice hockey?
  7. What live betting strategy is recommended for basketball?
  8. When strategizing live bets, is it better to keep an eye on one match or several?
  9. Do combo bets make strategic sense for live betting?
  10. What additional live betting tips should we be aware of?

What are the most popular types of live bets in football?

Naturally, live betting on football is booming. In this area, various types of live bet have become well-established in the betting community, distinguished by respectable odds and a realistic likelihood of success. In this chapter, we provide a detailed explanation of the various strategies as well as our personal experiences with each of them.

Live bets on a result during remaining time

One particularly popular form of live betting strategy in football, other than a standard bet on the overall outcome of the match, focuses on the result within the remaining time left in a match. In essence, this is a standard 3-way bet with options 1X2. In this variant, regardless of the actual current score in the match, we assume that it is hypothetically 0:0. This type of live bet is frequently used when the match is currently tied or if the favorite is behind and we can assume that the favorite will score more goals than their opponent during the time still remaining in the match. Likewise, tipsters might well place a bet on a draw shortly before the end of the match if they feel no more goals are likely. In that scenario, the odds are generally going to be very low, yet this is a strategy that appeals to many. We certainly warn against wagering too much, and only recommend placing this bet if both teams seem happy with the result or one goal would have very little effect. Return legs in knockout rounds or final matches in group phases often lend themselves successfully to this tactic.

Goal bets a lucrative live option

One of the hottest trends in real-time betting involves goal bets. Here, two strategies are particularly worthy of note: First of all, a bet on the number of goals scored in remaining time in the form of an over/under bet (over/under 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 etc.), as well as bets on or against goals being scored late (most betting providers define a “late goal” as one that is scored after the 75th minute of the match). A live betting wager on late goals might well be worth considering if, for example, a player has previously been given a red card or, of course, in an ideal scenario, if both teams urgently need a goal before the end of the match. We give you one rule of thumb: If there is more than one goal difference between the teams, bet against a late goal; if a match involving a clear favorite is tied, or if that favorite is trailing, then bet on a late goal. As far as possible, avoid experimental bets such as the next yellow card. Even if you are following a match live, that kind of bet is generally far too risky.

Sure live bets: The favorite is trailing

The dream of all sports tipsters: a bet that is almost certain to win – better known as a “sure bet”. For many, live betting is one way to try and find those sure bets. The theory goes like this: First bet on the longshot, at odds over 2.00 or, preferably, even over 3.00. If the match remains tied or if the underdog takes the lead, the odds for the favorite will climb above 2.00. Your moment has come: You will now place your live bet on the favorite. However, we recommend this live betting strategy more for other sports such as basketball since you have a greater likelihood of success.

What live betting strategy is recommended for tennis?

In tennis, too, the most lucrative scenario involves waiting until the favorite is trailing in the match. Often, all it takes is a quick break right at the beginning of the match – for example, a 0:3 deficit in the first set – in order for the odds to become very attractive. Even “better”, though logically, also more risky, would be if the favorite loses that first set. We especially recommend a live betting tip on matches that require three sets to win. Especially in Grand Slam tournaments, top players often get off to a bad start and give up the first set. Very important in this tennis live betting strategy: You should absolutely follow the match live, be that via live stream or on TV. After all, before you go ahead and place your bet, you really want to know whether or not the player you are betting on is potentially injured or under the weather.

What live betting strategy is recommended for ice hockey?

In ice hockey, if the game is close, you should hold off on your live bet until shortly before the end. Frequently, the team that is behind goes all out on offense, doing everything in its power to tie up the game. In fact, as often as not, the goalie is pulled in favor of a sixth attacking player. A tying goal or a so-called empty net goal are often the logical consequence. In other words, if the game is close a live bet on a goal being scored in the final minute makes a lot of sense. However, over/under bets on the number of goals being scored in the time remaining are something we are not inclined to recommend in ice hockey, since the range of potential goals that are possible is much too high compared to football. One alternative live betting strategy, especially if a goal bet in the last minute is simply too hectic for you: Bet on the result of the 1st period, and bet on a tie. After all, roughly 50% of all ice hockey matches are tied after the end of the first period. That said, you can easily go ahead and make that bet even before the game gets underway, since there is no need to follow the game live.

What live betting strategy is recommended for basketball?

In this sport especially, many sports tipsters swear by the “sure bet” strategy we mentioned above! On the one hand, this is because of how many points are scored in a basketball game and, on the other, because the favorite often gets off to a slow and lethargic start. This is easy to explain: Due to the full schedule they have to play, against easy opponents the stars of the team are frequently given less playing time at the beginning of the game, in some cases not even stepping onto the court until the start of the second quarter, while the players who are normally benchwarmers are asked to step up in the meantime. Because of this, those top players are often able to turn the game around and make up the deficit. Initially, this strategy involves placing a bet on the underdog. In our experience, the odds will generally be over 2.50. If the favorite is then trailing after the first quarter, their odds will likewise increase rapidly to over 2.00. If you then place a bet on the favorite, your live sure bet will be practically perfect!

When strategizing live bets, is it better to keep an eye on one match or several?

This is a controversial question, one that divides the betting community like no other. Many advise vehemently against following a single match, since you often end up wishing for a certain result or thing to happen, losing the necessary objectivity as well as the rapid responsiveness that live betting requires. They are of the opinion it is better to keep an eye on several matches via live ticker – ideally, using the bookmaker’s own website – and always react immediately. A common counterargument is that you need to watch a match live in order to place wise in-play bets. We very much subscribe to this second opinion. Juggling numbers is, for the most part, not enough to guarantee profitable live betting experiences in the long run. In addition to a certain level of betting experience, a live picture always helps in considering the correct wager. Furthermore, aside from searching for the best odds, you shouldn’t forget that betting is also supposed to be fun, too! As for the best strategy to achieve your goals, that is ultimately for you to decide: What kind of bet is right for your kind of personality?

Do combo bets make strategic sense for live betting?

As a rule, the odds offered on live bets are very attractive in their own right! Because of that, there is no real reason to resort to combo bets – that would merely add unnecessary risk! In addition, cramming together several live bets would take far too much time – in such a scenario, the best odds could easily slip right through your fingers. Our recommendation: It’s better to wager on individual bets with good odds to be on the safe side! Combo betting strategies are only very rarely applicable to the live betting arena.

What additional live betting tips should we be aware of?

Firstly, of course, you should make sure you find the right bookie! Aside from an attractive live betting program and good odds, a number of other criteria are also decisive for live betting: The bookmaker should feature an attractive live ticker and, ideally, live streaming. Loading times for updated odds should be as short as possible, cutting waits to a minimum and allowing you to place your bets precisely whenever you choose. The quality of live tickers may vary considerably: In some cases, they merely throw a bunch of numbers at you, while others include text and useful background information. After all, whether or not a tennis player is injured, or simply having a bad day, might be a decisive factor in determining your live betting strategy. Our most important betting tip: For the most part, small wagers are all it takes! Furthermore, it is better to split your betting budget and place several bets, rather than going all in on just one card!

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