System bets Strategies

On this site we would like to show when and how you can successfully use system bets. We'd like to present the biggest differences to the combined bet and suggest promising strategies.

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Topics covered in this article:
  1. When should you strategically use a system bet?
  2. 3-combined bet
  3. System bet 2 / 3 (3 betting series)
  4. Single bets (3 bets)
  5. How does the system bet strategy work with bankers?
  6. System bets strategies: betting on the draw

When should you strategically use a system bet?

System bets seem to be somewhat complicated and confusing at first glance. That's why we show you how they work and how the profit is calculated by means of concrete examples. To make yourselves familiar with the system we advise you to get the most important information and then place a system bet with the bookmaker you trust. At first you should bet smaller amounts – after all the total bet increases quickly due to the principle of betting series (the wager is to be payed per betting series or tipping line). In any case we recommend the use of a system bet calculator to avoid unpleasant surprises and to enable you to calculate the risk and your chances of winning accurately. To pursue a system bet strategy can be recommended if a combined bet seems to be too insecure for you or you don't like to bet combined bets at all. After all, one wrong betting tip is enough to lose the whole combined bet. With the system bet, one or the other mistake is allowed and you still make a profit. Of course, this risk reduction means less profit when compared to the more lucrative combined bet. To get an impression of the profit margin with the two betting systems we'd like to present a concrete example. You hypothetically bet on three matches of the German Bundesliga and would like to bet 30 euros altogether. At first, you opt for a combined bet, secondly you decide in favour of a system bet 2 out of 3.

  • Tip A VfB Stuttgart vs. 1. FC Köln | Tip 1 | Odd 2.00
  • Tip B Bayer Leverkusen vs. VfL Wolfsburg | Tip 1 | Odd 1.55
  • Tip C Hamburger SV vs. Bayern München | Tip 2 | Odd 1.20

3-combined bet

  • Total Odd 3.72 (2.00 x 1.55 x 1.2)
  • Total bet 30 euros
  • Maximum gain 111,60 euros | Net gain 81,60 euros

System bet 2 / 3 (3 betting series)

  • AB bet 10 euros x 2.00 x 1.55 = 31 euros
  • AC bet 10 euros x 2.00 x 1.20 = 24 euros
  • BC bet 10 euros x 1.55 x 1.20 = 18.60 euros
  • Total bet 30 euros
  • Maximum gain 73.60 euros | Net gain 43,60 euros

As you can clearly see in this example, with a combined bet a higher maximum gain can be made. The more extensive the betting system, the bigger the respective profit margin! The main advantage of the system bet is that you can make a profit even with a wrong tip or at least you don't lose the whole bet. Let's assume you are doubtful about Tip A – home victory of Stuttgart. Instead of taking an unnecessary risk with a combined bet, a system bet would make sense in this case. If Stuttgart actually draws or loses the match, you'll still get back 11,40 euros of your wager. As you can see, system bets are used especially if you want to place an outsider tip on your betting ticket. Ideally high profits can be gained on the one hand, on the other hand there are various options for winning, depending on the betting system, where a certain number of fails is allowed. System bets are a possibility as well if you want to accept the higher risk and want to make higher profits than with an individual bet. Especially professional sports bettors use this bet type from time to time – they see the system bet as a compromise between individual – and combined bets. For comparison: this would be the maximum gain if you placed three individual bets instead of the system bet 2 out of 3:

Single bets (3 bets)

  • A bet 10 euros x 2.00 = 20 euros
  • B bet 10 euros x 1.55 = 15.50 euros
  • C bet 10 euros x 1.20 = 12 euros 
  • Total bet 30 euros
  • Maximum gain 47.50 euros | Net gain 17.50 euros

You should always think twice before placing a sports bet: is the system bet the best option in this case or should I rather place an individual bet or combined bet. When you finally choose a betting system, the most important thing is a thorough comparison of the bookmakers! This is essential because the respective odds multiply due to the individual tipping line. Especially with big, extensive system bets already small differences of the odds can make a huge difference when it comes to winning.

How does the system bet strategy work with bankers?

boost the maximum gain. In total, it provides a wider perspective with the arrangement of your system bet. We would now like to present both options! In sports betting, completely secure betting tips are called bankers. Those are events where you are a 100% sure of the result. But be careful – the disadvantage of a system bet with a banker is obvious: if the banker- tip is wrong, the total bet is lost. Imagine the following scenario - with these four betting tips you want to place a system bet:

  • Tip A VfB Stuttgart vs. 1. FC Köln | Tip 1 | Odd 2.00
  • Tip B Bayer Leverkusen vs. VfL Wolfsburg | Tip 1 | Odd 1.55
  • Tip C Hamburger SV vs. Bayern München | Tip 2 | Odd 1.20
  • Tip D Hannover 96 vs. Eintracht Frankfurt | Tip 1 | Odd 2.40

You can choose between playing the system 2 / 4 or 3 / 4 with this constellation. You would like to bet 10 euros per betting series so that the wager is worth it and you can make a profit accordingly. With the system 2 / 4 this would be 60 euros, with 3 / 4 40 euros would be due. But let's assume you are sure that Bayern München will win the away match versus HSV. That's why the total bet is too high for you – you'd like to minimize the betting series and still reap a healthy profit. You'd rather use the system 2 / 3 for tips A, B and C and complete the betting series with tip C, which is certain in your opinion, as banker-tip. Your betting ticket will look as such:

  • AB-C victory Stuttgart x  victory Leverkusen x (banker - victory) Bayern München
  • BD-C victory Leverkusen x victory Hannover x (banker - victory) Bayern München
  • AD-C victory Stuttgart x victory Hannover x (banker - victory) Bayern München 

Additionally, you can think about the following: with the four betting tips mentioned above it's too risky for you to place one of it as a bank. You want to use the system 3 / 4 but boost the possible maximum gain. Therefore, you add an additional fifth tip to the system's betting series - your banker – tip.
This is:

  • Tip E CF Getafe vs. Real Madrid| Tip 2 | Odd 1.30 

This is how your betting ticket presents itself with a wager of 10 euros per betting series: ABC-E + ABD-E + ACD-E + BCD-E. On the basis of this procedure it's not necessary to involve additional betting series on your betting ticket. The number of tipping lines is still four. If the banker-tip is won, the possible gain for every betting series is higher. If the bank is lost, however, you lose everything. Of course it's possible to use two or more banks. You have to be careful, though, because too many bankers destroy the actual advantage of system bets. Instead of betting three bankers, it may be better to place a combined bet. Especially for beginners – but also for advanced sports bettors – we recommend to place the system bet with one banker at the most. Bankers should for the main part be used to keep the wager in a manageable frame – it's added to each betting series along with the odds, after all.

System bets strategies: betting on the draw

Lots of sports bettors don't like betting on the draw, even though the odds are mostly relatively high. Especially with combined bets they often are too high a risk. With the following system bet strategy this risk is eliminated in a way. As we already know, this betting system is perfectly suitable to take a somewhat higher risk: a higher odd pays off manifold with system bets and because of the principle of the system it's not too bad if the riskier betting tip is not correct for once. If you add a bet on the draw to your betting system, the total odd and the maximum gain increase quickly – and if the result is no draw, after all, there's is still a fairly good chance of making a profit. One thing is certain: especially with such bets it is essential to get the necessary information beforehand! It's best to study the most important statistics or observe certain teams over a longer period. It can also be the case that a favored team doesn't need a victory any more – for example in the group phase – and therefore starts with a second unit, or you know before a match that it's a feared opponent of a team or it's a team that can hardly be beaten in an away game even by favored teams. A lot of times top games end in a draw, as well, as these are often characterized by sizing up the opponent for a long time. Naturally, balanced matches are best suited for betting on the draw. The odds are also important – especially with betting on the draw they often vary considerably among bookmakers. Because of the principle of the system bet there is not much to be said against adding a tip on a draw to a bet, as long as the chances of winning of the other tips are high. However, we would advise against playing more than one draw or two as a maximum within a system bet. The question is: wouldn't it be better, then, to place several individual bets because of the high odds and winning amounts? So: rather add only one outsider tip and really benefit from the advantages of the system bet!

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