1xbet Bonus 100% up to € 130 + 300 bonus points EXCLUSIVE!

In this installment of the Bookmaker Bonus Review, we’re taking a look at a sportsbook that we’re fancying more and more- 1xbet. Based in Cyprus, 1xbet has won us over with their generous payback percentage, superabundant betting markets and a come-hither welcome-bonus for new players. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the bonus program. With our exclusive bonus code, you can increase 1xbet’s already generous 100% match on your initial deposit up to € 130. 1xbet further sweetens the pot by furnishing new players with 300 bonus points. These points can be used in a variety of amusing ways in 1xbet’s garden. This is a classic and proven buy-in offer: the value of your initial deposit is likewise matched by 1xbet up to € 130 provided you utilize Bettingformat’s special code BF130. At first blush, 1xbet’s bonus requirements seem otherworldly- one rollover at achievable minimum odds of just 1.40. However (there had to be one eventually), only combo bets with 5-lines or more work towards satisfying 1xbet’s bonus conditions. Read on to learn more about inner-workings of 1xbet’s intriguing offer.

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1xbet Bonus
€ 130 matching deposit + 300 bonus points 1xbet new customer bonus 100% up to € 130 + 300 bonus points! Use Bettingformat's bonus code BF130 to boost your potential! Register now!
Bonus Rating for 1xbet
9/10 Points

Betting bonus details 1xbet

100% up to $ 130
Bonuscode: WF130

How to redeem your 1xbet welcome bonus

  • 1. Open a new account at 1xbet.
  • 2. Enter code BF130 in the ‘Enter promo code’ field.
  • 3. Bonus eligibility requires an initial deposit of at least € 10.
  • 4. Bonus terms and conditions must be satisfied within 30 days of your account being credited or the bonus is voided.

In brief: How does the welcome bonus from 1xbet work?

There’s no denying the curb-appeal of 1xbet’s welcome bonus. Thanks to our exclusive bonus code, you can wring an extra € 30 out of 1xbet. Normally the good times stop at € 100, but if you enter BF130 into the promo code field, you can have your deposit doubled up to € 130. Doubling your first deposit sounds great and it is, but you’ll have to do a little work before you can collect. Just as holding money up to a mirror doesn’t double your real money, so is the case with 1xbet’s bonus offer. From the time you open your new account with 1xbet, you’ll have 30 days to use your wits and guile to get the matched funds from bonus money over into your real money account. The advertised minimum betting odds of 1.40 are gorgeous at first blush, but keep in mind you’re sailing into the potentially perilous waters of combination bets (AKA accumulator bets). As per the terms of the welcome bonus, you only have to wager the bonus money once, but that one time is on a combination bet with a minimum of 5-lines with odds of at least 1.40 per line. Such a wager can be a tricky proposition.

What should I keep in mind when it comes to the bonus payout?

First and foremost, keep in mind that you must ‘unlock’ the bonus by successfully placing a combo bet as described in the paragraph above. In an offer such as 1xbet’s your initial deposit and the welcome bonus will go into different accounts. Your first priority is to win the ‘bonus-money account,’ within the allocated 30-day time period. When you complete this step, the funds will be transferred to your ‘real-money account’ which can then be disbursed. Another important point to keep in mind is you can never win more than the amount of your initial deposit. You might have placed the most incredible series of bets with prescience bordering on uncanny, but your winnings will never exceed the value of your first deposit, maxing out at € 130. In life, we generally don’t suggest that you should do just enough to get by, but in this case, we suggest you do just enough to get by. If your ‘real-money’ account is lower than your ‘bonus-money’ account and you withdraw funds the bonus money is forfeited.

What percentage of my initial deposit will 1xbet match?

1xbet throws down the gauntlet and goes full speed ahead with a 100% matching welcome bonus. However much you chose to deposit (up to € 130) when you open your first account will be cheerfully matched by 1xbet. Don’t forget to redeem our exclusive bonus code. BF130, to extend 1xbet’s matching-offer an additional € 30!

Maximum possible bonus from 1xbet

In order to maximize 1xbet’s welcome bonus, you will need to make an initial deposit of € 130. Ordinarily, 1xbet’s generosity stops at € 100, but with our exclusive bonus code, the cap on your initial deposit is upped to € 130.

Registration window for 1xbet. Don't forget bonus code BF130!

What are the terms and conditions governing 1xbet’s welcome bonus?

The terms and conditions required to satisfy 1xbet’s welcome bonus can be a little obtuse, particularly when it comes to the payout. We strongly encourage the reader to thoroughly acquaint themselves with the details explained in the Keep in Mind section. Read on as we delve deeper into some of the other details that could be of interest to new customers.

What is the minimum deposit required to receive 1xbet’s welcome bonus?

In order to take advantage of 1xbet’s welcome offer, you must make an initial deposit of at least 10 euros. When you throw in € 10, 1xbet steps right up and chips an additional € 10 into the pot. Presto! You’ve doubled the amount of your first deposit.

How many times do I have to risk my bonus?

In order for you to be able to withdraw your winnings as real money, you must first run the gauntlet of a one-off combination bet of at least 5-lines. Remember, to fulfill the conditions and collect the bonus funds, your combi bet must be financed by your bonus money.

What are the required minimum gambling odds?

1xbet sets the minimum required rates at a friendly 1.40. Don’t forget that to claim the bonus for your own, you will need to skillfully navigate a 5-line combination bet wherein each line contains the minimum gambling odds of 1.40, NOT the average of whole betting slip. If you miss on any line item, the whole bet is lost.


New players have 30 days from their registration, NOT from date of the account being credited, to wager and hopefully unlock the bonus amount. If you are unable to satisfy all the terms and conditions associated with the bonus, you must bid a fond farewell to the additional credit.

What kind of bet do I have to place to win my bonus?

As we’ve mentioned a few times in order to be perfectly clear, you will have to unlock the bonus by placing a combination bet (AKA accumulator bet). The combo bet must have 5-lines and each line must have minimum gambling odds of 1.40.

Limitations of payment methods

1xbet does not specify restrictions on deposit methods in their terms and conditions. From our own experience, we would recommend that you refrain from using Skrill or Neteller for your initial deposits, if possible. After your first payment, these payment methods are cheerfully endorsed.

Scope of 1xbet’s offer

1xbet’s exclusive offer is aimed at all new customers who have their main residence in Austria, Germany or Switzerland.


1xbet welcome-bonus offers new customers a very attractive initial offer, but be warned, the conditions of their offer can be tricky to satisfy. First the positive points: 1xbet’s 100% match on your initial deposit of up to € 130 (when you use our exclusive bonus code BF130) is as generous as they come. The fact that you only need to roll the bonus bet once (with seemingly achievable minimum odds of 1.40) is a real selling point. We feel that the scope of the offer is astonishing. That said, we want to be perfectly clear on the points that we feel could be improved upon: namely the required odds of 1.40 per line on a 5-line combo bet yields in an actual-odds result of 5.38. Odds like that make winning considerably more difficult. We are also a bit dismayed that new players are unable to win more than they deposited into the bonus money account. Any and all additional winnings beyond the value of the opening deposit are nullified. Bear in mind also that if, after the 30-day deadline, you show less money in your real-money account than in your ‘bonus-money account’ the bonus program is similarly voided. New customers must decide for themselves whether the pros outweigh the cons on this offer.

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