Sure Bets

Everyone who bets does it to win. Is there anything better than a bet that you can’t lose, a so called surebet. It is not always easy to track these bets on the market. That's why the betting platform calculates all surebets automatically that appear on the market in real time. Our ARB calculator includes only our listed, trustworthy and completely reputable betting providers. Our calculation is based on an ante of €100. This must be paced specifically with the listed providers on tip 1, tip X and tip 2, in order to have a 100% safe bet.

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With our Surebets, you always win. But how is such a thing possible? Every betting provider calculates its own odds. This happens in the betting market and a variety of other factors are taken into account. This references extensive statistics, as well as the current shape of the competing teams or players. The combination of all these factors then gives a probability, which is then reflected in the amount of the odds. For example, FC Bayern Munich plays against a third division team, so the odds on a victory of FC Bayern Munich are very low, whereas the odds on the third division side will be very high because their chance for a victory is very low. Thus, all the betting providers have different odds on the outcome of the game. Only rarely are the odds are exactly the same and we intervene. We compare all available odds from our listed betting providers and calculate those betting combinations, which makes an Surebets, or a 100% safe bet, possible.

  • We suggest you open several accounts with bookmakers as timing is essential in placing a sure bet. You’ll find all the information you need plus several interesting enrollment bonuses here.
Provider Bet Amount € Bet placed on Odds Profit
BETVICTOR 12.84 TIP 1 8.00 102.72
BET3000 18.68 DRAW 5.50 102.74
interwetten 68.48 TIP 2 1.50 102,72

The result doesn't matter

With a surebet the result of the match doesn't matter at all. Whether the result will be tip 1, tip X or tip 2, you always win, if you stick to our stakes distribution. You need to assume the stakes that we recommend exactly, because a slight imprecision may already adulterate the surebet and then it won't work anymore.

That's how a surebet goes smoothly

We currently update our surebets, because the betting market is always on the move and the bookmakers sit in front of the screens 24 hours a day, in order to assign odds as preferably safe. Therefore, we recommend to open up a betting account with the best betting providers ahead of time and if you are looking for surebets, you can already open the respective betting accounts on your screen. This saves time and that's what counts with surebets. Especially when the odds advantage is very low, the next odds update of the bookies may already have an effect. So always check twice, whether our recommended betting odds are still available for real.

  • One or more of the bookmakers calls off the bet. Bookies are a clever bunch and they constantly monitor their competition. When they see an unusually large betting discrepancy, they can and will call off the bet. It is their right to do so.
  • The odds change before you place your bet. This is also a real possibility. Bookmakers continually adjust their odds and it could very well happen that their updated betting-lines will no longer enable a sure bet. We update our odds as frequently as possible, but always double check before placing your wager.
  • If one leg of the sure bet fails, the whole bet is in danger. Perhaps one of the bookies has decided to call off the bet. Your stake with that bookmaker will be returned of course, but the rest of your wager is still in play.

The height of Surebets

Usually the safe win of surebets is between 0,5% and 5%. Depending on the base stakes of the surebet, the profit is correspondingly higher. In order for a surebet to work, the stakes must be distributed in an exact way. Most of the time you then have to place these bets with at least 2 and up to three different betting providers. Another necessity is, that all betting providers that you use for your surebets, really account for the profit. If this is not the case for any reason, the surebet will fall. Therefore, we recommend to be moderate with stakes at surebets and to only place the respective bets with reliable betting providers that we have listed. Only then you can be sure to make a profit.

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