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XTIP REVIEW – Our Test and Experiences

In the following test, we describe our experiences with XTip – a bookmaker part of the Gauselmann Group, which also makes it a sister company of Cashpoint. XTip has only been represented in the online bookmaking business since 2013, making it one of the newcomers on the market. Nevertheless, since XTip is also part of the Gauselmann Group, which has been in business since 1957, it is able to draw upon a wealth of in-house experience, a fact that is clearly noticeable in their broad product selection and professional public image. The company is primarily headquartered in Espelkamp and Lübbecke (North Rhine Westphalia), with a secondary headquarters registered in Malta, which is also where this business holds its gaming license. This Germany-based betting provider also boasts a license from Schleswig-Holstein and is licensed by the British Gambling Commission to operate games of chance in Great Britain, which our XTip test views as clear indication of the seriousness and ambitious business goals of this bookmaker. In our XTip review, we go into detail about our experiences with this bookmaker in various categories that include betting products, odds and user-friendliness. Our editors view clarity and transparency as immensely important, so that you can be completely confident in our XTip evaluation as you hunt for your ideal betting provider.

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Themen in diesem Artikel:
  1. Betting Products
  2. Betting Odds
  3. Live Bets
  4. Betting Bonus
  5. User-Friendliness
  6. Payment Options
  7. Customer Service
  8. Professionalism
  9. Summary
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Unser Testbericht und unsere Erfahrungen bei XTip
82/100 Percent

Betting bonus details XTip

bonus up to 30%
on your winnings
  • maximum bonus amount: 30% of your winnings
  • minimal bonus amount: 3% of your winnings
  • minimum deposit: £ 10
  • minimum odds: higher than 1/2 (1.50)
  • betting restrictions: only betting combinations with numbers between 3-30 bets are eligible for this offer
Criteria Rating
Betting offer 18 / 20
Odds 15 / 20
Live betting 8 / 10
Betting bonus 7 / 10
Benutzerfreundlichkeit 9 / 10
Methods of payment 9 / 10
Customer Service 6 / 10
Seriosität 10 / 10

BETTING PRODUCTS – In our test, XTip presents an extensive offer

In this category of our XTip test, in addition to the selection of different sports we also take a look at the depth of their offer when it comes to available leagues and number of betting markets. In the course of our research, we established that XTip has a clear focus on football and ice hockey. With respect to soccer, other than the absolute top tiers of European competition including the Champions League, Premier League, La Liga and the German Bundesliga, we also find amateur leagues in Austria and Germany as well as match-ups from far less well-known football associations (such as those in Cuba and Jamaica). As for hockey, XTip features the highest leagues of the major hockey nations including Canada, Russia and the USA, as well as games in smaller countries such as Kazakhstan and Slovakia. Overall, in our XTip test we discovered an extremely wide selection of around 30 different sports, in including classics like boxing, darts and cricket, right alongside such modern favorites as E-sports. Thanks to an extensive statistics center, you can draw on reliable data to help you consider your bets, the quantity and presentation of which is quite beyond compare. After analyzing the betting markets, in our XTip review we note the better part of 90 betting options per match, which ranks this online bookmaker in the upper mid-range of our comparison. Because XTip clearly sees itself solely as an online sports bookie, in our test we were unable to find any social bets or other wagering opportunities that were not related to sporting events. For their attractive offer, certain to make football and ice hockey fans particularly happy, in this category of our XTip test we award 18/20 points.

BETTING ODDS – Our XTip experiences uncovered only moderate odds

Odds are some of the most important attributes of any bookmaker, which is why we paid them appropriate attention in our betting provider test. As part of the Gauselmann Group, XTip uses the exact same odds as sister company Cashpoint, with an average payout rate of around 93%, placing it squarely in the mid-range in comparison to others in the industry. Outliers on the higher side are relatively rare, and if we do encounter them, they are generally found for absolute top sporting events such as the Champions League, in which case payout rates of as much as 97% are possible. As an insider tip, our XTip test discovered distinct advantages when it came to bets on favorites, bets which this bookmaker frequently rewards. However, the odds drop drastically for less well-known or lower-level leagues, hence we are unable to report absolutely stable odds in this section of our report. However, for their solid, though not overwhelming odds, we award XTip 15/20 points in this category.

LIVE BETS – XTip whets our appetite for more

When it comes to live betting, XTip puts an ambitious product on the table, one that includes tennis, ice hockey and basketball in addition to football. Talking of football, the selection of available leagues and cups is not exactly small, meaning that, in addition to the most popular football events, you will also have access to exotic competitions such as the Vietnamese V-League as well as various lower-tier divisions in Europe. With the better part of 40 betting markets per live event, this young online bookmaker puts up acceptable numbers, which we view positively in our XTip report. The design of the live center also impacts our XTip evaluation, with respect to which we had mixed experiences: While the overall structure is relatively comprehensible, with a menu on the left-hand side listing currently available sports as well as last-minute betting opportunities, a calendar as well as live events accompanied by video stream, along with a center area displaying ongoing sporting events, overall, the interface is not particularly user-friendly. For example, the live center for individual matches is difficult to find, only appearing after clicking on the name of the team followed by yet another drop-down menu. The whole process is made more difficult by an extremely dark color scheme and weak color contrasts. Changes in odds are indicated inside green or red frames, allowing you to keep track of current values. Overall, our XTip test indicated an attractive live betting offer with potential to improve. However, in this category of our XTip test it only suffices for a score in the upper mid-range: 8/10 points.

BETTING BONUS – Innovative bonus concept with low minimum odds

XTip provides a quite outstanding bonus offer for new customers: With the XTip xTreme bonus you can collect a total bonus amount between 3% and 30%, depending on the number of bets you combine in your first betting slip. In order to claim the XTip xTreme bonus, you will need to create a first-time customer account and make an initial deposit of at least £ 10 onto your account. After that, you have to place at least 3 bets with minimum odds greater than 1/2 (1.50), whereupon the XTip xTreme bonus will be granted automatically. However, odds below 1/2 (1.51) are taken into account for profit calculation, but do not contribute to the XTip xTreme bonus. The percentage of your bonus amount is calculated according to the number of bets in your betting slip: For example a total of 10 bets in your betting slip would entail a 10% bonus, which will be calculated on your estimated winnings. The XTip xTreme bonus is limited to 30%, which is why a total auf 30 bets is required to get the maximum bonus amount. However, there are certain limitations to consider, if you only have a 3 or 4 bet combination in your betting slip: In that case, one bet in your betting slip has to be wagered on a live bet. The XTip welcome offer was able to excel in our test due to the unique concept, which it is built on. Moreover, the minimum odds of 1.50 contribute to an excellent rating in our review. Therefore we award the XTip xTreme bonus with 9/10 points.

Betting bonus details XTip

bonus up to 30%
on your winnings
  • maximum bonus amount: 30% of your winnings
  • minimal bonus amount: 3% of your winnings
  • minimum deposit: £ 10
  • minimum odds: higher than 1/2 (1.50)
  • betting restrictions: only betting combinations with numbers between 3-30 bets are eligible for this offer

USER-FRIENDLINESS – In our XTip test, we discovered an attractive user interface

For any online betting provider, an attractive presentation of its offer by means of a professionally designed website should be a major priority, especially if they wish to compete on the hotly contested betting market. This is why, in this category of our betting provider test, we examined characteristics such as structure, loading times as well as color scheme and contrasts, all of which impact our evaluation of the user experience on the XTip website in general. From the very first glance at this website, it is impossible to deny that XTip and Cashpoint are sister companies, with both of their web presences very similar. We could barely differentiate the two when it came to color scheme and contrasts, structure and menu design, thereby erasing any doubt as to the fact that the two bookmakers belong to the same group. Only the logo was conceived differently for the German market, meaning that, instead of the round yellow circle of Cashpoint, you are greeted on the XTip website by a beaming sun. The header area of the webpage is used for the main navigation bar, where you will be able to select between the three main categories: sports betting, live or mobile. By default, the category sports betting is selected, meaning that, on the left-hand side, you will see the full selection of sports offered by XTip.

In the middle area, you will find current live events along with top matches in various sports this bookmaker wishes to highlight. The footer is used for general information such as terms of business, license information, plus a presentation of select payment options. Fundamentally, this classic menu design results in good experiences, though we have to make a few deductions due to the dark, low-contrast color selection. However, the loading times in the desktop version were very acceptable, though we have to say, this should be standard for any online betting provider. Since their website is also designed to be mobile-friendly, tipsters can also enjoy their XTip experiences via smartphone and tablet, for which there is also a separate app available. In our XTip test, we actually rate the mobile offer a little better than the desktop version, since this is brighter and the more pleasant color contrast adds to the positive experiences on XTip. With respect to performance and loading times, the mobile version and app give us little to complain about. As a special feature, in the course of our XTip test we noted a mobile app bonus: Once you have installed the app and deposited at least €10, XTip will award you a bonus amount of €15. In summary: In our XTip test, this betting provider was able to truly shine in many areas, though we feel they do have room to improve, especially when it comes to clarity. We award 9/10 points.

PAYMENT OPTIONS – XTip has PayPal on board

When we looked at payment options in the course of our XTip test, we discovered a small-yet-good selection of opportunities for deposits and payouts. This bookmaker’s website lists businesses Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, bank transfer, Sofort, giropay, paysafecard and various credit cards. However, whilst considering which payment provider to go with, bear in mind that they are not all subject to the same conditions. For example, for all payment providers except PayPal, Skrill and Sofort, your payments must be at least €10. Furthermore, not all of the providers can be used both for deposits as well as payouts: paysafecard, for example, due to how its transactions work, can only be used for deposits. Whilst we discovered a broader selection of payment opportunities through other betting providers, XTip makes up for this to an extent thanks to the fact that it also includes PayPal, something which is not necessarily the case with other online bookies. In this category of our XTip test, this bookmaker earns 9/10 points.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Here, our XTip test makes a major points deduction

Because we believe that any bookmaker should have an open ear to problems or questions, in this category of our XTip test we take a closer look at the contact options this betting provider offers. Unfortunately, we were only able to discover an email address, which led to a considerable points deduction. Especially in view of the fact that other betting providers on the market feature live chats, telephone numbers as well as Skype and Whatsapp. While XTip is represented on Facebook, a presence in the social media is becoming more and more standard in the online betting marketplace, meaning that this does not help XTip make up much ground in our test. Our XTip score: 6/10 points.

PROFESSIONALISM – XTip leaves no doubt in this regard

In order to save you from irritating experiences with unprofessional bookmakers, our comparison of online bookies also takes this category very seriously. With secondary headquarters on Malta, XTip holds a license from the Malta Gaming Authority (mga), meaning that this business is registered as a sports betting provider. This license is highly regarded, meaning that XTip has nothing to be ashamed of in this category of our test. Furthermore, XTip is a partner of renowned football clubs like VfL Wolfsburg, 1. FC Heidenheim, Arminia Bielefeld, MSV Duisburg and Rot-Weiss Essen. None of those clubs would ever associate itself with a business that was less than upstanding, meaning this is a clear indication as to the serious intentions of XTip as a bookmaker. XTip also supports various initiatives to combat gambling addiction and promote responsible gaming, which we naturally welcome. Taking all of this into account, in this category of our test we award XTip 10/10 points.


In Germany, minds differ as to how to handle the betting taxes that are levied there. XTip has gone with the variant that passes these taxes on to the customer in their entirety, deducting 5% from all bets that are placed, meaning that tipsters are only wagering de facto with 95% of their intended bet.

IN SUMMARY – This sister company of Cashpoint makes a solid showing in our XTip test

XTip’s score puts it squarely in the mid-range of our comparison of betting providers. With an offer squarely focused on football and ice hockey, this bookmaker addresses two of the most important sports in the betting world. As for odds, we had neither particularly good nor bad experiences with XTip, since their odds are average in comparison, while their occasional outliers for top events are unlikely to lure anyone out of the woodwork. While the design of the website is logical and well structured, the poor color contrast detracted from the clarity and thus our XTip experiences overall. However, their mobile version was able to compensate to a degree due to a great design and better color contrast. In summary, we feel that XTip performed commendably. Though we were compelled to note a number of shortcomings in our XTip review, in general you can’t go far wrong with this betting provider, while for fans of football and ice hockey, XTip does indeed have a lot to offer. With the expertise and inside knowledge of the Gauselmann Group in their back pocket, this bookmaker knows precisely what the betting market demands, which leads us to assume XTip will take the necessary steps in future to eradicate the few shortcomings they still have. In our XTip test, we give an overall score of 82/100 points.