WORLD CUP TEAMS and GROUPS 2018 – All of the first-round match-ups and tables

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As we are all probably well aware, the group phase of the 2018 World Cup in Russia begins on 14 June 2018. The World Cup finals get underway with a duel between the hosts and one of the great unknowns of the 2018 World Cup tournament, Saudi-Arabia. On this page, you will find an overview of all of the groups in the World Cup in Russia as well as brief descriptions of each. We have also provided a separate page with more detailed information about each of the teams, where you can learn about how your favorites are likely to perform, from the group phase all the way to the finals. In total, the group phase at the 2018 World Cup will consist of 48 matches. This phase concludes with a duel between underdogs Panama and Tunisia on June 28, 2018 beginning at 7 p.m.

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All 32 Teams at World Cup 2018

Group A 
RussiaSaudi Arabia, EgyptUruguay
Group B 
Group C 
Group D 
Group E 
BrazilSwitzerlandCosta RicaSerbia
Group F 
GermanyMexicoSwedenSouth Korea
Group G 
Group H 

Who are the participants in Group A at the 2018 World Cup?

Traditionally, the host nation enters the group phase of the World Cup in Group A. Russia is joined by opening-match opponent Saudi Arabia as well as the teams from Egypt and Uruguay. Interesting fact - Group A is the only one which contains representatives of all continents that will be participating in the group phase of the 2018 World Cup: in addition to one representative from Europe (Russia), we also find Egypt (Africa), Uruguay (South America) and Saudi Arabia (Asia).

S U N T Pt
1. Uruguay 3 0 0 5:0 9
2. Russia 2 0 1 8:4 6
3. Saudi Arabia 1 0 2 2:6 3
4. Egypt 0 0 3 2:7 0

Which teams will be competing in Group B at the World Cup?

Group B in the group phase of the 2018 World Cup certainly doesn‘t have a shortage of continental diversity either. The matches in this pool will be contested by teams from PortugalSpainMorocco and Iran. The European football association (UEFA) will be represented in this World Cup group by that continent’s last two champions, Spain and Portugal. Christiano Ronaldo & Co triumphed in France 2016, while rivals Spain took home the trophy after the finals in Poland as well as Ukraine. These two favorites will face Morocco and Iran in the group phase of the 2018 World Cup.

S U N T Pt
1. Spain 1 2 0 6:5 5
2. Portugal 1 2 0 5:4 5
3. Iran 1 1 1 2:2 4
4. Morocco 0 1 2 2:4 1

What does Group C look like at this World Cup?

Group C at the 2018 World Cup in Russia is a pool that will send at least one underdog into the knockout phase of the competition. This group features three such teams, from three different continents, in the form of AustraliaPeru and Denmark. This also means that the clear favorite is also the team that hosted the last major football tournament on home turf in 2016, France.

S U N T Pt
1. France 2 1 0 3:1 7
2. Denmark 1 2 0 2:1 5
3. Peru 1 0 2 2:2 3
4. Australia 0 1 2 2:5 1

What teams make up Group D at the 2018 World Cup in Russia?

In our opinion, Group D is one of the toughest and most balanced pools in the entire group phase of the 2018 World Cup. At the same time, it features one of the few debutants at this particular World Cup. We are talking about Iceland, a team which truly sparkled during its premiere at the European Championships in France in 2016. In their matches during the group phase of the 2018 World Cup, the Northern Europeans will go up against the finalists from the 2014 World Cup, Argentina, as well as the teams from Nigeria and their opponents during qualifying, Croatia.

S U N T Pt
1. Croatia 3 0 0 7:1 9
2. Argentina 1 1 1 3:5 4
3. Nigeria 1 0 2 3:4 3
4. Iceland 0 1 2 2:5 1

What starters does World Cup Group E have in store for us?

The record-holding World Cup champions invite us to enjoy their version of a soccer samba. Brazil enters the group phase of the 2018 World Cup as clear favorites in Group E. Nothing less than the title is expected of Neymar & Co. Their first task, of course, is to survive the group phase of these finals. They will be playing against the sensational team from 2014, Costa Rica as well as European representatives from Serbia and Switzerland. And that’s why, in the battle for second place in the group, we don’t see any clear favorite.

S U N T Pt
1. Brazil 2 1 0 5:1 7
2. Switzerland 1 2 0 5:4 5
3. Serbia 1 0 2 2:4 3
4. Costa Rica 0 1 2 2:5 1

How well will the defending champions perform in Group F at the 2018 World Cup?

Here come the champions – and the team from Germany led by Joachim Löw is the clear favorite coming out of Group F to take home the World Cup trophy in 2018. That said, the football gods haven’t done the Central Europeans any favors. A World Cup group draw against teams from Mexico, Italy’s nemesis Sweden and top Asian team South Korea is anything other than a walk in the park. The battle for second place in this group in order to move on to the elimination phase also promises to be very exciting.

S U N T Pt
1. Sweden 2 0 1 5:2 6
2. Mexico 2 0 1 3:4 6
3. South Korea 1 0 2 3:3 3
4. Germany 1 0 2 2:4 3

Will two dark-horse favorites make it out of Group G at the 2018 World Cup?

World Cup Group G, which promises to be a real treat during the group phase of this World Cup in Russia, presents us with two teams, in the form of Belgium and England, both of whom are quite capable of creating quite a stir and doing justice to their billing as stealth favorites to win it all. During the course of the group phase, they will meet underdogs Panama and Tunisia, with Panama being the second of the tournament’s debutants alongside Iceland.

S U N T Pt
1. Belgium 3 0 0 9:2 9
2. England 2 0 1 8:3 6
3. Tunesia 1 0 2 5:8 3
4. Panama 0 0 3 2:11 0

Group H: probably the most exciting World Cup match-ups in Russia

Other than Group D, which we have already described, Group F is also likely to be one of the most exciting the group phase at the 2018 World Cup in Russia has to offer. Why? Because it’s almost impossible to single out a clear favorite from the quartet of teams. In this pool, yet again, we find teams from every corner of the soccer world, including Poland (Europe), Senegal (Africa), the quarterfinalists from the World Cup finals in 2014, Colombia, as well as Asian champion Japan.

S U N T Pt
1. Colombia 2 0 1 5:2 6
2. Japan 1 1 1 4:4 4
3. Senegal 1 1 1 4:4 4
4. Poland 1 0 2 2:5 3

Something to be aware of when betting on the group phase at the World Cup

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR YOUR BETS DURING THE GROUP PHASE OF WORLD CUP 2018: If teams finish with the same number of points – it doesn’t work like during qualifying at the European Championships, when the head-to-head results decide whether the team moves on or is eliminated, but is determined instead (in descending order) by:

  • 1. goal differential
  • 2. total number of goals scored
  • 3. head-to-head results
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