World Cup 2018 - FAVORITES and Insider Tips

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In our check regarding the favorites for the World Cup 2018 we provide important information about the hottest title contenders and promising insider recommendations that you can be of use for your betting tips. We checked every single World Cup favourite and analysed them regarding roster constellation and current form to get some feel for the probability of a title win. At the beginning we will present those five nations, which teams rightfully may hope for a final win.

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  • Which teams can we recommend as World Cup 2018 favourites for your betting tips?
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • Argentina
  • Which betting tips on secret favorites have we been able to make out at the World Cup 2018?
  • Belgium
  • England
  • Portugal
  • Uruguay
  • Croatia


World Cup Betting Providers

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Here you can find the most outstanding bonus offers, special bets, odds and promotions provided by the best bookmakers.

World Cup Teams and Groups

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Find out more about the World Cup 2018 participants, for which we have prepared special betting tips. Also included: Group tables A-H.

World Cup 2018 Betting Tips

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In this section we present detailed previews, exciting betting tips and of course the best odds for every match at the World Cup 2018.

Which teams can we recommend as World Cup 2018 favourites for your betting tips?

At first we introduce the 5 nations, whose teams can absolutely hope for winning the finals. From defending champion Germany to European Championship finalist France, you'll find the most promising favorites to win the title at the 2018 World Cup. We'll give you the best betting tips we've come across as part of our favorites check and give you a quick prediction for the possible course of tournament for each respective World Cup favorites.


Brazil has been waiting for a full success at World Cups since 2002 and they head into the 2018 tournament as a hot favourite. After the bitter 1:7 defeat against Germany at the World Cup at home in 2014 and the missed final the disappointment in the country was huge and the national team had to be cautiously be built up again at first. 2016 coach Tite took over and he lead the “Selecao” impressively through the qualification and formed Brazil into a serious World Cup contender again. The roster is full of international top stars like Neymar, Marcelo or captain Dani Alves and in our betting tip forecast we see the Brazilians at the top of the list of title contenders. Tipico seems to share this opinion, because they list Brazil ex aequo with Germany at odds of 5.5 as probable title winner. Whoever thinks that Brazil will only be able to deliver an average performance at the World Cup 2018 and wants to include that opinion in their betting tips can find odds of 1.50 for a quarter final participation of the South Americans.


Reigning champion Germany is at the very top of our list of World Cup favourites for Russia 2018 of course and not only because of their title win four years ago: The DFB selection has been performing very well since the World Cup in Brazil and so they were able to emphasize their role as a favourite for the World Cup with their performances during the qualification. They are an example of continuity not only due to their extremely broad and balanced roster. With odds of 5.50 Tipico also believes that “the team” is the hottest title contender next to Brazil and therefore a betting tip on Germany as the World Cup 2018 winner is a promising option. Jogi Löw’s team has a manageable task with Mexico, Sweden and South Korea in their group and so we also recommend a bet on Germany winning the group, which is supposed to be a pretty sure tip, which is listed at odds of 1.36 at Intertops. Additionally Germany is a real World Cup regular and they always made it at least to the semi-finals at their last four appearances, which would also be worth a betting tip at the World Cup 2018. According to our forecast not much speaks against it that a similar scenario will play out at the World Cup 2018 and so we see the German national team in our betting tip as a clear World Cup favourite.


With their eleventh consecutive participation Spain can justifiably be called a World Cup regular. Tipico ranks the Furia Roja fourth in the list of World Cup favourites at odds of 8 and rightfully so: After their dominant performance during the qualification one definitely needs to count with Spain at the World Cup in Russia. The Spanish haven’t been able to meet their own expectations at the past two great events though, when they got eliminated in the group stage at the World Cup 2014 and then lost in the round of top 16 at the EURO 2016. Therefore we think that Spain will be out for reparations and we want to emphasize this extra motivation in our betting tip. In combination with a roster studded with top stars betting tips on World Cup favourite Spain may be pretty lucrative. A possible semi-final for example is listed at odds of 2.37 at bet365.


Due to their final participation at the EURO at home two years ago and a very strong performance in the following qualification France made it into the circle of favourites at the World Cup 2018. The star studded team around Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe and Blaise Matuidi will probably give it their all in order to win the first title for the Equipe Tricolore since the EURO 2000. The last French World Cup title dates back two more years, when France beat Brazil 3:0 and so they were able to lift the World Cup trophy for the first time in French history. We could make out odds of 6.50 for a World Cup victory by France at Intertops and so they are definitely one of the World Cup favourites. For those tipping players that don’t see the Equipe Tricolore at the very front, but still believe that the Frenchmen will do well at the World Cup 2018, we found odds of 2.20 at bet365 for a semi-final participation.


Next to Spain Argentina is also one of the big World Cup favourites 2018 and just like the Spanish they are a World Cup regular as well. The World Cup in Russia will be the twelfth consecutive participation for the South Americans and Argentina was able to win two World Cup titles in the past. After the bare qualification some observers may not necessarily see the team from Argentina as an obvious World Cup favourite and the dependence on world football player Lionel Messi causes inconsistent performances. The bookmakers of Tipico has odds of 9 for Argentina as title winner and so believes that they are a clear favourite and we share this opinion, given that Leo Messi is in absolute top shape. A betting tip on Argentina making it to the quarter finals can also be pretty lucrative though with odds of 1.57 at William Hill.

Which betting tips on secret favorites have we been able to make out at the World Cup 2018?

Apart from the obvious top nations there are also some secret favorites from the second row at the World Cup 2018 that make for respectable alternatives for betting tips at respective analysis. In our forecast we are not only taking odds of a possible final win into account but we also examine more probable scenarios like quarter final participations or the possibility of a group win.


It won’t be the first time at the World Cup 2018 that Belgium heads into a great tournament as a secret favourite and so this team can’t be left out in our presentation of World Cup favourites. Due to the confident qualification and Belgium’s extraordinary roster full of international top stars, many experts believe that Belgium can go far in Russia. Since they are not an undisputed favourite for the title the Belgium national team makes for interesting odds for betting tips. Tipico lists Coach Roberto Martinez’s team at odds of 13 for winning the title, which is pretty lucrative, but the chances for Belgium becoming champion are significantly lower comparted to betting tips on undisputed World Cup favourites like Germany or Brazil of course. Nevertheless Belgium as the first secret favourite of the World Cup 2018 makes for exciting opportunities for a number of betting tips like placing a bet on an elimination in the semi-final, which is listed at odds of 6.25 at Interwetten for example.


Nominally England could pass as a World Cup favourite too, due to their mediocre performances in the great tournaments in the younger past they only pass as a secret favourite at the World Cup 2018 in our analysis though. Taking into account that England finished 12 points ahead of second place in a difficult qualification group with Scotland and Slovakia the secret favourite England may soon become a veritable World Cup favourite according to our forecast. It’s about time for the proud football nation to show up at a great tournament again: England never made it back to a single final since their only World Cup title back in 1966. Additionally they didn’t even make it past the group stage at the World Cup in Brazil four years ago. Most recently the Three Lions got eliminated in the round of top 16 at the EURO 2016 by the surprise team Iceland. With their strong qualification England played its way back into the focus of betting providers, which shows at Tipico in odds of 15 for England becoming World champion. A final participation also is pretty lucrative with odds of 8 at bet365. In combination with an interesting draw in Group G secret favourite England is a hot candidate for profitable betting tips in the course of the World Cup 2018.


The reigning European champion Portugal only was able to confirm its performance after the won EURO final in France at parts and therefore they are only mentioned as an insider tip for the tournament win at the World Cup 2018. In the hunt for World Cup tickets the team around superstar Christiano Ronaldo only was able to qualify directly due to a slightly better goal ratio than Switzerland. Tipico lists odds of 25 for Portugal winning the title, which is a pretty big leap compared to the numbers of other insider tips. We still believe in our forecast that Portugal’s chances for success are not that much smaller like most betting providers see it. We also need to state in our analysis that Portugal lags behind the absolute top nations like Germany and Spain a bit on the athletic level. Therefore we recommend to consider alternative betting tip options like a semi-final participation, which is listed at odds of 5.50 at bet365. Even though some teams, that need to be put above Portugal athletically, may be noted for betting tips in the course of the World Cup 2018: Why should Fernando Santos’s team not be able to pull of another feat like in 2016 and win the double of EURO and World Cup title as an insider tip?


With its top-class roster Uruguay is one of the most interesting insider tips at the World Cup 2018 and therefore betting tips on the team from South America promise lucrative odds. In a group with host Russia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt the South Americans have a serious chance of making it to the knock out stage of the tournament and not much speaks against it that Uruguay’s star-studded roster will go even further at the World Cup 2018. Names like Luis Suarez, Diego Godin and Edinson Cavani would probably also be part of the starting eleven of the absolute top favourites and they build the basic framework of Uruguay’s national team. After the second place in the South American qualification and in the case of a successful World Cup preparation we are sure that tips on the secret favourite Uruguay will be among the most exciting bets at the World Cup 2018. It also quite realistic that the South Americans will make it to semi-final, which has decent odds of 5 at bet365.


Croatia is often dubbed the “Brazil of the Balkan” and they top off our selection of insider tips at the World Cup 2018. Like most betting providers we are not quite sure in our forecast, whether the team in the chequered jerseys will be able to win the title, but we expect solid performances by Croatia at the World Cup 2018 in any case. A betting tip on an elimination in the quarter final may be an interesting option for those tipping players that agree with our analysis and Interwetten has lucrative odds of 5.50 for this event. If you are looking for a risky secret favorite betting tip at the World Cup 2018, however, we were able to make out odds of 25 at Tipico. In an unpleasant group with Argentina, Iceland and Nigeria it’s also not impossible that with a little bit of bad luck the secret favourite Croatia won’t make it past the group stage at the World Cup 2018, which is listed at pretty profitable odds of 2.50 at bet365.

* All quotas: as of 02.03.2018

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