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Here, we present to you the best betting providers for the upcoming 2018 World Cup, so that you can make your wagers at the most lucrative odds and take advantage of the widest possible selection of wagering opportunities. As we focus in on the most important sporting event of the year, it is important for ambitious tipsters to be even more cautious when selecting a World Cup betting provider since, especially when it comes to major sporting events, many bookmakers tend to correct their odds upwards, meaning that a close comparison of betting providers for the  2018 World Cup could result in even more substantial winnings. Furthermore, many bookmakers differ significantly in the types of wagering opportunities available for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, which we have analyzed for you in detail. In this way, you will be able to find the betting provider for the 2018 World Cup who is best suited for you before going ahead and placing your personal sports wagers. For rookie tipsters, our listing of exciting bonus offers for new customers might well be of interest, which you might also incorporate into your wagering strategies for the 2018 World Cup.

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World Cup 2018 Betting Tips

bettingformat sports betting tips

In this section we present detailed previews, exciting betting tips and of course the best odds for every match at the World Cup 2018.

World Cup 2018 Teams and Groups

Bester Sportwetten Anbieter

Find out more about the World Cup 2018 participants, for which we have prepared special betting tips. Also included: Group tables A-H.

World Cup odd comparison

Wettanbieter Vergleich

Our extensive World Cup 2018 odds comparison ensures you always getting out the maximum of your betting tips!

BET-AT-HOME – Experienced World Cup betting provider plays a leading role

As an established betting provider, Bet-at-home isn’t about to ignore the 2018 World Cup, of course. With regards to wagering opportunities, Bet-at-home ranks above average in comparison with other betting providers for the 2018 World Cup – especially when it comes to wagers on individual matches, it certainly has nothing to be ashamed of at all. Likewise the odds offered by the betting provider Bet-at-home compare well with its competitors and, in combination with a conveniently compact offer, promise uncomplicated wagering enjoyment during the 2018 World Cup.

BETVICTOR - This World Cup betting provider with an extensive selection of in-team bets

BetVictor has also made a name for itself in the wagering community when it comes to major events such as the 2018 World Cup. The bookmaker manages to convince us with unique wagering opportunities. For example, for each participating World Cup team it is possible to wager on the team’s own top goal scorer. In general, it is fair to claim that the in-team wagers offered by BetVictor are amongst the best on the wagering market. Furthermore, you can also wager on which team is likely to perform best from each respective continent. In terms of 2018 World Cup long-term wagers, then, BetVictor has lots to offer in addition to the classics. Furthermore, this betting provider also offers its customers really high wagering odds. Sports-wagering fans are definitely in good hands with BetVictor both during the World Cup, as well as before and afterwards.

1XBET - This Russian betting provider is well prepared for its home World Cup in 2018

Bookmaker 1xbet is particularly attractive because of its phenomenal odds. And with a 98% payout on winnings, the margins of this World Cup betting provider force many of its competitors to their knees. Once you get your bearings on their occasionally confusing homepage, you can and should take advantage of the great wagering odds offered by this bookmaker. Without going into further detail, we can say at this point: with respect to specialized and detail wagers, 1xbet – just as other top bookies – makes all of the most important wagering options available to you. Just how fervently they look forward to their home World Cup can be clearly and impressively seen from their range of wagering opportunities: more than 60 sub-wagers focused on the group phase for the Russian national team can be found at 1xbet. Here, we also discover a number of occasionally curious bets, some of which should definitely fall under the category of gambling: for example, this World Cup betting provider allows you to place wagers on the number of off-side whistles or how many players will be substituted before halftime. In addition, you can wager on the number of goals from free kicks, goals by strikers, midfield players or defenders, or the total length of extra time in the three group matches. Sports-wagering fans with a preference for bizarre bets will definitely find what they are looking for here. Their odds for the big event are, as mentioned, quite impressive.

World Cup 2018 betting tips

BWIN - This 2018 World Cup betting provider is one of the market leaders for a reason

Bookie Bwin is known to practically everyone in the wagering community. Also as we look towards the upcoming major major event, this bookmaker is again one of the absolute top World Cup betting providers, especially when it comes to its range of wagering opportunities which is, as usual, very wide – here, as it frequently does, Bwin sets the bar and leaves its unique stamp on the event. For each match, this betting provider offers over 100 wagering options certain to warm the heart of each and every sports-wagering fan. Specifically with regards to the World Cup, we can count on substantial and appealing odds. As for long-term wagers, on the other hand, Bwin can’t quite keep pace with the best World Cup betting providers. However, all of the most popular wagering options are covered, of course. Since the focus of many sports tipsters continues to be the individual match-ups and live bets, Bwin clearly belongs in the upper echelon.

World Cup 2018 at a glance

888SPORT – This top 2018 World Cup betting provider appeals with a wide range of betting opportunities

Bookmaker 888sport can certainly be crowned the top World Cup betting provider. We are particularly impressed by their wide range of World Cup wagering options as well as their top-notch odds. 888sport offers numerous detail wagers for all World Cup matches – guaranteed to meet all the wishes of sports tipsters. In addition, this bookmaker features very appealing, exciting and diverse long-term wagers in its offers. With respect to live wagers, too, this bookie performs really well. Aside from traditional group wagers, goal scorer bets as well as wagers on when individual teams will be eliminated, 888sport also offers long-term wagers that are quite exceptional. For example, sports fans can wager on the best team from a specific continent. We should also point out the opportunity you have to bet on who will be the English team captain for the first group match at the 2018 World Cup. But in this case, you better be fast, before the trainer announces his selection!

WILLIAM HILL - 2018 World Cup betting provider with a wide selection of betting opportunities

As one of the leading betting providers, William Hill also features a wide selection of wagering opportunities focused on the 2018 World Cup. Aside from classic long-term wagers, such as group placement of various teams as well as their chances of reaching specific rounds of the World Cup finals, or who will eventually score the most goals in the tournament, this betting provider from the British Isles also features an enormous selection of wagering options going into the 2018 World Cup on the individual World Cup matches with as many as 200 betting markets. In the odds it is offering for the 2018 World Cup, William Hill is above average, while its odds are also respectable with respect to long-term wagers. The strength of this betting provider as we approach the 2018 World Cup clearly lies in the wide variety of options for wagers on individual match-ups.

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