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Unibet review 2021 / Our experiences and evaluation

In the bookmaker test – section on bettingformat, our extensive Unibet test comes next. At first, we would like to present some basic information about this bookmaker. Unibet has been equipped with a license of the Malta Gaming Authority for several years, which is common practice on the market. Additionally, the company is listed on the Swedish stock exchange, the company headquarters are situated on Malta, however. Further subsidiaries can be found in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Gibraltar, Italy and Great Britain. Our Unibet Test shows that this bookmaker has been in the sports betting business since 1997 and therefore counts among the pioneers. If this has a positive effect on our evaluation in the various categories, we will see in the following. Our Unibet review covers the well-tried categories and we offer ample information on betting odds, betting service, live betting and much more.

Lesedauer: 6 min
Themen in diesem Artikel:
  1. Betting service
  2. Betting odds
  3. Live bets
  4. Betting bonus
  5. User friendliness
  6. Deposit and cash-out
  7. Customer service
  8. Professionalism
  9. Summary
Unibet Bonus £ 40 bonus if your first bet loses Welcome bonus up to an amount of £ 40 + £ 10 Casino Bonus! Unibet bonus

Unser Testbericht und unsere Erfahrungen bei Unibet
81/100 Percent

Betting bonus details Unibet

Bonus up to £ 40 + £ 10 Casino Bonus
if you lose your first bet
  • maximum bonus amount: £ 40 money back as bonus on your first bet (if lost)
  • minimum deposit: £ 10
  • minimum wager for first bet: £ 1
  • wagering requirement: 3x bonus
  • minimum odds: 1.40
  • time limit for qualifying wagers after receipt of bonus: 60 days
  • geographical restrictions: this bonus offer is only available to new customers from United Kingdom
Criteria Rating
Betting offer 18 / 20
Odds 16 / 20
Live betting 8 / 10
Betting bonus 8 / 10
Benutzerfreundlichkeit 8 / 10
Methods of payment 6 / 10
Customer Service 7 / 10
Seriosität 10 / 10

BETTING SERVICE – Unibet test shows diverse repertoire

Our pathfinder mission in the category betting service in the course of the Unibet test proved to be more than satisfying. On the whole, 29 sports are included in this bookmaker´s sortiment, and you still have to differentiate further. For example, the category “winter sports” involves various branches, so the repertoire is made up of more than 30 sports. The tested bookmaker can´t hide their origins in Europe´s far north when it comes to the category of betting service, as it contains the Finnish Baseball spin-off Boboll. It´s a fact that less popular sports like chess or even surfing are being offered a platform as well. Of course, the big players soccer, tennis, basketball or ice hockey lead the field. At the time of the test, 18000 placements on soccer matches were possible – in spite of the ongoing world cup and pausing of the leagues. When it comes to variety of leagues, our Unibet test offered everything a soccer lover could wish for.

In England, five divisions are offered, in the other important countries at least the two highest divisions. Unique features in the Unibet test were the leagues from Taipei, Australian and Brasilian Youth Leagues as well as a considerable repertoire in the Scandinavian area. Additionally ,the bookmaker took the more and more popular E-Sports on board and offers society bets – especially in the areas of entertainment and politics. A great number of betting markets per game adds to the picture. In our Unibet review we examined especially the matches of the world cup 2018 and found peaks of over 500 markets for a one event. All in all, in this Unibet test category we award 18/20 points.

BETTING ODDS – the Unibet test shows consistent odds with few downward outliers

The betting odds, which are examined next, are surely the most important category in our Unibet test review aside from the betting service. On the one hand, we would like to present our Unibet experiences concerning the odds, on the other hand we examined the payment key in the regular leagues as well as in selected other sports. But let´s take one thing at a time: for the World Cup matches that took place during our Unibet review, in most cases we calculated a payout ratio of more than 97%, an absolute top-value. Some games dropped a bit in comparison, however, and showed a quota code of a bit over 95%. In the big leagues of Germany and England, payout rates of 95% or slightly over 94% were common. That´s a slight drop when you think about the long tradition of this bookmaker and compare it with the best odds in this sector.
We had positive experiences with the odds on victories of favourites, though. If you prefer those bets, a visit to the bookmaker´s site pays off in any case. We found a wider variance of the odds in tennis, where the difference between the games is about 1 – 2 %. Additionally, our Unibet review showed, that the odds are lower with unpopular sports. Evidence A: beside the values we presented above, we also examined those of Baseball, and they continually were only slightly above 92%. Altogether, in this category of our Unibet test, there are some reasons for a deduction of points: we awarded 16/20 points.

Unibet Webseite Structured clearly and simply - the Unibet website

LIVE BETS - live-stream service outshines a solid offer

In the course of our review, we would like to share our Unibet experience concerning live betting next. It´s a fact that the established bookmaker wants to offer their customers an enjoyable betting experience. The design in the live center is modest and simple and made a positive impression in our Unibet test, but there is also a downside: the information on the games – the “ticker” - is also quite low-key. Also, according to our review, Unibet doesn´t offer a statistics center, but live streams of selected games (only for registered and logged-in customers, though). The latter can´t be taken for granted, but of course would lead to a positive evaluation. The absence of a statistics center is a negative aspect, though. Additionally we can´t tell you about any experiences with a live calendar that would make the navigation of the betting area and the choosing of the games easier. When it comes to the betting markets, Unibet performs well in our test. 40 or more markets were offered with the games in the live center. Besides, about a quarter of all offered sports featured in the live betting section at the time of our Unibet review, with soccer and tennis leading the way, but also cricket, netball or volleyball. Important: according to our Unibet test, the bookmaker offers a cash-out function. Altogether, our Unibet experiences cause a slight deduction of points - we award 8/10 points.


Unibet offers a welcome bonus for new customers who have lost their first bet. After creating a new customer account, a minimum deposit of £ 10 is necessary, and you need to place a first bet with a wager of at least £ 1. Only bets with odds of 1.40 or higher qualify for the bonus. If this first bet is lost, you will get the wager back as a bonus. The Unibet bonus is limited to an amount of £ 40, however. After receiving the bonus, you have 30 days to meet the wagering requirements. The bonus amount has to be converted 3 times. The welcome bonus is only available for new customers from the UK. Combined live and pre-match bets as well as Supertoto and Superscore products are excluded from the Unibet welcome bonus. In our evaluation, we awarded 8/10 points.

Betting bonus details Unibet

Bonus up to £ 40 + £ 10 Casino Bonus
if you lose your first bet
  • maximum bonus amount: £ 40 money back as bonus on your first bet (if lost)
  • minimum deposit: £ 10
  • minimum wager for first bet: £ 1
  • wagering requirement: 3x bonus
  • minimum odds: 1.40
  • time limit for qualifying wagers after receipt of bonus: 60 days
  • geographical restrictions: this bonus offer is only available to new customers from United Kingdom

USER FRIENDLINESS – Unibet test shows conservative design and clarity

Concerning user friendliness, we again focused on the area of sports betting in our unibet review. As many other bookmakers, also the Scandinavians rely on simple and modest design. A mix of black-and-white and green offers good contrasts, so the web appearance makes a good impression in the Unibet test. The individual sections are clearly separated from each other, which gives the website a certain structure. Apart from the registration section, you find the categories sports betting, casino, live casino and poker in the header-area. Those are again divided into sub-categories. On the left edge the individual sports are listed in alphabetical order – another criterion which allowed easy navigation in our Unibet test. In the middle of the screen there is a small section of the live center and additionally, current highlights concerning sports events are placed in front. All in all, the website didn´t seem cluttered at all in our Unibet test – it´s transparent and clear.

One little negative aspect: when it comes to modernity, we can´t tell you about such good experiences. Other competitors acknowledged the signs of the times earlier. The very short loading times are another positive aspect, also in the mobile view. Unibet provides altogether three app – possibilities for their customers, which are state of the art. Here, as well, a statistics center is offered in the areas of soccer and tennis. All sports- and live bets are available through the mobile view and the app – there are no limitations. In the category user friendliness we award 8/10 points.

Unibet App No limitations with mobile betting with Unibet!

PAYMENT OPTIONS – the review shows that Unibet provides sparse information

In this category we see a need to catch up in our Unibet test. According to our experience, there is not much transparency and clarity noticeable. Unibet advertises “secure payment methods” and gives some examples of possible methods of transactions, but further information is very hard to be found. On the right side of the website, you find the help center in the upper area, but it´s not structured very clearly. You have to search for a long time to find out about information concerning possible payment methods, and this information is anything but abundant. In any case the deposit is possible with PayPal, credit card or online banking. Contrary to the bonus offer, payment is possible with Skrill or Paysafe-Card as well.

Caution: fees up to 2.5% are possible – this information is noted neither in the AGB, nor in the help-section. That´s again a fact that leads to negative experiences in the Unibet test. Fees can also occur with E-wallet deposits. When it comes to cash-out, we couldn´t detect any charges for customers in our Unibet test. The bookmaker points out on the website, that cash-out may take from one to five working days, depending on the payment method. On balance, the bookmaker was not very convincing in this category of our Unibet review and was awarded 6/10 points.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - no phone contact possible for German customers

Our Unibet test showed that the bookmaker seems to be spartan concerning possibilities of making contact. This affects especially customers from the German speaking region. In German, no service hotline is offered. The community where users may share their experiences and questions on the website in the English version is not available in German. The bookmaker provides support via live-chat and e-mail, however, even though this possibility of making contact can only be found in the help-center. The bookmaker features in the social media like Facebook or Twitter, at least, and an extensive - but a bit confusing - FAQ-area is offered. Answers via e-mail can take up to eight hours according to the website – which affects our Unibet test negatively as well. In this category we award 7/10 points.

PROFESSIONALISM - admission to the stock exchange as a synonym for respectable work

Unibet is one of the oldest bookmakers on the market – this fact alone speaks for itself. Hardly any other bookmaker can compete with the Scandinavians when it comes to experience. The fact that this bookmaker has been working successfully for more than 20 years shows that they work respectably and sustainably. In our Unibet review there were hardly any reasons for a deduction of points in this category. Because of the listing on the Swedish stock exchange, the bookmaker, that was founded by Anders Ström, is obliged to a multitude of stockholders, which prevents a vague and dubious demeanor. A few figures prove this fact additionally:
Our Unibet experience showed that we are dealing with an international corporation with more than 500 employees, that carries out its trade in more than 40 countries. Like many other competitors, unibet informs about responsible gambling and addiction prevention on their website – a fact which is by now quite common in the betting industry. Because of the information we shared above, the evaluation in our Unibet review with 10/10 points should be understandable.


Our Unibet review naturally also covers a possible betting tax. The Scandinavian bookmaker found an elegant solution. Customers are only taxed with 5% when they make a profit. In this case, the amount of the tax is deducted out of the total profit. When a bet is lost, Unibet pays the tax themselves.

IN SUMMARY – Unibet rests on their oars too much in some categories

Our Unibet experiences show: when it comes to security and respectability, there is no need to worry with this bookmaker. The extensive and diverse betting service is another positive aspect. The betting odds and the live center were convincing as well. Our Unibet experiences concerning the betting bonus were also more than positive – the bonus overshadows many offers of competitors. The Methuselah among the online bookmakers still has some need for improvement in some categories. They can´t keep pace when it comes to customer service and payment methods at the moment, some competitors are way ahead in those categories. This may not have a negative effect in the short run, but in the long term, a loss of customer satisfaction is likely. Loyal users could jump off sooner or later. According to our experiences, Unibet provides an attractive and exciting offer for new customers, which you shouldn´t miss.