World Cup 2018 - TUNISIA I Betting Tips, Odds* and Prognosis

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Tunisia is one of five African teams at the 2018 World Cup, with the North Africans least highly regarded in comparison to Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria and Senegal. With average odds of 501.00 for a World Cup victory, Tunisia is the third-biggest longshot at the 2018 World Cup. The prognosis is bleak: the top two places in Group G clearly appear to be going to their English and Belgian competition. Bookmakers and experts assume that they will be dueling it out for a thankless third-place in the group and elimination after the preliminary round. Their third opponent is actually a bigger underdog than even Tunisia. That said, some points are definitely in the mix for the “Eagles of Carthage” during the 2018 World Cup. Below, we wish to present to you our World Cup betting tips with respect to Tunisia. We will also analyze the Tunisian squad as well as take a look at how they qualified for the 2018 World Cup and review how they have performed in previous World Cups.

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World Cup 2018 Betting Tips

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In this section we present detailed previews, exciting betting tips and of course the best odds for every match at the World Cup 2018.

What bets do we recommend with respect to Tunisia at the 2018 World Cup?

Since Tunisia will be absolute outsiders in their first two World Cup matches against England and Belgium, we feel that there will not be many rewards for the North Africans at the 2018 World Cup. That said, in their opening match against the Three Lions, a team which often gets off to a shaky start at major tournaments, the “Eagles of Carthage” might potentially be good for a surprise. We can well imagine the Tunisians narrowly losing this match, which is why we recommend the following bet: a so-called “handicap bet”, which automatically gives the Tunisians a one goal advantage, on the match resulting in a tie. At Tipico, for example, this bet would receive odds of 3.20. If you are of the opinion that the North Africans will lose by more than one goal, this bet would receive respectable odds of 1.95.

One bet that is definitely worth considering is on Tunisia finishing last in its group – here, William Hill is quoting odds of 2.25. However, this bet would not be our first choice since Panama is actually a prime candidate for that dubious honor. We do think it is not possible for Tunisia to qualify for the round-of-16 at the 2018 World Cup – and assume that they will be eliminated after the preliminary round. Odds for Tunisia to move on to the round-of-16, currently quoted at 3.50, we find less than compelling.

Which is why, our top three World Cup betting tips for Tunisia are: 1) At bookmakers such as Interwetten, you may choose to adopt the following betting strategy: Make two separate bets on the exact number of points that Tunisia will accumulate in Group G. We are assuming that the North Africans will earn either one or three points – depending on whether they will win or tie their final group match against Panama. A bet on exactly 3 points brings odds of 3.25, while a bet on exactly 1 point is quoted odds of 3.75. So, if you place a €10 bet on each of the possible outcomes, you would be assured of winning €12.50 in either instance: in addition, we recommend betting on Tunisia being eliminated in the preliminary round of the 2018 World Cup – current odds for this happening lie between 1.20 and 1.30. As a third betting tip, we suggest a Draw No Bet (on Tunisia) or a Double Chance Bet (on a victory and a tie for Tunisia) in the final group match against Panama.

Our Top 3 Betting Tips for Tunisia

  • To be eliminated in the group stage
  • Betting strategy: 2 single bets on
    - scoring 1 point in the group stage
    - scoring 3 points in the group stage
  • In the match against Panama: Draw No Bet (on Tunisia)

What is the make-up of the Tunisian squad at the 2018 World Cup?

It is hard to find any stars on the Tunisian 2018 World Cup team. Nonetheless, we would like to present to you the most important players on the roster and take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of these “Eagles of Carthage”. The captain of the national team and also its oldest player is the 33-year-old goalkeeper Balbouli. He looks back on 70 caps for the Tunisian national squad and currently plays between the goalposts for Al-Batin in the first division of the Saudi Arabia league. The main players on a meagerly manned defense are central defender Dylan Bronn of KAA Gent as well as left back Oussama Haddidi of FCO Dijon. The Tunisians are most poorly equipped to deal with strong opponents at this major event in the central midfield. Ferjani Sassi held the reins at this position for much of World Cup qualifying and was very much the midfield engine. He, like many of his teammates, plays in the top football league of Saudi Arabia. The strength of the Tunisians clearly lies in their attack. A 4-2-3-1 system is firmly anchored in the team’s approach under trainer Nabil Maaloul, while the showpiece of the team is undoubtedly the chain of three players immediately behind their solo center forward. In the position of playmaker, we find by far the most well-known Tunisian soccer player, Wahbi Khazri, who is currently on loan from Sunderland to Stade Rennes and by far eclipses his teammates with a market value of €10 million. Naim Sliti (OFC Dijon) and Youssef Msakni (Al Duhail, Qatar) form the dangerous pincer of Tunisian wingers on either side of him. Both of them contributed important goals during World Cup qualifying. In Bassem Srarfi (OGC Nice) on the right wing, the Tunisians have a 20-year-old diamond-in-the-rough on their 2018 World Cup squad.

How did Tunisia perform during qualifying for the 2018 World Cup?

During CAF qualification for the 2018 World Cup, Tunisia’s began play in the second round. Here, the players under Nabil Maaloul, who has been training this team since April 2017, were involved in a surprisingly tight elimination duel with Mauritania, ultimately prevailing with two 2:1 victories. In the first leg, they were even trailing at halftime 1:0. In the final round, the Tunisians were faced in Group A with the Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya and Guinea. After six matches, Tunisia was unbeaten and had secured first place in the group, thus stamping its ticket for the 2018 World Cup, it’s first participation ever in the tournament. They ultimately recorded four wins and two draws, with Congo playing the Tunisians tough until the very end. Only one time during qualifying did they tally more than two goals, this being in a 4:1 victory over Guinea. That said, the “Eagles of Carthage” demonstrated defensive stability: In six matches, they allowed only four goals-against.

How did Tunisia perform in previous World Cups?

In 2018, Tunisia will celebrate its fifth participation in the World Cup finals. The North Africans’ World Cup debut was in 1978 in Argentina. In that tournament, they managed to prevail over Mexico, the only victory the Tunisians have recorded at the World Cup to-date. They would also qualify in the years 1998, 2002 and, on the last occasion, in 2006. They missed out on the last two tournaments. In all four of their World Cup finals, the Tunisians did not make it out of the preliminary round. Also this time, all indications are that they will be heading home after the group phase.

*All odds: status 09.02.2018

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