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What do you have to know about this bonus from Titanbet?

The welcome offer from young betting provider Titanbet involves a 100% new-customer bonus up to a maximum possible bonus amount of €200. Especially due to the impressive maximum amount of this bonus, in our mind this bookmaking newcomer has a clear advantage over similar programs, though the Titanbet bonus does involve certain restrictions you should be aware of. For example, you must wager the total sum of your initial buy-in plus the bonus a total of 8 times at Titanbet, while the odds quoted on these wagers must be at least 2.00. Asian-handicap as well as over/under wagers are excluded from the Titanbet bonus. Furthermore, at least 50% of the wagers you place in order to meet the bonus requirements must be in the form of combo wagers. Additionally, if you decide to wager on several outcomes of the same event, only one of these wagers qualifies towards the bonus conditions. Only when all of these conditions have been met in full will you be able to receive a payout of the Titanbet bonus as well as any winnings this bonus might have generated. Below, we present our detailed analysis of this bonus program, including a step-by-step look at the wagering conditions.

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Betting bonus details Titanbet

100% up to €200
on your first deposit
  • Amount of bonus: 100 %
  • maximum of bonus: € 200
  • minimum deposit: € 10
  • turnover: 8x deposit and bonus
  • minimum odd: 2.00
  • maximum odd: 11.00
  • deadline: 14 days

How to receive your Titanbet Bonus

  • 1. Simply click on one of the buttons provided here, which will take you quickly and securely to the website of this betting provider
  • 2. Complete a first-time registration
  • 3. Within a period of 7 days, deposit the minimum amount and bet this amount on qualifying wagers
  • 4. Meet all of the wagering conditions

Explained simply: how does the Titanbet bonus work?

In order to take advantage of the Titanbet bonus, you must first register on this betting provider’s website. You are only entitled to participate in this offer for new customers if, as the description implies, you have never previously opened a customer account with Titanbet. The next step requires you to make a first deposit of at least €10 to your wagering account, with the new-customer offer limited to an amount of €200. That said, the maximum total amount possible within the scope of the Titanbet bonus program is €400 (€ 200 buy-in + € 200 bonus). After you have made your first payment, you then have to go ahead and activate the bonus by betting the full amount of your first deposit on wagers with minimum odds of 2.00. So as to receive a payout of the Titanbet bonus as well as any winnings generated by that bonus, you will first have to meet certain bonus conditions which we have detailed for you below.

Amount of the wagering bonus in %

Within the framework of the Titanbet bonus, you will receive an amount equivalent to 100% of your first payment. Assuming your initial deposit is €50, an additional €50 would be credited to your wagering account.

Maximum possible bonus amount

The Titanbet bonus doubles your first payment up to a maximum of €200. In other words, the maximum total amount you would have available to you would be €400, consisting of the amount of your original buy-in (€200) plus the bonus (€200).

Bonus conditions: what aspects of the Titanbet bonus should you be aware of?

As is customary with most new-customer offers, the bonus program from Titanbet requires you to meet certain conditions. Before you have met these conditions, you will not receive a payout of the bonus or any winnings generated. To do so, you will have to wager the total sum of your initial buy-in plus the bonus 8 times on the website of Titanbet, and do so in accordance with certain wagering restrictions: the odds on your wagers must be quoted at 2.00 or above, while Asian-handicap and over/under bets are not permitted within the scope of the Titanbet bonus conditions. While wagers on several different outcomes of the same event are fundamentally possible, only one such wager would qualify towards meeting the wagering requirements. Furthermore, 50% of all wagers must involve combo bets. The minimum wager for any single bet is € 10, while the maximum amount is €50. Since this is a sports-wagering bonus, games and slots featured in the online casino are not included in this new-customer program. In the break-down provided below, we give you a detailed analysis of the various conditions associated with this offer.

Minimum buy-in

In order to qualify for participation in the Titanbet bonus, the first deposit to your wagering account must be €10 or more. This must occur within 7 days of registering for your new account. During the same time period, you must place one or more wagers quoted at odds of 2.00 or more totaling an amount equivalent to that of your initial payment.

Minimum wager
Before you can receive a payout of the Titanbet bonus or any winnings which have been generated within the scope of this new-customer program, you must place qualifying wagers in the sum of your buy-in plus the bonus a total of 8 times using this bookmaker’s website. Here, we should point out that the payout limit is €2000, meaning that your winnings from the Titanbet bonus may not exceed this amount. You should also bear in mind that the amount of your individual wagers is subject to limitations as well: between €10 and €50 per wager.

Minimum odds
For wagers to qualify towards meeting the bonus conditions, the odds must be 2.00 or above. Additionally, none of your wagers within the framework of the Titanbet bonus may have odds of 11.00 or higher.

Time restrictions
This bookmaker gives you 14 days to meet all of their wagering conditions. If you do not manage to do so within this time period, your Titanbet bonus will be forfeited.

Payment restrictions
Payment services Neteller (Moneybookers) and Skrill are excluded from the Titanbet bonus. However, to the best of our knowledge all of the other payment providers found on the website of this bookmaker are available for you to choose from.

Geographical restrictions
Our research did not reveal any restrictions in this regard. In other words, the Titanbet bonus is available to all customers in the German-speaking world including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg.

Our evaluation of the Titanbet bonus: what were the key factors?

When it came down to evaluating the new-customer bonus offered by Titanbet, we were in two minds: On the one hand, by offering a maximum bonus amount of €200, this new-customer offer outdoes many other betting providers, while on the other, the wagering conditions of the Titanbet bonus, which require you to wager the total sum of your buy-in plus the bonus at minimum odds of 2.00, are not exactly easy to meet. When taking all of this into consideration, we rate the Titanbet as being solidly mid-range since it was unable to decisively differentiate itself from other new-customer programs currently on the market.