Premier League

We give away €150 betting vouchers for this tipster competition. Everyone starts with 10000 betting coins. The player with the most betting coins at the end of the tipster competition wins. It´s that easy. Join now for free and win betting vouchers every week! Just log in and sign in for a competition.

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€ 150 betting vouchers

1st place: € 60
2nd place: € 30
3rd place: € 20
4th place: € 10
5th - 10th place: € 5

One time free bet of the total winning amount. No minimum odd. Winnings can be paid out directly.


England Premier League
24.02.2018 - 01.03.2018
Bettingcoins at the beginning: 10.000
Tipsters in total: 0

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€ 150 betting vouchers


€ 150 betting vouchers