Tipster Competition Rules organizes tipster competitions on a weekly Basis. Betting vouchers of the respective sponsor betting provider are the prizes. On this site you will find the rules that need to be played by, in order to be able to receive possible profits! any breach can lead to the shutting down of your bettingformat tipping account. We are putting a lot of value on fair Play and therefore we ask you to read the rules carefully and also stick to them. Only this way it is possible for us to organize such tipster competitions with strong prizes. The team of bettingformat wishes you a lot of success at the tipster competitions.

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Point 1 Everybody, who registered a tipping account at bettingformat may participate in bettingformat tipster competitions. Point 2 Participation is completely free. Point 3 One Player can participate in numerous tipster competitions and also receive numerous Profits. Point 4 Every tipster competition is sponsored by a betting provider, who provides prizes in the form of betting vouchers. The turnover conditions are being described in the participation conditions for the respective tipster competition. Point 5 Every player starts with a betting coin credit of 10000. Bettimg coins are the in-house currency of the tipster competitions on bettingformat. The goal is to make more of your 10000 betting coins through correct sports betting tips. Only the net profit will be taking into account. If you put 1000 betting on a tip at odds of 1.50, your net profit will be 500 betting coins. The goal is to have won the most betting coins at the end of a tipster competition. Point 6 The start and end of a tipster competition are always laid out in detail. The tipster competition vanishes automatically, as soon as the day of the last game is over. Afterwards the results can be found and read in the tipster competition archive. Point 7 The bettingformat tipster competition works with real odds of the respective betting providers. Apart from the main tips 1X2 it's also possible to Play combination bets and Special bets. It can vary how many detail bets exist. Point 8 Bettingformat reserves the right to correct obviously false odds and to calculate them again afterwards. Point 9 The results will be fed until 00:00 of the following day at the latest. Point 10 Bettingformat reserves the right to correct false results and to evaluate the tips anew. Point 11 If a tip is being placed after the start of an event or match due to a time error, bettingformat reserves the right to account the tip with 1.00. Point 12 If an event is being discontinued or cancelled, the tip will be accounted with 1.00. Placed tips can't be cancelled or changed in retrospect. Point 13 The minimum stakes are a standard 10 betting coins, the maximum stakes are 1000 betting coins. Should there be other stakes limits, they will be communicated in the tipster competition participation conditions. Point 14 Per person, household and IP, only one bettingformat tipping account can be used. Any violation or attempted fraud will automatically lead to disqualification and to the annulment of all profits as well as shutting down of the tipping account.
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