Bettingformat Tipster Competitions

In cooperation with select betting providers we present each week attractive sports bets tipster competitions for matches of international top leagues like Premier League, La Liga or German Bundesliga. Participation is fast and uncimplicated: Just register for free at bettingformat, choose your preferred sports betting tipster competition and you can start placing your betting tips! At the start of every tipster competition you get a starting balance of our created betting coins, that you can use as stake for your bets. Since you receive the betting coins automatically for every tipster competition without previous deposit, you don't need to use your own money and play freely. Dependig on which sports betting tipster competition you choose, there are different leagues and prizes. Just register at bettingformat, sign up for the tipster competition of your choice and win attractive prizes - without any risk!

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How does the bettingformat tipster competition work?

If you already registered a user account at bettingformat, you first have to log in via the button at the end of this section. Then you can choose between sports betting tipster competitions of different betting providers that you can participate in for free. For every tipster competition entered you receive a certain amount of betting coins - a play money valuta we created for tipster competitions - without having to deposit anything before. Therefore you don't need to invest any real money, but you can use our bettingformat betting coins for your betting tips. Additionally we only cooperate with the best and most reliable betting providers of the business for your sports betting tipster competitions. We've had logstanding relationships with them and they proved their reliability more than once. This way we can make sure that you won't experinece any bad surprises with our sports betting tipster competitions and we can guarantee the highest quality standards. According to tipster competition you have a selection of different leagues and the certain conditions of participation as well as prizes also vary.

How can I create a user account for the bettingformat tipster competition?

In order to be able to participate in our sports betting tipster competition, you first need to create a bettingformat user account. With a click on the button below you will be forwarded to the registration site, where you can either sign up with your E-mail-address or Facebook. The data that you submit when registering on our site are not being given to third persons or used for other services. With registration apart from the participation in the tipster competition you can use exclusive advantages and special features of our site.

What can you win when entering the bettingformat tipster competition?

You can win betting credit with your betting tips, when entering our sports betting tipster competition and you can use this credit at the providers of the respective tipster competition. According to tipster competition there are also other prizes, that you can lock down with some skill in your betting tips. Apart from payment vouchers from the respective betting providers ypu can also win great material process, like voyages or product of the premium manufacturer Apple. The compilation of these prizes differs from betting provider to betting provider and league to league of course. Therefore you should take a close look when choosing the tipster competition, if you have your eyes set on a particular main prize. For last minute tippers the participation in a tipster competition is possible until the last day and you can still make some profit then with ambitious betting tips. If you draw additional motivation from the comparison with other tipsters, you will for sure like our highscore ranking or the tipster competition archive, where you can compare your collected betting coins with the ones of other users and you can look into your personal statistics.

How does our sports betting tipster competition differ from others?

As a special feature we give you the opportunity in regards to our sports betting tipster competition, to not only place classic 1X2 betting tips, but also special bets like over-/under for example. Combination bets are also part of our tipster competition portfolio and therefore you can spread your betting tips according to the most suiatble odds and so raise your chances of winning. A full automatic result calculation of your betting slip makes for a comfortable betting pleasure with our sports betting tipster competition and you get the feeling of being at a real betting provider. Additionally our tipster competition is optimized for all mobile devices, so that you can also place your tips via smartphone or tablet.

What are bettingformat betting coins?

We thought of something really special for our sports betting tipster competition: The Bettingformat Betting Coins. This is a play money currency we created, that you can use as stake for your betting tips in regard to our sports betting tipster competition. Before every tipster competition you get a ceratin amount of betting coins credited to your account and you can then use this amount in the course of the tipster competition. There are certain minimum and maximum amount limits according to tipster competition and you need to take that into consideration when placing your bets. No real money deposit is necessary for receiving the betting coins and therefore you can enter our sports betting tipster competition without any risk and don't need to fear any personal losses. This way you can make first experiences in the world of sports betting without having to put your own money on the line!

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