How good is the Tipico Bonus?

The Tipico Bonus has existed in its basic form for a number of years. In other words, this particular bonus for sports tipsters is already very well established on the betting marketplace. The Tipico bonus is aimed at new customers and is described by the betting provider itself as a “welcome bonus”. The various aspects of this bonus offer are easily explained: Tipico awards a buy-in bonus of 100% up to a maximum of €100. In other words, your first payment will be matched one-to-one with additional wagering credit. The maximum bonus amount is thus €200. The Tipico bonus offer applies only – as we have said – to the first payment into a newly registered wagering account. Our own special highlight for you: If you open a new account via Wettformat and then take advantage of the Tipico bonus, you will receive an additional, exclusive no-risk wager worth €10. Complete details and information about the bonus conditions, as well as an explanation of how you can take advantage of this particular sports wagering bonus, can be found below

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How to receive your Tipico Bonus?

  • 1. Register for a new wagering account using the button we have provided above
  • 2. Pay in at least €10 and at the same time click on the button “claim bonus”
  • 3. The bonus amount will automatically be credited to your wagering account
  • 4. We will then send you the bonus code to claim your €10 free wager by email

Explained simply: how does the Tipico bonus work?

The Tipico bonus (“welcome bonus”) is only available one time per customer and applies exclusively to your first payment into your new Tipico account as mentioned above. A well-established and reputable sports wagering bonus offer from Tipico: when transferring funds for the first time to their wagering account, new customers are awarded a 100% bonus worth up to €100. Just how simply the Tipico bonus works, we now wish to show you with some examples:

Amount of the wagering bonus in %

A buy-in bonus of 100% means that the amount of your first transfer is increased by 100%, in other words doubled. That is to say, the same amount as your payment will be added to your Tipico wagering credit. Assuming that you deposit €50, a credit of €100 would show up on your wagering account. This sum (in this particular example, €100) is then your total “bonus sum”, consisting of your first deposit together with the additional amount contributed by the betting provider. It is important to bear in mind this definition of “bonus sum” when reading the bonus conditions.

Maximum possible bonus amount

Since the maximum buy-in to qualify for the Tipico bonus is €100, the maximum possible bonus amount is €200. If your transfer exceeds €100, this particular bookmaker’s sports wagering bonus offer would not apply.

Bonus conditions: what do you need to know about the Tipico bonus offer?

We now wish to explain in detail the conditions associated with the Tipico bonus offer. It is also important to understand the conditions which must be met to receive a payout. After all, payout of the bonus amount is subject to certain requirements.

Minimum buy-in
The minimum amount you must deposit in order to take advantage of the Tipico bonus offer is €10.

Minimum wager
in order to claim a payout of the bonus amount, you must first wager the bonus sum 3 times at Tipico. As we have already explained, the bonus sum consists of your own initial deposit together with the 100% bonus contributed by the bookmaker. For example, if you decide to participate in the bonus offer and pay in €25, your total minimum wager is 3x € 50.

Minimum odds
The aforementioned wagers must be quoted at specific odds. In order to meet the Tipico bonus conditions, the required minimum odds on any wager are 2.00. However, it does not matter whether the wager is placed as an individual bet, a combo wager or a live bet. Just so long as the overall odds are at least 2.00.

Time restrictions
In order for you to receive a payout, you must wager the bonus sum 3 times within a period of 90 days.

Payment restrictions
The electronic payment services Neteller and Skrill are excluded from this Tipico bonus offer. However, all other standard payment methods can be used to transfer funds. Important: the personal details pertaining both to the holder of the wagering account as well to the user/owner of the payment service (e.g. credit card, Sofort, PayPal) must be identical.

Geographical restrictions
This welcome offer is not available to the same extent in all countries: you can take advantage of the Tipico bonus in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands.

In addition to the wagering bonus: how does the Tipico free €10 wager work?

If you register for your new Tipico wagering account using the link provided by Wettformat and you then take advantage of the Tipico bonus offer, you will receive an additional free, no-risk wager worth €10. Beyond that, you simply have to open a user account with Wettformat and subscribe to our newsletter. We will then send you the bonus code by email! A number of conditions also apply to the Tipico free wager, which we detail for you below.

  • applies only to individual and combo bets, but not to system wagers
  • the free bonus is valid for no more than 7 days
  • is restricted to a single bet and the full amount must be wagered
  • in the event you win, your actual earnings will be the amount you have won minus the value of the free wager. For example: a €10 wager quoted odds of 2.00 will result in winnings of €10 (= €20 - €10)
  • winnings can then be either used towards other wagers or paid out
  • maximum odds on any wager 500.00
  • no minimum odds required, unless otherwise stipulated
  • cash-out option is excluded

Our evaluation of the Tipico bonus: what were the key factors?

When evaluating bonus offers for sports wagering, we take into consideration all of the aforementioned bonus benefits and qualifying conditions. The Tipico bonus is practically a brand in its own right. It appeals to new users by essentially doubling the initial payment (100% bonus) as well as allowing a very generous maximum buy-in amount of up to €100. Similarly, the wagering and pay-out conditions are very realistic and easy to meet. Customers particularly appreciate the extended 90-day timeframe they have to meet the wagering conditions. We should also mention at this point the €10 Tipico free wager, which will be awarded to you if you register through Wettformat. The minimum odds of 2.00 for qualifying wagers is also very acceptable. In a few isolated instances, the Tipico bonus is undercut by other bonus offers. However, the overall package is outstanding! Which is why we give this offer 5 stars.