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Soccer surebets (no risk!)

In this article, we will present you all our surebets that we’ve calculated. We are speaking about 100 % soccer surebets without risk – also called arbitrage bets (arbitrage betting). With sure bets you will always win. This is how the surebets work: Follow our instructions. You’ve to place your bets exactly according to our specifications with the respective bookies. If you do that, you'll get a guaranteed win no matter what will the outcome of the game be. Depending on how high the surebet is, the profit is up to 5 %.


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Soccer surebets

Surebet is not equal to any other surebet. Every sure bet is specific. So, we decided to divide this betting method into sports as well. In this article we focus only on soccer and we will show you daily surebets, which can be reached by betting to Tip 1, Tip X and Tip 2. Our odds comparison imports the odds of the bookmakers very quickly and that is exactly the advantage of Bettingformat. In order to create football surebet, the odds of Tip 1, X and 2 coming from various bookies must be different. This is exactly reason why we can find surebets in betting market.

A soccer surebet, also called soccer arbitrage bet (arbitrage betting), can be also described as bet made by 3-way system – 1 X 2 – and no matter what is the result of the game or match, you will make profit. You can increase your profit even more if you simply use a betting coupon for Tip 1, X or 2. We always have numerous offers from different bookmakers. For example, if you place surebet with a voucher, it will directly increase your output and you do not have to use your own credit for it.

An example of a soccer surebet

Let's assume you like to bet on German soccer league – Bundesliga. You would like to bet on the match of FC Bayern Munich against Hamburger SV. So far so good - now let's look at the odds. Let's assume that Bayern probably will win, what is also dedicated by a low odd - 1.15. On Tip X, there is bookmaker’s is odd 11.25 and another bookmaker offers an odd of 30, in case HSV beat Bayern. Now there is a place for the mathematic. Now we calculate the highest betting odds for every bet - Tip 1, X and 2. We’re hypothetically counting with fact that every tip we made is going to win. We have found a soccer surebet. With the above mentioned odds we bet 87.68 £ on tip 1, 8.96 £ on tip X and 3.36 £ on tip 2.

Soccer surebet - The calculation

Now we multiply the odds with the stake amounts calculated by us.

87.68 * 1.15 = 100.832
8.96 * 11.25 = 100.80
3.36 * 30.00 = 100.80

So, you can see. No matter how the game ends, the profit is over 100 £ what was also our divided deposit. With this specific surebet you will make a minimum profit of 0.80 £ and a maximum profit of 0.83 £. That's not really much, but at least it is guaranteed. Depending on how “good” a surebet is, profits run up to 5 %. All, of course, depends also on amount of your deposit.

Soccer surebets warning!

What you always have to keep in your mind is that a surebet is only a surebet if each bookmaker pays the win. This should work as a rule! BUT! Example: In the case that only one of the bookmakers cancel the stake, then the soccer surebet is no longer complete and it fails. We mention this information for your safety. So that you can count with it and consider all eventualities. But bet has to bring some risk. Even if the profit is guaranteed on paper. It leads us to the second important point – deposit dividing. Highest priority is - do not overestimate. Do not gamble, even if the bet seems safe. Always bear in your mind how much the loss would hurt you (in case the bet would be lost). If you can cope with the possible loss, then everything is fine - risk. However, if you make soccer surebet with a certain sense and consistency, you can make a guaranteed profit.