World Cup 2018 -SPAIN I Betting Tips, Odds* and Prognosis

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Spain will face its neighbor Portugal at the World Cup 2018, so there will be an Iberian duel in Group B. We could make out interesting betting opportunities in our analysis regarding this duel, but we also found promising betting tips for the other matches in this pretty one-sided group at the World Cup 2018. Those tips are backed by extensive analyses regarding performances in qualification and preparation as well as an extensive examination of the Spanish roster.

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  • Our Top 3 Betting Tips for Spain
  • Roster analysis
  • Qualification and form check
  • Previous final round participations


World Cup Betting Providers

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Here you can find the most outstanding bonus offers, special bets, odds and promotions provided by the best bookmakers.

World Cup Teams and Groups

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Find out more about the World Cup 2018 participants, for which we have prepared special betting tips. Also included: Group tables A-H.

World Cup 2018 Betting Tips

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In this section we present detailed previews, exciting betting tips and of course the best odds for every match at the World Cup 2018.

What does Spain’s role as a favorite at the World Cup 2018 mean for placing your betting tips?

Similar to the second favorite in Group B Portugal, the question, whether Spain will make it past the group stage doesn’t even really arise. Therefore you won’t find reasonable odds for a bet in Spain going on to the knock-out stage and so we recommend other betting alternatives. Due to the group constellation with Spain and Portugal as big favorites combination bets on the promotion arise that can either be played with Spain or Portugal as the group winner. Placing a bet with Spain as Group B winner gets slightly better odds, but we expect that the group win will be decided in the direct duel of the two Iberian teams.

Since Morocco and Iran will probably not stand a chance against the offensive firework of Spain, betting tips on scored goals are worth more than just a thought and Tipico for example has attractive odds for it (1.95 for more than 2.5 goals against Morocco and 2.8 for more than 3.5 goals against Iran). Additionally William Hill has an interesting handicap bet of -2 goals at a win by Spain against Iran at odds of 2.60. For more security oriented betting fans we recommend placing a bet on Spain winning against Iran without receiving a goal. At bethard we found odds of 1.57 for this bet, which are solid odds and according to our prognosis this bet also has good chances for success.

The Iberian derby against Portugal isn’t only of athletic significance in Group B, but it also opens up a remarkable number of betting opportunities. Interwetten lists a Spain victory at odds of 2 for example. We are not as sure though and so we want to point out the unbeatable odds of 4.60 on a Portugal victory at 888sport for this duel which outcome is so hard to predict: Although Spain needs to be put slightly ahead of Portugal at this World Cup according to our prognosis, we still expect that the duel between the two teams from the Iberian peninsula will be decided by the team with the better daily form.

Our Top 3 Betting Tips for Spain

  • To win against Iran with Handicap -2
  • To score more than 2.5 goals against Marocco
  • To win Group B

Which players does Spain send to the World Cup 2018?

After a small lump in the last couple of years Spain is back in impeccable shape right in time for the World Cup 2018. Reading the names of the Spanish selection is kind of like reading the shopping list of certain sheik clubs: The names Isco, Morata and Ansensio should even be known to people that only follow football sporadically. Therefore coach Lopetegui is spoilt for choice when selecting his starting eleven. He can choose from a mix of experienced players and youngsters form international top addresses.

There haven’t been many tactical surprises in Spain’s qualification. In most qualification matches they played the world famous Spanish 4-3-3, they only changed the basic formation to a 4-2-3-1 in the two matches against Israel and Albania. So coach Lopetegui proved that he is able to show some tactical flexibility.

Spain’s inside defense is a sure thing with Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique, unless Catalan Pique decides not to play at the World Cup 2018 for political reasons. If this problem becomes pressing Bartra and Fernandez are two more than decent alternatives, which already proved themselves in the course of the qualification. On offense Spain may not have one undisputed goal getter, but they do have a number of options on international top level at the very front. The offensive line got switched up during the qualification. Almost any player on the Spanish roster is able to score a goal at any time, which makes it hard for opponents to make out Spain.

On offense spoilt for choice, the defense is a wall and all positions are almost equally occupied: Spain can fall back on a roster at the World Cup 2018 that doesn’t need to hide from any other favorite.

How did the qualification for the World Cup 2018 go for Spain?

With the two great football nations Spain and Italy two teams faced each other in the qualification of the European federation, that both rightly aspired to win the group. Due to the results in the direct duels Spain was able to clearly win the duel: With one win, a draw and a total lead of five points on the Italians coach Julen Lopetegui’s team managed to provide clear conditions in Group G. The Spaniards goal ratio resembles a demonstration of power: 36:3 goals speak a clear language. The “Furia Roja” proved to be in the mood to score right in time for the World Cup 2018.

One needs to mention though, that the remaining group opponents Albania, Israel, Macedonia and Liechtenstein can be considered international light weights with all due respect. Therefore the extremely dominant group win with the incredible goal record of +33 shouldn’t be overrated. Last November Spain was able to test the World Cup grass by the way, when they drew 3:3 against host Russia. This result wasn’t very satisfying however.

In March the Spaniards will test against World Cup co-contender Germany. This will be a benchmark test and for sure trendsetting for both teams. It won’t matter that much though, how this match will end. It will for sure be characterized by tactical experiments. Anyway Spain is one of the hottest title favorites at the World Cup 2018 after such an undisputed qualification.

How many World Cup participations are in the Spanish history books?

With 14 World Cup final round participations Spain can righteously be called a nation that shouldn’t be missed at a great football event. After countless participations where Spain played decently but never was able to be extremely successful, they finally were able to lift the trophy in 2010: They won the World Cup in South Africa after already winning the European title two years earlier. Two years after the World Cup title they won the European Championship again and so Spain was able to win three great football events in a row.

After the “golden generation” around Puyol, Iniesta and Xavi retired step by step, Spain’s performance weakened a little bit, which could be witnessed at the World Cup 2014 and the EURO 2016. Back then they didn’t make it past the group stage and got eliminated in the round of top 16 respectively. Just in time for the World Cup 2018 it seems as though the “Furia Roja” found back to old strength though: With the undisputed group win and an extremely equally strong roster Spain’s national team is one of the top favorites for the World Cup title in Russia 2018.

*All odds: status 05.02.2018

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