World Cup 2018 - SAUDI ARABIA I Betting Tips, Odds* and Prognosis

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The football gnome from the Arabic Peninsula will probably not shake up the World Cup 2018 athletically, but it does make some exciting betting tip opportunities. Since Saudi Arabia is a clear underdog classic 1X2 bets won’t promise much profit, but we will give you a perspective on more lucrative betting opportunities in our analysis. We furthermore take a look at Saudi-Arabia’s qualification run as well as its roster, which could be useful for your World Cup 2018 betting tips.

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  • Previous final round participations


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World Cup Betting Tips

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In this section we present detailed previews, exciting betting tips and of course the best odds for every match at the World Cup 2018.

What kind of betting tips are suited for an underdog like Saudi Arabia at the World Cup 2018?

It wouldn’t be the first time at a final round that a clear underdog gets underestimated by favorites and so is able to get them in distress. Additionally a few other teams in this anyway not very strong group are also in questionable form, which is why Saudi Arabia can’t really complain about their draw for their first World Cup final round participation since 2006. Still: Anything but a clear elimination of the “green falcons” after the group stage in a group with favorite Uruguay, host Russia and dangerous to score Egypt would be a small miracle. The bookmakers also share this perception: William Hill has odds of 4.50 for Saudi Arabia making it past the group stage.

Therefore betting tips on losses by the clear underdog Saudi Arabia at the World Cup 2018 are a pretty sure bet and as a consequence only get very low odds. If Russia acts insecure or Egypt is unfocused against Saudi Arabia, a surprise might be possible with a lot of luck though. Betting tips on victories by Saudi Arabia promise one of the highest odds at the World Cup 2018, but the team around captain Taisir Al-Jassim simply is too a big unknown on the international stage for many observers in order to be able to make serious forecasts. Therefore betting tips on a Saudi Arabia success can be lucrative, but they are a bit dangerous considering Saudi Arabia’s lack of experience on the international football satge. A particularly risky and hardly realistic betting tip is betting on Saudi Arabia becoming the world champion: Just like Panama a title win by Saudi Arabia at the World Cup 2018 has the highest odds at William Hill, namely 1001.

Our Top 3 Betting Tips for Saudi-Arabia

  • To take 4th place in the group
  • To reach less than 0.5 points
  • To score less than 2 goals

Which roster does Saudi Arabia send to the World Cup 2018?

The three time Asian champion will show a lot of unfamiliar faces at its fifth participation at a World Cup, because most players from new coach and former Chile coach Juan Antonio Pizzi’s team earn their money at home in the “Professional League”. Saudi Arabia’s roster for the World Cup 2018 mainly consists of internationally unknown players and has an estimated market value of 19 million Euros and so they are also in the lower area in this regard of all World Cup starter nations.

Top goal getter Mohammed Al-Sahlawi stands out in the player pool of the “green falcons”. He won the goal getter trophy in the Asian qualification together with Ahmed Khalil (United Arabic Emirates). With 16 scored goals he was one of the reasons for success. One can hardly find any young players on the World Cup roster of Saudi Arabia, but the 20-year-old Mukhtar Ali from Vitesse Arnheim is a remarkable player, that was educated at FC Chelsea and won the Youth League in 2015/16. The defensive midfielder doesn’t get promised many minutes of playing time at the 2018 World Cup though. He only got playing time twice with the national team before and he also didn’t get many minutes last season in the Dutch Eredivisie.

Since the successful qualification Saudi Arabia already switched coaches twice in the course of one year. Now Pizzi is the head coach, who was let go by Chile after a failed World Cup qualification. His predecessor Edgardo Bauza was released after only three matches and so the federation was at unease seven months before the World Cup in Russia. They now need to use the remaining time efficiently, so that the needed automatisms are able to be effective from the get go of the group stage. Regarding the system it needs to be seen, whether new coach Pizzi will continue the provisions of his predecessors or whether we will install a brand new playing idea. The born Argentinian with Spanish passport proved to be very flexible tactic-wise at his former stations and he liked to adapt particularly the defensive midfield according to different opponents. Generally Pizzi seems to prefer systems with a four man line, which is why the Saudi Arabian national team will probably not change much in the basic formation at the World Cup 2018.

How did the team of Saudi Arabia qualify for the World Cup 2018?

The team from the Arabic peninsula was able to directly qualify in the qualification of the Asian federation, when they finished second behind Japan and so they sent Australia to the play-off. In the course of the qualification the Saudi Arabian team had to shiver until the last game day after a successful start, when they lost against the direct competitor from the United Arabic Emirates and Australia, but due to a win against group winner Japan they were able to qualify directly. Regarding the strong start into the qualification one has to mention, however, that Saudi Arabia often only got away with close wins with the help of penalty shot goals and so they had the luck on their side.

The “green falcons” mainly relied on a solid 4-2-3-1 that often morphed into a more offensive 4-1-4-1 against weaker opponents. New coach and former Chile coach Juan Antonio Pizzi usually prefers a 4-3-3 system, but Saudi Arabia’s roster doesn’t have the needed players with enough security on the ball and corresponding passing qualities, but the former Spanish national player generally is able to implement new tactical impulses. Saudi Arabia’s biggest World Cup success so far was the round of top 16 at the World Cup 1994, where they didn’t stand a chance against Sweden and lost 1:3. With this starting position Saudi Arabia’s goal for the World Cup 2018 can only be to look their best in the group stage and to avoid a debacle. Since Saudi Arabia doesn’t have high expectations anyway and they don’t have to lose much in Russia, the guys from the Arabic peninsula can play freely and enjoy the tournament, which doesn’t make surprise wins and respectable achievements impossible.

What is the number of times that Saudi Arabia participates at a World Cup final round?

The “green falcons” can look back on a respectable number of four World Cup final round participations. In the course of the first participation at the World Cup 1994 they also had their biggest success so far in the form of the round of the top 16, which was then lost against Sweden. After the last Saudi Arabian participation 2006 the qualification for the 2018 World Cup triggered gushing enthusiasm in the country. Therefore we can look forward to the frenetic fans of the Arabic peninsula.

*All odds: status 05.02.2018

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