World Cup 2018 - RUSSIA I Betting Tips, Odds* and Prognosis

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In Group A of the World Cup 2018 teams from all participating federations will face each other with Saudi-Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay and host Russia. In our analysis we first evaluate the most promising betting opportunities for Russia’s performance at the World Cup 2018. Additionally we provide useful information regarding the course of the qualification and the roster of the Russian national team, which might be helpful for your betting tips.

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  • World Cup betting tips and prognosis
  • Our Top 3 Betting Tips for Russia
  • Roster analysis
  • Qualification and form check
  • Previous final round participations


World Cup Betting Providers

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Here you can find the most outstanding bonus offers, special bets, odds and promotions provided by the best bookmakers.

World Cup Teams and Groups

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Find out more about the World Cup 2018 participants, for which we have prepared special betting tips. Also included: Group tables A-H.

World Cup Betting Tips

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In this section we present detailed previews, exciting betting tips and of course the best odds for every match at the World Cup 2018.

Which betting tips can we recommend for Russia’s matches at the World Cup 2018?

When analyzing Russia’s chances of success at the World Cup 2018 one shouldn’t forget that the World Cup host got pretty lucky at the draw, when two football gnomes were drawn into their group from pot 3 and 4 with Egypt and Saudi Arabia. With Uruguay from pot 2 they were able to avoid a real favorite too. William Hill lists a group win by Russia with odds of 2.75, which is a remarkable betting tip regarding the interesting team constellation. We believe that the “Sbornaja” may start a successful run at the World Cup 2018 with a convincing start into the tournament. The dynamic of such a run may transfer to the fans and as a consequence they can turn into the needed wind beneath the team’s wings. A convincing win over Saudi Arabia, which has odds of 1.30 at William Hill, could be the spark that is able to light up a wave of euphoria in Russia, in the course of which even opponents like Uruguay seem like a manageable task.

In summary this means for your betting tips at the World Cup 2018, that matches with Russian participation are an appealing possibility for different betting tips due to the exciting group constellation as well as the home court advantage, which should never be underestimated. One should be aware of calling Russia a favorite though. Their performance curve is pretty unstable. Even though the “Sbornaja” is listed as a relatively sure group second at common World Cup odds, the performance explosion of Egypt and unfavorable results in parallel matches could soon lead to a disillusion of Russia at the World Cup 2018.

Our Top 3 Betting Tips for Russia

  • Russia reaches the round of the last 16
  • Russia is eliminated in the round of the last 16
  • Win against Saudi-Arabia

What kind of roster has Russia at its disposal for the home World Cup?

In the Russian roster for the World Cup 2018 are neither players from Europe’s top leagues, nor other well-known names. Most of them play in the Russian Premjer Liga, which is located in the upper middle class in Europe, but they are far behind the top leagues. Despite this not ideal starting position one can expect that the spirit in the country will peak until the opening match and the Russian people will spur their team on from the first match at the home World Cup. There is a lot possible in football with such fan support and with a courageous fighting performance. Due to the lack of qualification matches it’s hard to say, however, what kind of playing performance the Russian team is able to deliver under competition pressure.

The team has the necessary characteristics for the playing style that coach Tschertschessow asks from his players though. The Russian roster has enough intelligent players, who are willing to run, like Denis Glushakov and Igor Smolnikov. The “Sbornaja” presents itself as a dynamic team that likes to play fast counter attacks. Additionally captain Fedor Smolov is an offensive player, that is always dangerous to score goals. He doesn’t need many chances to score a goal and he is able to avoid the defensive with a smart playing style. Even though the Russian federation put an emphasis on youth development in the last couple of years, there are still only very few promising talents: Only the two midfielders Aleksandr Golovin and Aleksey Miranchuk are already pillars of their respective club teams CSKA and Lokomotive Moscow. The two youngsters significantly reduce the team’s average age (27,8) with their 21 and 22 years of age. Still they are only secret tips on the transfer market compared to other top players of that age like Ousmane Dembele or Kylian Mbappe. While Golovin often plays in the defensive midfield alongside the experienced Glushakov on the national team, one can find the more offensive-minded Miranchuk on the right wing and he was already able to score 4 goals in 12 friendly matches.

Also because of the strong performances of the two youngsters the form curve of the Russian national team seems to point upwards just in time for the World Cup 2018 preparation: After the disappointment at the Confed Cup and a loss to Argentina in the opening match at the remodeled Lushniki Stadium in November 2017 the Russian fans could draw hope again for their team recently. Russia was able to draw 3:3 against Spain most recently in the World Cup preparation, after already having been down by two goals. The team was led onto the field by captain Igor Akinfeev and showed morale after the deficit. Therefore it’s dangerous to write off Russia too soon at the World Cup 2018. In March 2018 Russia will be able to test on international top level with matches against Brazil and Spain. With according performances they could fire up the slowly growing euphoria in the country.

How did Russia prepare for the World Cup 2018?

As the host nation Russia was drawn from pot 1 at the group draw for the World Cup 2018 and so they were able to avoid some stronger opponents from the get-go. Due to the recent performances of Coach Stanislaw Tschertschessow’s team not even the manageable group really was able to spark some euphoria around the “Sbornaja”. Additionally they suffered a bitter defeat at the Confed Cup: At the general rehearsal for the World Cup in the summer of 2017 the Russians didn’t even make it to the knock out stage of the tournament and only finished third in their group. Apart from a mandatory win against New Zealand the “warm up” for the World Cup turned into a disaster for the Russian national team. Adding the different odds for the World Cup 2018 for matches with Russian participation to that, one gets to the conclusion that also most bookmakers don’t see a world cup title win for the Russian national team as a promising betting tip.

Instead of the qualification Russia played friendly matches and the former goal keeper and now head coach Tschertschessow usually let his team play in a basic formation with a three man line. This is not a bad tactic for a team like Russia, which is generally speaking not playing very creatively, since such a formation mainly asks for running strength and discipline with clear cut roles on the team. System-wise the Russian team is able to create an overload in the midfield if needed and at the same time they are able to provide width in the game. Tschertschessow interprets his favored 3-4-2-1 pretty offensively and he lets the wingbacks come high at ball possession in order to force an agile wing game on offense.

How did Russia do at World Cup final rounds in the past?

The “Sbornaja” participated in 3 World Cup final rounds so far and they never made it past the group stage. At the fourth try they are now the host of the tournament, which could be the necessary motivation to improve their World Cup record and make it to the knock out stage for the first time. The last big tournament with Russian participation doesn’t date back very long by the way: At the World Cup 2014 the team of former coach Fabio Capello got disappointingly eliminated in a group with Belgium, South Korea and surprise team Algeria. Russia’s biggest success so far was a semifinal participation at the EURO 2008, where they clearly lost 0:3 to later European champion Spain.

*All odds: status 30.01.2018

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