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What can I expect from the sports bonus?

Bookmaker promises a welcome bonus of 100% up to a maximum of €50. This is a relatively moderate offer from a betting provider who has been on the market since 2018. That amount is credited to you immediately after you have made your first deposit. Now comes the big “but”: As you might imagine, this bonus is tied to a number of conditions that must be met. Precisely what those conditions are is something we will explain to you in clear, simple terms on the rest of this page. After all, we don’t want a cloud to be cast over your betting enjoyment. Let us point out up front that, in its own words, is one of the fastest growing sports betting websites on the market. Precisely how accurate that is will be explained to you in our test and experience report. is run by EveryMatrix Ltd. This business, which has existed since 2012, is headquartered on Malta as well as Curaçao. Their licenses are similarly divided between the two islands. In that regard, this betting provider certainly enjoys a slight edge when it comes to professionalism, since part of their operation is subject to European regulations, which are, for the most part, very strict. It is also important to know that new customers from all countries are able to take advantage of the bonus, except for those in the United States of America, France and Turkey.

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What are the few steps involved in taking advantage of the sports bonus?

In this category, we provide you with a crisp, clear explanation of how to quickly take advantage of this welcome offer.

  • 1. The fastest way to access their offer is to click on the button provided here by Bettingformat.
  • 2. Then go ahead and register as a first-time customer.
  • 3. Make an initial deposit in the amount of at least €10. You will then receive a 100% bonus based on the amount of your deposit. The maximum possible bonus is capped at €50.
  • 4. Now meet all the bonus conditions within 30 days.

How does the sports bonus work in detail?

After you have made your first deposit to your account, you will receive a bonus betting credit equivalent to 100% of that amount. At this point, you will have to wager that amount on 5 different sports bets, at odds of at least 2.0. These particular odds apply only to individual bets. If you decide to go with a combo bet, each line on the betting slip must have been quoted odds of at least 1.40. The bookmaker gives you 30 days to meet all betting conditions. The clock begins ticking when you submit your registration.

Amount of the sports betting bonus in % grants a 100% bonus on top of the first payment. From our own experience, we know that this is relatively standard practice in the bookmaking industry. Simply register, submit your first deposit and immediately receive 100% on top of that amount.

How high is the maximum possible bonus amount?

In this point, the bookie is relatively restrained. You can only pick up a maximum of €50. Though bear in mind, you will then have to bet this amount 5 times on sports wagers. In other words, you will be putting in €250 of your own in order to receive the €50 bonus.

What are the bonus conditions in detail?

We have already given you a broad-brush description of the conditions. Let us also add: This is actually a very appealing welcome offer. Details about minimum buy-in, wagering requirements, odds, the time limit and potential restrictions are provided in the various subcategories below.

Minimum buy
This amount is €10. Actually, we were unable to find the amount of the minimum deposit as we browsed through the website, ultimately having to contact customer service, who were then quite happy to share that information with us.

Minimum wager
You will have to bet the bonus amount seven times on sports wagers. This is more or less standard practice amongst betting providers.

Required minimum odds
Those odds are 2.0 on individual bets. We know, that sounds high. But here’s the good news: As we learned from customer support, you can also make combo bets. If that’s what you decide to do, each individual line on the betting slip only needs to be quoted odds of 1.40 or higher. This represents a very good number. For example, if you decide to go with a three-line combo, the total odds on your betting slip will be 2.744. Though bear in mind, for you to win on a combo bet, all of the events need to come out in your favor. If just one of them “goes south”, your whole betting slip is lost.

Time limit
In this area, is a little out of the ordinary. While the bookmaker does give you 30 days to meet all betting conditions, the clock begins ticking as soon as you have completed registration and not after you have received the bonus, which tends to be more the standard practice. Bearing this in mind, consider carefully how this might fit into your betting schedule. After all, you don’t want to lose the €50.

Restrictions in payment methods or currencies
In this category, we were unable to establish any restrictions. With respect to currency, on its website this bookmaker specifically talks about the bonus in terms of €50 or $50, or the equivalent in other currencies.

Betting restrictions
…were also not apparent. In the terms of business pertaining to the bonus, there were some restrictions pertaining to the casino area, though we presume, based on our own experience, that those restrictions only apply to the actual casino bonus and not to the sports betting bonus. Bearing that in mind, it looks as if you can bet on all available sporting events, either in the form of individual or combo bets.

What is our general evaluation of the sports bonus?

We feel this is a great bonus offer. Having to bet the amount of the bonus 5 times at prescribed minimum odds of 2.0 or 1.40, depending on the type of bet, is very reasonable, not least because you do have that extra degree of freedom of choosing between a single bet or combo wager. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t underestimate the higher odds, which suggest this offer might be more appealing to those with more betting experience. The 30-day time limit is very generous, especially when viewed against the number of bets you are required to make. In summary, we rate the bonus very well and certainly recommend it. Regardless of whether you are a rookie or “pro” in the world of sports betting.