World Cup 2018 odds comparison | Betting with top odds guaranteed

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World Cup 2018 odds comparison | Betting with top odds guaranteed

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The World Cup in Russia offers numerous possibilities for realizing countless betting tips and types of bets at very different odds. In the course of probably the biggest sporting event in 2018 you can not only bet on the results of matches between teams like Germany, Spain or England, but you can also bet on group winners, final contestants or tournament winners for example. You don’t only need to be aware of the different kinds of implementing your bets: In order to make the best of your betting tips, you should always keep an eye on the best odds that are being offered by a seemingly endless number of betting providers. We provide a compact and sophisticated comparison of the best World Cup odds of the most popular betting providers, so that you don’t lose focus in the jungle of betting odds comparisons, bookmaker tips and betting possibilities. Therefore you will always have up-to-date World Cup odds comparisons for your favorite matches.

How do you get to the best odds for the World Cup 2018?

Since the betting odds for the World Cup in Russia can vary quite a bit from bookie to bookie, you can lose a lot of money, when not considering an odds comparison. So if you want to make the most of your World Cup betting tips, you should choose your betting provider carefully and need some intuitive feel and good advice and that’s when bettingformat enters the stage: In order to best implement your bets for the World Cup 2018 we enable you to have a an efficient and well-structured betting experience thanks to our detailed odds comparison. You can comfortably look for the best odds on our site and then place your individually fitted World Cup 2018 bets.

Why may an odds comparison for the 2018 World Cup be useful for you?

To make everything clearer we give you an example: While you can find odds for the final winner between 5,50 for one of the favorites Germany and 10,01 for exotic teams like Panama or Saudi Arabia at William Hill*, you will only find a span of 5,50 to 7,50 at Interwetten*, which makes a big difference when betting on an underdog. You can also see slight differences when betting on the final contestants, which you should take into account when optimizing your betting tips: Brazil enters the tournament as the biggest favorite from the South American federation and therefore has odds of 3 (tipico*) to 3,5 (betfair*). For the traditional football nation England making it to the final game the same bookies have odds of 8 (tipico*) to 6,5 (betfair*), which makes a big difference in possible profits. The example of the “Three Lions” proves that odds comparisons don’t only pay off when betting on underdogs or exotic teams, but betting providers also often have different opinions about established teams and favorites from the second line, which you can use to your advantage when consulting our odds comparison!

Which betting providers have the best odds for the World Cup 2018?

You won’t only find the best odds of newer bookies like 888sports, tipico oder Interwetten, but also established bookies like William Hill, BetVictor or Intertops at our odds comparison for the World cup 2018 in Russia, whose odds are always worth a bet. In addition, you will find not only the best odds for the 2018 World Cup on our site, but also a detailed analysis of those bookmakers with the best program for the World Cup in Russia. In a comprehensive report, we have checked the various bookmakers for their program and odds offerings for the 2018 World Cup. In addition to opportunities for long-term bets in the context of the 2018 World Cup, we also took a closer look at categories such as the number of betting markets in the individual games of the group and final stages.

As the factor creativity in our check of the best bookmakers for the 2018 World Cup should not be neglected, we also took more unusual betting options such as betting tips on the best team of the continent or on the choice of the English team captain in our rating system. So if you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of the various bookmakers, you will surely find on our page about the best betting providers of the 2018 World Cup. By clicking on the button you will quickly and easily get to the results of our test report!

What makes our odds comparisons for the World Cup 2018 so special?

In order to spare you the effort of switching back and forth between the sites of different betting providers, you can easily compare the best bookies directly on this website. We carefully chose the betting providers regarding certain quality criteria like reliability, user-friendliness and pay-out key, so you don’t have to expect bad surprises and you can bet on the matches of your favorite teams with good consciousness at the best odds. Our hand-picked odds comparisons for the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia provides pure and unaltered betting pleasure, that is additionally safe, easy and comfortable: That’s how you do odds comparison for the World Cup 2018!

*All odds from 20.01.2018

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