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Switzerland Super League

The Super League is the top football division in Switzerland. 10 teams compete in this league each season. The League includes 36 game days with 180 matches. Last place descends and first place wins the championship title. In our odds comparison for the Switzerland Super League you will find all betting odds for FC Basel, FC Zürich, FC St. Gallen or the Grasshopper Zürich. With our odds overview, you can keep track of any odds changes. Our odds are always current because they are continuously updated. Shortly after the end of the current game day, we publish the betting odds for upcoming matches. You can find odds comparisons on our website for classic 3-way bets, as well as many other special bets, like goal bets, or the halftime bets.

Why should you place bets on the Swiss Super League?

The Swiss Super League can't quite compete with Europe's top league (yet), but they were able to draw more and more attention in the last couple of years. The stadiums of the top teams are usually pretty full every week. FC Basel and Young Boys Bern in particular have a huge fan base. Bern was able to draw some international attention in the last couple of years. This also makes betting on Swiss Super League more interesting. Switzerland is always excited when matches kick off in the top clubs' stadiums. So of course the betting market is also busy then. Nationally and internationally people are betting on Swiss Super League games. Almost every betting provider has the Swiss league in their portfolio. They don't only offer standard bets, but also a vast number of special bets. All tipping fans, who haven't gotten in touch with the Swiss league should consider making a trip to the Swiss football tipping world. There are a number of duels on eye level between the league's middle class teams. Additionally the championship offers top matches, when the traditional top teams from Basel, Young Boys Bern or Grasshoppers Zurich play against each other. Bookies usually offer good odds for these top matches and with a little bit of insider knowledge you can earn good money with bets on the Swiss Super League. But who offers the best odds? Where is the broadest portfolio? In order to keep a cool head, so you can focus on your betting slip, we compared the best betting providers for you at bettingformat. We tell you who has the best payout key, how good a certain portfolio is and how user friendly the websites of certain providers are.

Which bookies are the best for Swiss Super League?

An old acquaintance finished best once again in our test of betting providers for Swiss Super League. Bet 365 persuaded in all essential categories and so they finished first on the betting market regarding this particular league. They score with a payout key of 94%. This number stands out positively, since the Swiss league isn't one of the strongest on the continent and therefore the used funds are lower than in the "Big Four" England, Germany, Spain and Italy. Additionally bet 365 has a very attractive betting portfolio. There is a vast number of special bets for insiders of the Super League, where you can put your knowledge to the test. Bet 365 used the chance and is the market leader for this league. So if you want to place a bet on Swiss Super League, you should go online and fill out a betting slip on the website of the British bookie. The next candidate that finished very well in our test is a bookie that is probably only known to betting experts. Comeon is a real insider tip! Compared to bet 365 comeon has a lower odds key, but 93% is still very appealing. The big extra that comeon has to offer is their betting portfolio. Betting fans are faced with an incredible number of possibilities to bet on the Super League. This makes everybody happy, who seriously deals with the Swiss championship and it can be stated that comeon won't remain an insider tip much longer due to their great performance. With their odds and great portfolio they will be able to challenge the big betting providers in the long run and they will reach new fields.

Which bookies don’t take Swiss Super League too seriously?

One betting provider that has some catching up to do regarding this league is Ladbrokes sports. This provider hasn't made its homework regarding Switzerland's highest league yet. They fall behind quite a bit with an odds key of 89%. Their number of different bets is also very limited at Ladbrokes sports. If "The big red", how the company is also called, wants to compete with the big players in this league, they need to change their strategy. Another sports betting company, that doesn't score well in our Swiss Super League test, is one of the market's big players. We are talking about bwin. The well-known Austrian bookie doesn't satisfy its customers at all with an odds key of only 90%. One also has to mention however, that bwin has a broad betting portfolio for every league. In the case of the Super League they are not able to quite compete with the best in our test in this regard either. So if you want to add Swiss Super League to your betting repertoire, you should pay bet 365 or comeon a visit.

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