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The Holland Honor Division is the highest league in Dutch football. Our odds comparison compares all available odds from betting providers and presents them in a compact overview. We compare the odds of the main bets, as well as many detailed bets. 18 teams fight each season for the championship title in the Honor Division. Teams like PSV Eindhoven, Ajax Amsterdam, Feyenoord Rotterdam, PEC Zwolle, FC Twente Enschede and Logo Groningen play in this league. We cover all matches in our odds comparison, to guarantee you perfect odds information. With the help of our odds history you won't miss an odds change.

Are there useful odds comparisons for the Dutch Eredivisie?

Every player is in search for the best betting tips. But what makes a good betting tip? There should definitely be a realistic chance of the respective tip being correct. Additionally everything around the betting tip should be decent. We are talking about things like payment methods, customer service and of course integrity of the respective betting providers. If you are on track regarding these things, it's all about form of betting and odds. In order to reach the optimum there as well, you should fall back on odds comparisons. Nowadays many independent websites offer those. You should take a close look at odds comparisons, however, so you can see, whether they are well researched and reliable. It's particularly important to look at the selection of betting providers. You also need to check the up-to-dateness of the odds. With a little bit of effort you will soon get a feeling for good and not so good odds comparisons. This also goes for odds comparisons regarding the Dutch Eredivisie of course. Due to the big popularity of the Dutch league you will find odds comparisons for it on many websites. We at bettingformat also provide such an odds comparison. In our case you can really rely on the most current odds as well as many different bookies to choose from.

What needs to be particularly considered at odds for Eredivisie?

Dutch football has similar structures to those of many other European countries, at least regarding rules and form of Eredivisie. There are no playoffs and not many teams are being "switched" each year between first and second league. Therefore there also aren't any real special features regarding betting tips for Dutch Eredivisie matches. Just like for all other leagues it's important to know the league well. Without any knowledge about trends and current form of the respective teams it will be hard to be successful in the long run. If you do have expertise, however, you shouldn't only focus on one betting provider, but you should compare a couple of bookies. There are massive differences in the odds between different betting providers, especially for smaller leagues. In order to cover one's back, odds comparisons should be used. This is probably the simplest and fastest way to filter the best odds from your favored betting providers.

Which betting providers have the best odds for the Dutch Eredivisie?

Some Dutch Eredivisie clubs shake up European competitions from time to time. In the last couple of years teams like Ajax Amsterdam or PSV Eindhoven have been pretty successfull internationally. This makes the Dutch Eredivisie also interesting for football fans from other countries. The combination of many traditional teams and young talents has been working very well for decades. Naturally many bookmakers noticed that too and therefore try to provide an attractive betting program for the Dutch Eredivisie. Due to big competition every little thing counts. Odds play an important part of course. Regarding Eredivisie the Nordic bookmakers like Unibet or Betsson traditionally have very good odds. Tipico, which is a very popular bookie in Germany, also has great odds though. You also get more than decent odds at the British bookmaker giants William Hill and Bet365. Even though their odds are usually slightly lower than the ones of the afore mentioned bookies, the British betting providers can be an interesting option, if you like to combine different leagues.

Are there also odds comparisons for Dutch Eredivisie live bets?

As attractive and diverse live bets have become over the last couple of years, as hard it is to be successful in the long run. There are reasons for that of course! First you don't have as much preparation time as for normal bets. This means that you often only have a few seconds to decide whether a bet is reasonable or not. If you decide on a bet, you also need to have the odds for it in sight of course. There are also odds comparisons for live bets, but they are not remotely as extensive as comparisons for the standard betting program. Often only 3-way-bets are being compared. Since the odds change so often, comparing other types of bets would be too vast and also confusing. If you are especially looking for odds comparisons for live bets for the Dutch Eredivisie, you won't have to search long. Many websites provide clear comparisons for Eredivisie matches in real time. You should also take a look at more than one comparison in this case, so you can decide, which one is most helpful for your needs.

At which time do you find the most attractive odds for the Dutch Eredivisie?

Every player wants to get the maximum out of his betting tips. Therefore it's important to get the best odds. There are a few points to consider. First you should always consult an odds comparison. If this comparison is clearly and reliably structured, you will quickly be able to choose the currently best odds for your betting tip. Another important point is the time of placing the bet. As you know odds change permanently. This is mainly due to injuries or changing form of a team. Of course it's hard to pick the right time for a tip in the weekly league business. It's easier for so-called long-term bets. If you want to bet on possible relegation teams or champions for example, it's best to do so before the season kicks off, since there can't really be said anything about a team's form then and therefore even favored teams still have higher odds.

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