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Ligue 1

We compare the odds of the top French Football League. This includes the games from Paris St. Germain, Olympique Lyon, AS Monaco, FC Toulouse, and many more. Our 100% clear odds breakdown is unique and offers you up-to-date information about the betting odds available on the market. Our odds are constantly updated, so that you can benefit from the best odds. In addition to the comparison of the main bets, you can find much more information with the odds comparison, as well as an odds comparison of the most popular detailed bets. We use a descending order, starting from the highest to the lowest odds.

What's the appeal of Ligue 1 in France for tipping fans?

The highest French league is currently one of the five best leagues in Europe. Only Premier League, 1. German Bundesliga, Primera Division and Serie A are stronger. Still the French league isn't that popular on the betting market yet outside of France. Whoever didn't have Ligue 1 on the radar yet, should change that asap. As mentioned it's one of Europe's best leagues, maybe even one of the world's best. Especially teams like Paris Saint Germain and AS Monaco were able to catch attention in the last couple of years. These two teams have been able to compete with Europe's best teams on the international stage. Both made it to the quarter and semifinals of Champions League last season. This is reason enough to take a closer look at the first French league. It's a fact that an above average number of goals are being scored in Ligue 1. On average 2,4 goals are scored per match and only 30% of games end in a draw. SO excitement is guaranteed in Ligue 1 for sure. Betting markets get especially busy when the two top teams Paris Saint Germain and AS Monaco play against each other. If you decide as a betting fan to add Ligue one to your betting portfolio, you face certain problems though. International betting providers aren't sleeping and already identified the potential of Ligue 1. Therefore many bookies already have the league in their program. This means in turn for inexperienced betters that they have a vast number of bookies to choose from. So the question arises, where you best place your bets for French Ligue 1. For this reason we at bettingformat created the odds comparison. After reading our text you will know about the strengths and weaknesses of the market regarding the first French football league. We will present two bookies in detail, that are suited for your tips and two that have room for improvement regarding Ligue 1. No worries! We won't recommend any bookies in our list that don't operate seriously. This is the prerequisite to be at all accepted in our odds comparison. Apart from this we tested the betting providers regarding odds and betting portfolio.

Which bookmakers are among the experts of Ligue 1?

The betting provider, that we examined first is probably one of the most popular ones of the world. We are talking about the Austrian bookie bwin.com. They don't finish first regarding pay out key in Ligue 1, which is about 93%, but the company has a lot to offer its customers regarding betting portfolio. Bwin is a real expert in this field. If you are fed up with standard or single bets, this is the right address for you. Of course you can also find all conventional bets at bwin, but in addition you can have fun with a vast number of special bets. This is one of the main reasons, why bwin is among the best in our odds comparison. The next bookie that was also able to persuade is bet3000. Here it also shows that those companies that were able to persuade in many other European leagues, also finish well in Ligue 1. Apart from a great odds key, which delights any customer, this bookie also scores with an enormous variety of bets. Even though they are not quite able to compete with bwin in this category, they finish ahead of them regarding odds and therefore they have an even better total package. Their odds key of up to 96% remains unmatched by competitors.

Which bookies should you avoid when betting on Ligue 1?

Of course there are betting providers that don't score that well in our tests and that you rather shouldn't use for certain leagues. One of those bookies is betsson. This Scandinavian betting provider is inferior to the best in our Ligue 1 comparison in all aspects. Betsson scored poorly regarding odds comparison or betting portfolio. Their payout key for Ligue 1 for example is about 92%. So if you want to test your expertise in Ligue 1, you shouldn't do that at betsson, since there are much better bookies on the market. Another candidate that isn't performing well regarding Ligue 1 is Tipbet. The odds that they offer their customers aren't very luring with a pay out key of about 91%. So it doesn't surprise us that this company isn't that well-known yet. It's also no surprise that their betting portfolio for Ligue 1 isn't very breathtaking either.

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