Odds Comparison - Coupe de France

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Odds Comparison - Coupe de France

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The French Football Cup or in French called Coupe de France dates back to 1917. This cup competition is after the French championship the most important national men's football competition for clubs in France. For bettingformat.com it is the reason why to include this competition to the odds comparison. It must be said that not all matches are included in the odds comparison because an enormous number of teams participate in the tournament. Overall, teams from at least six leagues take part, what, of course, represents a decent number of teams. On average, there play 32 clubs to win the Cup in the Coupe de France. You will find more information later. On this page, you can compare betting odds of different bookmakers. For this, you only have to click on the desired match to compare the odds and you can find the bookmakers with the most lucrative odds. But first of all, we would like to briefly explain you the odds comparison and provide you betting tips and important information about the league, the teams and the odds.

Content on this page

  • Creation of the odds comparison
  • Matches displayed in the odds comparison
  • When is the odds comparison interesting
  • Favourite teams
  • Reasons why the odds comparison is important
  • Right time for the odds comparison
  • Long-term bets
  • Summary


Betting tips for the FFF

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Types of bets & betting strategies


On this page you will find all the types of bets and betting strategies explained.

The creation of the odds comparison for matches of the Coupe de France

Basically, this is very simple, at least in theory. Bookmakers calculate the ideal odds for each match. Everyone has their own suitable recipe for this. The odds for the Coupe de France - the French Soccer Cup – are displayed on bettingformat.com and we compare them automatically. The individual betting markets are also taken into consideration. The bookmakers who offer the most lucrative odds, you can find listed in the odds comparison of each match before its beginning.

Which matches of the French Football Cup are displayed in the odds comparison?

As odds are also displayed for the first and second French league, only such matches are shown in the odds comparison, which otherwise plays in the first or second French division league. On bettingformat.com, of course, everything is set up that all playoff rounds or final matches of the Coupe de France will be presented. You can see also other teams in the odds comparison. Sometimes it can happen that they are only displayed in the short term, so all teams have to play their own league matches. Or in the short term, an important match must be played. For this reason, we would like to briefly explain the game mode of the Coupe de France. Before the finals are played, eight rounds are played. Then the best 64 teams from France compete against each other before the sixteenth-finals. Afterward the eight-, quarter-, semi-finals and finals will be held.

Coupe de France Stade Rennes Quotenvergleich Stade Rennes won the cup in 2019. So take a close look at the odds. Photo: GEPA pictures/Icon Sport/Vincent Michel

When is the odds comparison of a French football cup match particularly interesting?

Until the sixth round, the teams of regional leagues play against each other. We can say from experience that tournament is more exciting from the seventh round because then clubs from the national league are joining. For example, teams from Ligue 2 and 1 will not start to play until the seventh round. Once teams from the first and second league play against each other, it will be exciting. But you should also know that it is good to watch matches of favorite teams, especially from the first league. Because not every team want to give everything in the Coupe de France matches, because they focus rather on the international matches. You can read such information in our betting tips as well. In the case that a club focuses more on other leagues, the odds comparison is important, because it is important to make a suitable outsider betting tip. On bettingformat.com, of course, we try to provide all odds comparisons with analysis of final matches. You can read more about that on the Betting Tips page.

Which teams are the most exciting in a odds comparison?

Before we answer this question, let us tell you that only one team per club is allowed to participate in the Coupe de France. Since one winner must be determined per round, it can happen more often than in other tournaments, that it will come to a penalty shoot-out. The winners from each match will move to the next round. We can answer your question. Odds comparison of matches of teams that are equal is particularly important. When teams like Paris Saint Germain, Olympique Marseille, Lille OS, As Saint-Etienne, Monaco, Racing Paris, Lyon, and Red Star Paris play against each other (we just named a few teams representing almost every year in the Coupe de France), the odds of bookmakers can be similar. That's why the odds comparison of Coupe de France matches on betingformat.com pay off on. Because it makes a difference whether you win at odds of 1.90 or 2.20. For example, derby, Paris Saint Germain vs. Red Star Paris or Racing Paris vs. Red Star Paris is very special, and are often guided by their own rules. This is not always considered by bookmakers (when they are creating odds). Even then, the odds comparison on bettingformat.com pays off. In the Betting Tips, we'll include our experience, and you can place a lucrative outsider betting tip.

Choice of the appropriate odds?
As soon as teams with an identical strength compete against each other, the bookmakers often disagree who is favorite, or whether both teams score or how many goals will be scored. A bet placement is, of course, difficult in such a case. After all, do not let yourself influence by many odds. If you are very familiar with the league, then everything is fine and you will have our analysis available. In the analysis, you can then find a prediction and which betting tip is suitable. Then all you have to do is to compare bookmakers' odds and the types of proposed bets. Hopefully, you will pick the most lucrative odds.

Team Titles Participations Last participations
Paris Saint Germain 12 17 2019
Olympique Marseille 10 19 2016
OSC Lille 6 9 2011
AS Saint Etienne 6 9 1982
AS Monaco 5 9 2010
Racing Paris 5 8 1990
Olympique Lyon 5 8 2012
Red Star Paris 5 6 1946
Girondins Bordeaux 4 10 2013
AJ Auxerre 4 6 2015
FC Nantes 3 8 2000
Stade Rennes 3 7 2019
OGC Nizza 3 4 1997

Why is an odds comparison in the French Football Cup important?

As mentioned before, the odds of bookmakers are sometimes very different. So, you do not have to compare countless bookmaker sites with each other in terms of odds. You just need to look at our website. You already have an overview of the most lucrative odds picked from over 70 betting companies. It saves time and hopefully brings more money. You can place your bet where the odds are best.

Is there a “right” time for a odds comparison?

This question is difficult to answer. The most ideal is sure, shortly before the start of the match. Odds are stable to fluctuations. The teams that are represented in the Coupe de France, also play in other leagues. Something can happen there before (injury) and the odds rise or fall. The odds are particularly volatile if you prefer live bets. If you are unsure about what team to bet or what type of bet you should use, we recommend you to bet during a match.

How are odds created for long-term bets?

Long-term bets can sometimes be very lucrative, especially if your team wins. Predestined for this is certainly: Paris-Saint-Germain, OL. Marseille, OSC Lille and AS Saint-Etienne. Because these teams so far have won the cup most times. For long-term bets, we do not offer an odds comparison so far, where you can bet on the eventual overall winner. The long-term bets are also those bets that can be made on pre-matches. Like in tip 1, over/under, tip 1 half time 1 etc. Of course, we have it in the program. From experience, we know that in most cases the odds are higher at the beginning and lowest before the start of the match. For this reason, an early bet would pay off. But we would only do that if the cup winner should be tipped.

Bet and win

What can we generally say about the odds in the Coupe de France?

Finally, we can tell you with a clear conscience that the odds comparison is making betting easier. You know the event you would like to place a bet on. Short odds check on bettingformat.com will help you to bet with a right bookmaker. The assumption is, that you are registered with the bookmaker and you made a deposit. Each bookmaker is also linked to bettingformat.com, so just click on it and you will get to the right page. Actually, every betting friend should have saved this tool. You will have an overview of matches that are currently being played in the French Cup. You will get easy access to the odds, and you will know where/when to bet, what could pay off and what not.

We would advise you to check the Coupe de France odds again and again. Not only the higher leagues team matches are interesting. As soon as you read the odds analysis, click and you can get information about the match. Then compare the odds and place a bet. It hardly can be faster.

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