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UEFA Europa League

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The UEFA Europa League is another one of the European Cup competitions like the Champions League, and it's one of betting fans' favorites. The Europa League is the second most important international football competition. Here, you will find all the odds starting from the qualifier, beyond the group stage to the next matches and up to the final. Our odds comparison shows you many special bets, and it lists the betting providers in descending order, starting with the provider with the best odds, going to the lowest. With one click, you go to the respective betting provider.

What makes the odds comparison for Eruopa League so special?

UEFA Euro League is the second most important international football competition after UEFA Champions League. Back in the day it was known as "Cup of Cup Winners". This was pretty self-explanatory, since back then the cup winners from different European countries played against each other in this tournament. Years later the competition was known as UEFA Cup, because through time not only cup winners competed for the trophy, but also teams that finished well in their respective leagues. They pretty much stuck with this procedure. Depending on how many international starting spots a league has at its disposal, different clubs are allowed to participate in Europa League. In Austria for example the winner of the Austrian cup and the third ranked team of the league can take part. In Germany even the seventh ranked team may play Europa League qualification, if the national Cup winner is already qualified for Europa or Champions League through the league ranking. You can also find a lot of teams from smaller countries in this competition, which gives their young and talented players the chance to gain the attention of top football clubs through good performances. As mentioned the champion of the respective leagues is automatically qualified for UEFA Champions League in the following season. So Europa League has a lot of tradition and is also very popular on the betting market. Since a vast number of clubs from all over Europe compete in this international league, the betting markets in all these countries are upside down on game days. There are tremendously many betting providers nowadays, which are all promoting the best odds and the best betting portfolio for Euro League matches. But you can't trust all of them unrestrictedly. This can be pretty confusing for betting fans without much experience. The offers and promotion often rather discourage people from placing bets than motivate them to make the matches of one's favorite team even more exciting through placing a bet. This is the reason why we at bettingformat have an odds comparison for Europe's second best international competition on the club level. We tell you who offers the best odds for Euro League games. Additionally we inform you which betting providers have a broad betting portfolio, since this is very important for most betting fans. In addition we will only present bookies in our list that you can trust and that work 100% seriously.

Which betting providers are in the lead at the Euro League odds comparison?

A betting company that should be known to almost everybody, who read an odds comparison on bettingformat before, is bet 365. This English provider keeps satisfying its customers with top performance. So it's no big surprise that bet 365 is also one of the best regarding Europa League bets. The British company offers its customers tremendously good odds. With an odds key of up to 96% bet 365 is absolutely uncatchable. The payout key of course also goes by the upcoming match ups. Since the quality of games and the respective teams is often different in the qualification rounds from the quality in the knock out stage, the payout key is also subject to fluctuations. The next candidate that we put to the acid test is the German betting provider tipico. Tipico occurs in a lot of public media and so made a name of themselves. That doesn't always mean that the bookie also stands for quality however. But with tipico this is indeed the case. Apart from a lot of possible single bets the German betting provider makes its customers happy with a huge offer of special bets. They also rank high regarding odds. Therefore tipico is among the best providers for UEFA Euro League.

Are their bookies that still can improve regarding UEFA Euro League?

Indeed not all bookies finished as great as tipico or bet 365 in our test. The well-known Austrian company Interwetten.com wasn't quite able to compete in this comparison. The payout key of 92% in particular has room for improvement. They also fall a bit behind regarding betting portfolio. On the other hand Interwetten.com has something special in store for all betting fans. At matches of favorites this betting provider offers top odds. So whoever likes to bet on Europe's big clubs, should submit a betting slip at Interwetten.com. In general it's a little surprise that Interwetten with its location in Austria doesn't throw more energy and resources into Europa League. Why? Because this competition is particularly interesting for fans of Austrian football and its respective teams. Austrian clubs rather participate in Europe League than in Champions League and they are also more successful there. The same goes for many German and Swiss clubs, who often switch from Champions League to the "small brother" Europa League in spring, when they get eliminated from CL, because they finished third in their groups. Examples from the younger past are Monchengladbach or FC Basel. Europa League is particularly interesting for the German-speaking area and it should therefore also be interesting for the Austrian company. Another bookie, which isn't among the best in our odds comparison is 888 sport. They neither offer very good odds, nor a broad betting portfolio. With a performance like this this company won't make it on the international betting market.

When are odds good and when bad?

In order to explain when odds are good and when not we consider an example from UEFA Europa League to be able to explain it further. If AS Rome hosted a match against Austria Vienna, normal odds would be about 1,20 for a home win by the team from Rome. If another betting provider offered odds of 1,30, the higher odds could be considered very good compared to others. If another betting provider only had odds of 1,10 or less, then these odds would be seen as bad. Therefore it's important to compare odds and to check out the offers of different providers, because the odds of different providers in the betting business can vary quite a bit at times.