EURO 2020 QUALIFIERS | Odds Comparison

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EURO 2020 QUALIFIERS | Odds Comparison

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EURO 2020 Betting Tips

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Welcome to Bettingformat’s odds comparison page for the UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifiers. Here you’ll find odds comparisons for all matches in the run-up to the 2020 UEFA European Championships. All 55 member-countries of UFEA (the Union of European Football Associations) must earn their spot in this 24-team tournament; teams from host countries do not receive automatic bids to the Euro 2020. The Euro Qualifiers run from March 2019 until November 2019. A smaller tournament takes place in March 2020 to determine the final four entrants. The main event - the Euro 2020 takes place from June 12th until July 12th 2020. London’s revamped Wembley Stadium will act as host for the Euro 2020 semi-finals and finals. As the excitement continues to grow, so too will the betting markets flex and expand as the 55 teams are winnowed down to a select field of 24. The tournament winner stands to gain a cool € 10,000,000 / £ 8,825,350 and no small measure of national pride. Over the course of the next several months, you can expect to see increasingly similar odds offered by bookmakers as weaker teams are eliminated and parity is achieved. This is exactly how and when our odds comparison feature comes in handy. We monitor the betting lines from over 75 reputable bookmakers to present you with the best price-to-payout wagering options. Our odds information is updated in real-time, so you’ll always be up to speed with the most current odds. Read on to learn more about how Bettingformat can help you win big from the Qualifiers all the way to the grand finale in July 2020!

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  • How does Bettingformat’s odds comparison page work?
  • Which qualifying matches receive an odds comparison?
  • Hot phase in the Qualifiers
  • Importance of odds comparison
  • When to check the odds
  • Long-term bets
  • Conclusion

How does Bettingformat’s odds comparison page work?

You’re here because you’re a sports betting fan. We’re here because it’s our duty to connect fans like you with top-flight bookmakers. Each and every one of the 70+ betting providers listed on our site has been thoroughly vetted to ensure there are no duds among them. With so many bookies accepting wagers, you can only expect (and hope) to see differences in their odds-making. Our odds comparison feature automatically and impartially shuffles the bookmaker offering the most favourable odds to the top of page. You will also be able to further refine your wagers by selecting specific betting markets such as the over / under, both teams to score (BTTS), or draw-no-bet. If you are unfamiliar with those betting variants or you currently do not have a bookmaker you like, take heart – our Betting School and Bookmaker reviews will get you up to speed and in the black in no time flat!

Deutschland vs Niederlande European Qualifiers 2020 Two traditional favourites to take the title - Germany and the Netherlands | Photo: GEPA pictures/ Witters/ Tim Groothuis

Which qualifying matches receive an odds comparison?

Bettingformat provides an odds comparison for all qualifying matches en route to the Euro 2020. The 55 nations are divided into 10 pots for group play. The top two finishers from each group comprise the first 20 teams in the tournament. The remaining four teams come through UEFA’s Nations League playoff scheme made up of 16 teams. Each team will have 8 or 10 matches of group play for your viewing and betting pleasure.

  • 5 groups of 5 teams
  • 5 groups of 6 teams
  • Top two finishers from each group proceed to the Euro 2020 (20 teams)
  • 4 teams qualify via the Nations League play-offs (or play-ins, if you like)

When does the betting action for the 2020 Qualifiers get particularly intense?

The 2020 Qualifiers feature several points of note – Kosovo’s first appearance, the lack of automatic bids and that the group phase starts and finishes within the calendar-year 2019. Group play begins in March and wraps up in November 2019. We expect the betting action to begin heating up with the summer sun, but certainly no later than autumn 2019. Matchdays 5 and 6 (between September 5th and 10th) is when you can expect the wheat to bid adieu to the chaff. Qualifying matches are formatted as a home and away within a few short days of each other. The final qualification matches take place in mid-November. Everyone gets a short respite until the UEFA Nations League playoff to determine the final four entrants into the Euro 2020.

Matchdays for European Qualifiers (all in 2019):

  • Matchdays 1 + 2 late March
  • Matchdays 3 + 4 early June
  • Matchdays 5 + 6 early September
  • Matchdays 7 + 8 early October
  • Matchdays 9 + 10 mid-November (groups with 6 teams)

Why is it important to compare the odds for the Euro 2020 Qualifiers?

Knowledge is power. You might get lucky and blindly place a winning bet or two, but that’s not a sustainable model for successful wagering. If you regularly avail yourself of our research, you’ll know if the upcoming matchup features a scoring machine, a stingy defence, a red card benching or any such thing that could affect a bookmaker’s betting line.
To further enhance your expertise in the run-up to the Euro 2020, we heartily encourage you to visit our EURO 2020 Betting Tips page. There you’ll find a treasure trove of insightful, actionable betting tips and results predictions.

euro 2020 betting tips

When is the best time to check the odds?

The best time to refer to the odds would be shortly before placing your wager. Hopefully, you’ve done your due diligence and kept track of injuries or illnesses. By all means, check back with us to see if you’ve overlooked anything or if you’re simply curious to see the ebb and flow of gambling odds. As soon as a bookmaker updates their odds, we reflect those changes in real-time.

Euro 2020 Pokal Which nation will claim the title of Euro 2020 Champion? | Photo credit: GEPA pictures/ Witters

Can I place long-term bets on the Euro 2020 Qualifiers?

Tipsters can enjoy a cornucopia of intriguing and lucrative long-term bets on these matches. You can select the outright group winners, top goal scorer, which team or player receives the most red cards and myriad other options as well. Bettingformat currently does not feature an odds comparison for long-term bets, as we feel the sheer volume would detract from the overall readability of our site. If you’re interested in such wagers, we suggest you peruse a few of the bookmakers on our site – you’re sure to find a stake to your liking.

Conclusion – final thoughts on the Euro 2020 Qualifiers odds comparison

With our special odds comparison feature you will always have the latest odds for the Qualifiers close to hand. Use this overview to plan your betting strategy. A pinch of preparation now could yield huge dividends down the road. Don’t forget to combine the odds comparison with our experts’ insights found on the EURO 2020 Betting Tips page. Together they form a devastating one-two combination that’s a knockout. As always, GOOD LUCK!

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