Odds Comparison - English Football League Championship

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Odds Comparison - English Football League Championship

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The English Football League Championship - short: The Championship - is the second highest division of English football. The “English House of Commons” is a very exciting league, with many traditional teams and important teams competing in the Premier League. Of course, such a league is from the point of betting very interesting. Therefore, also the odds comparison of the Championship has its place on this website. The second English league has been held since 1892. Since 2004 it operates under the current name - English Football League Championship. In 46 matchdays, teams are playing to get the champion title, while the progressive teams and the descending teams are fixed. Twenty-four teams are competing for the best places. Excitement remains until the end. Final Matches of 3rd to 6th place are played in the progressive play-off at the Wembley Stadium. Every-year performance thanks to passionate bettors extends far beyond the British Islands borders. That's why you'll find on our page all matches of the English Football League Championship in the odds comparison. 552 matches are currently taking place in a regular Championship season. In our odds comparison, you can find out which bets pay off. The match appears on this page as soon as the odds are fixed at the bookmakers.

Content on this page

  • Creation of the odds comparison
  • Displaying matches
  • Most interesting time for an odds comparison
  • Interesting teams for odds comparison
  • Importance of the odds comparison
  • Overview of odds comparison
  • Long-term bets
  • Conclusion

To the betting tips

Here you will find all the most important tips for the English Football League Championship.

To the betting tips

How is the Championship odds comparison created?

English football is also very popular in our latitudes. This we can apply not only to the first division or the second division. The Championship is also watched with great excitement. It should come as no surprise that just about every bookmaker has the championship in the program. On bettingformat.com you will find the odds of over 70 bookies - the most lucrative odds are shown in the odds comparison of the Championship. Here we present you the most lucrative betting markets.

What matches are represented in the Championship odds comparison?

In the odds comparison of the Championship, all matches of this league are displayed. Each team has to play 46 matches. There is each match day 12 matches played. In total, it makes 552 matches. All of them are displayed in overview with the odds. Once the bookies have the match in the program, the matches including the most interesting odds of the betting markets are displayed. At the end of the regular championship, there is another peculiarity of this league: The teams in places 3 to 6 will play for getting to the semifinal and final, which are all held in the English National Stadium in Wembley. The first two places get a direct ticket for the Premier League. Here you will not only find the odds of the Championship matches but much more than you can even imagine.

England Championship Asthon Villa FC gegen Queens Park Rangers Quotenvergleich Ashton Villa FC vs. Queens Park Rangers. To the betting tips. Photo: GEPA pictures/ AMA Sports/ Matthew Ashton

When is the best time for the odds comparison?

Basically, you can take a look at the Championship's odds comparison once the odds are available. It is according to our experience directly after a matchday of this league. Then the bookmakers calculate the odds for the upcoming matches. As you know from own experience, odds can change daily - even almost every hour. After all, any player can get injured in training, which can have a big influence on the upcoming match. Sometimes a change of coach causes a change in the odds. And this is also reflected quickly in the odds comparison. In the Championship comes that due to the many matches in the league - in addition to the cup competitions - many “English weeks” must be played. So often, 3 matches are played within a week. We offer you quick overview of the odds comparison.

What teams of the Championship are particularly interesting for the odds comparison?

This question cannot be answered in a general way - the composition of leagues changes in the course of the year due to ascent and descent of the teams. Experience shows that the descent teams from the Premier League are usually next season favourites in the Championship. So, if you're looking for favourites to win the Championship title or the team making it to the Premier League, take a look at fact who felt down to the second league from the English “House of Lords” (Premier League). Pay attention if the former first division club has managed to hold the squad from the relegation season and if there may be active support for the second division season. Experienced second division players are valuable for every Championship team, because the league experience is very important also in second league.

League name Number of clubs Number of ascenders Number of relegates
Premier League 20 3
Football League Championship 24 3 3
Football League One 24 3 4
Football League Two 24 4 2
National League 24 2 4

Why is the odds comparison in the English Championship important?

This question is relatively easy to answer: After all, you want to get the maximum win from your bet. The bookmakers calculate the odds differently. According to our experience, there are some odds fluctuations in the individual bookmakers. In our odds comparison for the English Championship you can see which bookie holds the most lucrative odds for the different betting options. If you already have created betting account - then you can place your bet immediately. Otherwise, you can think about registration with that betting provider. We have also available our own pages where you can see how attractive a bookmaker is for you.

When is the best time to take a look at the odds comparison of the Championship?

It's best to look at the odds comparison right before you place a bet. So, you always have the most attractive betting odds for each option at a glance. When the ideal time to bet, it is basically up to you. There are two approaches: you can place your bet immediately after the odds are published. Or you create your pre-match bet immediately before the match start. In both cases you can catch the ideal time, depending on whether the odds fall or rise.

Which strategy is the best one?

How look like the long-term odds of the Championship?

In the championship, you can usually place a long-term bet on title winner. For many bettors, this is certainly the most interesting at the beginning of the season – to know the next title holder of a league before the Championship even starts. But also, during the Championship can be interesting and lucrative the outright long-term bet (for example bet on the winner of the Championship). After all, we will know only later who has a chance to win a title, or who is already out.

All the possibilities to use longterm bets.

Conclusion - the odds comparison of the Championship

With our odds comparison of the Championship you cannot do anything wrong - on the contrary: With a regular look at our overview, you can make maximum out of your bets. We compare more than 70 bookmakers for you - and not only the odds. We test the bookmakers themselves, so you will not stumble with a black sheep.

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