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England Premier League

The Premier League is the highest football division in England. Also known as the Barclay’s Premier League, the top English teams compete for the coveted title. We compare all odds for the upcoming games of the league. In doing so, we present the odds of the betting providers and give you a perfect overview in descending order on the detail pages. You will find the odds representation for the games of the Sunderland, Manchester United, FC Arsenal and many more.

Why should you read the bettingformat odds comparison for the Premier League?

The Premier League is one of Europe's best leagues, even one of the best of the world. This league has the biggest budget worldwide. The market for this league is huge. They also conquered Asia and people over there are crazy about English football. Of course Great Britain is also excited, when a Premier League match kicks off in the land of the queen. England is known to be the motherland of football, therefore the Brits are very passionate about this sport. The best players of the planet play there, since money is hardly an issue for English clubs. The athletes earn tremendous sums of money, which is why the league is full of star players. Since British football conquered the hearts of football fans all over the world, the potential on the betting market is huge as well. Asian fans in particular love to bet on this league. In European countries the Premier League is also often the number one for betting fans. So it's often a bit problematic to choose a suiting betting provider. There is such a high number of betting providers that it is hard for beginners to choose the right one. This is the reason why we at bettingformat created this odds comparison for you, so that you know, where you can place your bets safely and which betting providers you should avoid regarding the highest English league. In our test we put great value on the topics security, odds as well as the betting portfolio.

Which are the best bookies for Premier League?

One provider that scored in every category is bet 3000. This betting company is very persuasive regarding the Premier League. They are located in Germany and they please their users with almost incredible odds. Bet 3000 reaches an pay out key of almost up to 98% at top matches of the Premier League. This means that the betting provider only keeps 2% of all deposits at top matches of the highest English league. This number is unique. You also don't need to worry regarding security at bet 3000. This betting provider is known for being integer and very professional. Additionally betting fans have a lot to choose from at this company's website, because they have a great portfolio. Another provider that scored well in our test is bet victor. When testing other leagues they haven't been that great, but whoever likes to bet on Premier League should pay bet victor a visit. They also caught our eye with a pay out key of 97%, especially at direct duels of the Premier League top teams. These high odds may be traced to the fact that the company was found in England and therefore they have a high affinity to the football in their home country. Bet victor also doesn't need to shy comparisons regarding betting portfolio. They offer a lot of single and special bets to fans of the Premier League. It's also a fact though, that their high odds are limited to Premier League, which clearly is their best horse in the stable.

Which betting providers fall behind in our Premier League odds comparison?

The well-known bookie Interwetten.com can't quite compete with the odds of the top bookies in this comparison. With a number of about 92% in Premier League they finish at the lower part of the ranking. Although Interwetten is very serious and secure and their portfolio is very good, the Austrian company can't persuade with their odds for Premier League matches, in which no top teams participate. Interwetten manages to retrieve their good reputation with top odds for matches of the "Big Player". In matches like these they often have the best odds of all betting provider competitors. In total we see a lot of potential for improvement for the Interwetten total Premier League package though. Another bookie with rom for improvement in this sector is sportingbet. They have a pay out rate of 93%, but their betting portfolio is not very big. Therefore you should rather place your Premier League bets at bet victor or bet 3000. For matches of Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Co. a glance at the Interwetten.com may be worth it, however. Bettingformat informs you anyway every single game day about the best odds and betting providers for your respective favorite matches though.

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