DFB Cup | German Football Cup Odds Comparison

Bayer 04 Leverkusen - FC Bayern Munich

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DFB Cup | German Football Cup Odds Comparison

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Welcome to Bettingformat’s odds comparison page for the German Football Cup. Here you’ll find the best odds and bookmakers for all the matches in the DFB Cup. Since its start in 1935, the German Football Cup (DFB Cup in shorthand) has been a hugely popular and respected club competition. Teams from Germany’s top three leagues, upstarts from lower tiers and determined amateurs collide in the hopes of hoisting the storied DFB trophy. All told, 64 teams over the course of 6 rounds will have a crack at the title. The DFB Cup follows a straight knockout format, so expect early departures from some of the big names. The grand finale takes place in Berlin’s historic Olympic Stadium. In this article we will discuss how and when to use our odds comparison feature to your advantage. Read on to learn how it all works.

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  • How can an odds comparison of DFB Cup matches help me?
  • Which matches in the DFB Cup will receive an odds comparison?
  • When does the betting action for the DFB Cup get particularly interesting?
  • When is an odds comparison for DFB Cup games indispensable?
  • Why should I compare the odds for DFB matches?
  • When is the best time to compare odds for the DFB Cup matches?
  • What should I know about long-term bets for the DBF Cup?
  • Conclusion: how will an odds comparison help me?


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How can an odds comparison of DFB Cup matches help me?

Unlike many other major football countries, Germany’s cup competition is open to clubs from all levels. Theoretically, a team of bold amateurs can topple a mighty team such as FC Bayern Munich and be crowned champions. The chances of that happening are arrestingly slim, but that’s exactly why we’re here – to track the odds. With so many bookmakers offering so many betting opportunities for DFB Cup games, it can be difficult to decide where and when to place your bet. Please allow us to help. We monitor the betting lines from over 70 reputable bookmakers to help you find the best bet for the best price. Beyond simply showing you a bookie’s betting line, we also provide you with access to detailed bookmaker reports, new customer bonuses, betting recommendations and much more.

Which matches in the DFB Cup will receive an odds comparison?

All of them. As soon as the matchups are announced and the bookmakers have calculated their betting lines, we start comparing those odds. Our odds comparison feature ensures that the most lucrative odds are automatically presented clearly at the top of each matchup box. Our information is updated in real-time, so you’ll know you’re always getting the best price-to-payout at any given time. Unlike many other tournaments, higher rated teams don’t hang back and enter the fray in later rounds. Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich take the pitch the same day as an unknown from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Here are the finalists from the past several years. Do any of these teams sound familiar?

  • 2018: FC Bayern - Frankfurt 1:3
  • 2017: Frankfurt - Dortmund 1:2
  • 2016: FC Bayern - Dortmund 4:3 (shootout)
  • 2015: Dortmund - Wolfsburg 1:3
  • 2014: Dortmund - FC Bayern 0:2 (extra time)

When does the betting action for the DFB Cup get particularly interesting?

We are of the opinion that every round of the DFB Cup has exciting betting potential. It could happen that a powerful team stumbles in a first-round matchup against a determined team of Cup specialists. Starting with the second round, Bundesliga teams are able to compete head-to-head. The quarterfinals and semi-finals are always packed with interesting betting markets. Check back with us regularly so you don’t miss a game or a lucrative betting opportunity.

  • 1st round – August before Bundesliga play starts
  • 2nd round – October
  • Round of 16 – February
  • Quarterfinals – March / April
  • Semi-finals – April
  • Finals – May in Berlin
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When is an odds comparison for DFB Cup games indispensable?

The odds comparison feature is most helpful when you’re ready to stake a wager on a game. If major clubs from Bundesliga are playing each other – which can happen from round two onwards – it is crucial you find the bookmaker offering the best odds. With over 70 bookmakers to choose from, you’re sure to find one whose terms you like.

Why should I compare the odds for DFB matches?

It’s your money, don’t you want to win as much as possible? Two bookies might have opposing views about the strength of a particular team and their betting lines will reflect that. Why not pick the bookmaker who’s offering you a larger win on the same bet? Beyond odds comparison, we also offer our experts’ analyses and statistical information for almost all games in Cup play. If you want to play the best odds, you first need to know the bookies’ odds! We’re here to help you squeeze as much out of your wager as is possible.

When is the best time to compare odds for the DFB Cup matches?

You will certainly want to check the odds just before placing a bet on a DFB Cup match. It pays to be up to date with the latest in injuries, suspensions and current form of the two teams involved. That said, it’s also interesting to watch the odds fluctuate over the course of the tournament. Bookmakers constantly adjust their betting lines- the more familiar you are with these changes, the greater the likelihood of you winning a big bet later. Check back with us regularly and you’ll always have an overview of the best betting odds at any given point.

What should I know about long-term bets for the DBF Cup?

The earlier you place your long-term bet, the more you stand to win. If you decide to wait for a bit and see who’s still standing after round 2, you shouldn’t be surprised if the odds are a little less exciting than before. It’s important to keep in mind that Bettingformat currently does not offer an odds comparison for long-term bets. If you are interested in placing one of these lucrative wagers, we recommend you visit four or five reputable bookmakers found on our site. You’re sure to find a long-term bet with agreeable terms.

Conclusion: how will an odds comparison help me?

We recommend you check the DFB Cup odds regularly. If you take the time to carefully study the betting lines offered by 70+ bookmakers, you will quickly see that not all bookies have the same opinion. Instead of jumping from bookmaker to bookmaker, you can simply check our page to find the best odds for DFB Cup matches in one place. Our service is free and it only takes a moment of your time. What have you got to lose? As always, GOOD LUCK!

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