DEL-1 Ice Hockey Odds Comparison

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DEL-1 Ice Hockey Odds Comparison

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DEL 1 is the first and most formidable name in German ice hockey. In the following text, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of the most up to date assessment of gaming odds so you’ll have the best chances to cash in on those lucrative bets. Fourteen teams from all corners of Germany square off in this fierce division. During the regular season, the teams face each other four times, twice at home and twice on the road, the whole time fighting for crucial playoff positioning. When the postseason arrives, first round games are decided in a best-of-three with a best-of-seven format from the quarterfinals on through to the championship. Enough with the particulars! You came here to get the information that will help you place winning wagers. Read on and we’ll explain our DEL-1 wagering recommendations, what the benefits to you are, which games are covered and much more!

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  • Odds comparison
  • Which games are covered?
  • When should I pay particular attention to the odds assessment?
  • Which teams deserve special focus?
  • Advantages of our odds comparisons
  • Utilizing our odds comparisons
  • Long-term bets
  • Conclusion and tips

DEL 1 Betting Tips

Here you can find the most exciting betting tips for your bets on DEL 1.

To the betting tips

What do you mean by “odds assessment?”

A basic question, but a fair one. As the name implies, the betting lines from a wide variety of bookmakers are automatically collated and presented to allow you to make the best, most-informed bet. In this particular case, we are talking about DEL 1 ice hockey and the 70+ sports books accepting wagers on the outcomes of the games. That’s a lot of information to sort through, so we do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll help you pick the right bookie for your wager. We’ll show which bookmaker is offering the best odds for any given game. Above all, you can rest assured we will always shuffle the best deals up to the top of the list.

Here you can find the bookmakers

Which games are covered by the odds assessment?

In the case of DEL-1, we are happy to say: ALL OF THEM. That’s right, 52 games per team during the regular season AND all playoff games are continually monitored and updated for your betting information. The top six finishers from the regular season are automatically through to the quarterfinals, while seeds 7 through 10 still have a puncher’s chance to fight their way back into title contention. It won’t be easy for them though. They’ll first have to settle a best-of-three battle among themselves and then make their way forward as underdogs in a best-of-seven format. That’s a lot of coming and going, so be sure to check back with us frequently to stay on top of the latest betting odds and recommendations.

NHL Vegas Golden Knights Eishockey Wett Tipps Mannheim vs. Red Bull Munich - this match guarantee an exciting tip! Photo: GEPA pictures/City-Press

When should I pay particular attention to the odds assessment?

At a certain rate, it always pays to be an informed bettor, so the more frequently you check with us, the higher your chances for success. Perhaps you’re a more casual fan or you think that life only begins in the postseason. In that case, we hope you enjoyed the drama of teams jockeying for position and clawing their way into postseason play. Now, however, you will also benefit from a more studious approach to odds making. As the intensity of the games increases, the betting odds are more susceptible to fluctuation. Let us help you finesse the odds to their most lucrative outcome!

Which teams in the DEL-1 merit special attention through odds assessment?

The knee-jerk reaction here is to say ‘all of them.’ Gambling is by its very nature an uncertain venture, so it quite literally pays to be up to speed with the latest news and betting lines. The successful bettor would also do well to check back with us regularly as the bookmakers’ odds can and do vary widely. As for the noteworthy teams in this year’s dust-up, we remind the reader that teams like the Berlin Polar Bears, the Mannheim Eagles, the Cologne / Köln Sharks and the Krefeld Penguins are permanent fixtures in the DEL-1. EHC Red Bull Munich stormed their way to their first title in 2010 and have been a force to reckon with since then. Each of these teams have reached the pinnacle on more than one occasion and should not be taken lightly. Competition is the name of the game and the team with the perfect combination of luck, skill and grit will ultimately hoist the trophy.

Team Titles Last Title
Adler Mannheim 7 2019
Eisbären Berlin 7 2013
EHC Red Bull München 3 2018
Kölner Haie 2 2002
ERC Ingolstadt 1 2014
Krefelder Pinguine 1 2003
Düsseldrofer EG 1 1996

Why is the DEL-1 odds comparison important to me?

Our odds comparison feature enables you to locate the best bookmaker and gaming odds without wasting your time hunting through dozens of websites. We continually update the current betting lines and prominently place the most favorable options to help you place your bets with confidence. Save time and win money? That sounds like a good feature!

  • Betting on derbies:
    Derbies are a fantastic element of sport. There’s something about a contest between two neighboring teams that fires the competitive spirit. Often it seems you can throw records and standings out the window because these are grudge matches and they can be personal. The DEL-1 has its share of derbies- the Bavarian and the Westphalian Derbies are exciting brawls for local bragging rights. Bookmakers try to maintain consistency in the face of derbies, but in our experience, we find the visiting team often fares better than might ordinarily be expected. This is another good reason to check in with frequently!

When is the best time to use the odds assessment for optimal success?

Immediately before placing bet on a DEL-1 match is the wisest time to refer to the odds assessment feature. Betting lines are volatile and are subject to change for any number of reasons. Perhaps a key player sustained a significant injury and is unable to play. Perhaps one of the teams played a game outside of the DEL-1 and may be coping with fatigue while the other team is rested and ready. As you can see, referring back to our odds assessment will keep you informed and ready to place that winning wager.

How are the odds for long-term bets determined?

Bettingformat does not participate in odds assessment for long-term betting. Every now and then we will call the reader’s attention to a long-term betting opportunity in our associated betting literature; be it betting news, betting tips or bonus news. For those interested in placing such bets, we suggest they familiarize themselves with three to five reputable bookmakers and their long-term betting options and conditions.

Anything you’d like to add in summary?

Yes, thank you. We here at Bettingformat strongly encourage you to utilize the odds assessment feature before you place any bet. By staying up to date with the latest, most-relevant betting lines, you can be sure you’re playing the odds that you feel most comfortable with. While there are far more bets than can be fully assessed, we feel that providing the betting lines from 70+ bookmakers is a tremendous advantage to gamblers of all stripes.

  • Tip: If you’ve found a bookmaker to your liking, but still haven’t registered, be sure to check for various bonuses you might be eligible for. If you are registered, use that bonus and have fun! Finally, if you’re still not certain about how to find the right bookie, follow the links below which will steer you in the right direction.
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