Alps Hockey League Odds Comparison

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Alps Hockey League Odds Comparison

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Welcome to the gambling odds comparison assessment page for the Alps Hockey League! You’ve come to the right place to find the current betting odds comparisons for all the games in this up-and-coming league. The AHL may be in its infancy, but these 17 teams hailing from three different countries in central Europe are ready to shake things up. In this guide, we will give you the background of the league, we’ll answer your pressing questions and of course we are going to provide you with access to the betting lines on all the games to help you win the big payout.

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Alps Hockey League Betting Tips

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What is the Alps Hockey League?

The history of the AHL is, well, short. The league itself launched for the 2016/2017 season as a blended family of both the International Hockey League (IHL) and the Italian Series A. The Alps Hockey League is owned and operated by the professionally-organized EBEL (Erste Bank Ice Hockey League) so you can count on a well-run system. As we mentioned previously, the league is comprised of 17 teams coming out of Austria, Italy and Slovenia. That’s going to be a lot of traveling, good thing the Alps are so picturesque. As the AHL is just getting on its feet, we all have questions. Read on to find out about successful wagering on AHL games through the lens of our odds comparison feature.

How can I stay on top of the matchups and the betting lines?

You are going to want to check back with us early and often. Because of the geographic distribution and number of teams in each of the three countries, the regular season is hardly ‘regular.’ Think of the AHL as two associations (8 from Italy and 7 from Austria) plus two teams from Slovenia. When all is said and done, you will have 272 games to bet on BEFORE the playoffs.
The regular season is nice, but the postseason is where the glory is to be found. Once the regular season has been settled, the top four finishers gain an automatic berth into the quarterfinals, while the other four teams will have to fight their way in through a side-tournament. Playoff series are best-of-three, -five or -seven depending on the round.
At the end of the day, we’re talking about 329 maximum possible games.

  • That’s a lot to follow, do you think you can help me?
    That’s exactly why we’re here. With our odds assessment feature, you’ll have an instantaneous overview of the most recent betting lines on offer from participating bookmakers, in some cases that number can be 70+ bookies. Our unique comparison method automatically and impartially shuffles the most attractive offers to the top of the page to save you time and effort.

Which are the prominent teams I should keep an eye on?

As the AHL is a fledgling organization, it’s hard to definitively state who the mainstays are. For half of the team here at Bettingformat, the eye (and hand) is drawn to anything with the name Red Bull in it. In this case the Red Bull Hockey Juniors. For exciting gambling opportunities, we call your attention to the Vorarlberg Derby featuring EHC Lustenau, EC Bregenz and VEU Feldkirch. It will be very interesting to watch the betting lines develop on those games. Regardless of your country, language or team, you can count on us to provide comprehensive odds assessment to help you make the informed gaming decision.

Lustenau RB Hockey Juniors AHL Alps Hockey League Wett Tipp Quotenvergleich Eishockey Right down you will find the best teams of the season 3.

What are the advantages of using the odds comparison feature?

Our pricing comparison of over 70 bookmakers is a complementary service, which aside from its perfect price, is also completely objective and impartial. We are not beholden to anyone and as such you will have the best possible betting lines at your fingertips at any given time. Just check in with us, click the game you’re interested in and we’ll display your best price-to-reward options.

  • Tip:
    With odds comparisons from over 70 bookmakers, you are downright spoiled for choice. If you see a line you like with a new bookie, it often literally pays to register with that service as well. New customers often receive perks such as matching contributions on initial deposits. Follow the provided link to learn more about how you can cash in on this opportunity.
Betting Bonus
season champion runner-up final
2016/17 Ritten Sport Asiago Hockey 4-1
2017/18 Asiago Hockey Rittner Buam 4-3
2018/19 HK Olimpija HC Pustertal 4-3

Odds comparison for AHL games

As we mentioned above, there literally hundreds of AHL games to bet on. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a clean, tidy overview of the most favorable betting odds in just one place? We don’t like bragging too much, but our system does just that. Check in with us early and often to stay abreast of all the betting lines from AHL ice hockey games.

Can I place long-term bets on AHL matches?

Currently, we do not provide odds assessments for long-term bets for the Alps Hockey League. If you’re interested in placing such wagers, we suggest you check out three to five of the top-listed bookies accepting wagers on AHL games as that will be your best chance to place a season-long bet. The payouts can be handsome indeed, so we wish you good luck!


Even at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we heartily recommend making regular visits to our site for AHL games. Don’t forget, you will usually get the most favorable odds bookmakers have to offer shortly after they publish their lines. Very often, bookies will adjust their odds before the puck drops and these changes are seldom good for the person placing the bet. As always, GOOD LUCK!

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