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Basketball Odds Comparison

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Basketball is indispensable in the sports betting scene. Therefore, it is only a logical consequence that Bettingformat offers a quota comparison for basketball. Various leagues are covered in the basketball odds comparison, not just the NBA, which probably belongs to the most famous league. Thanks to Michael "Air" Jordan, Dirk Nowitzki or Magic Johnson. Various betting options can be given in basketball, so of course the betting odds should be compared to each other, so that a lucrative bet can be placed. As you can imagine, the basketball betting market is huge and it is not easy to filter out the most suitable betting provider, which also allows a lucrative bet. On this page we go into more detail on the basketball odds comparison. We will explain how this is done, which leagues are covered on Bettingformat, which odds we list in comparison, how you get to them and much more.

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  • What is the odds comparison?
  • Types of bets
  • Basketball leagues with a comparison of odds
  • How to get to the individual odds comparison pages?
  • Odds comparison during the game
  • Worth knowing about the basketball odds comparison


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The best odds for matches of the NBA, the DBBL, the WNBA, Champions League, ABL, EuroLeague, ..... you can find here.

To the basketball betting tips


Written by experts Betting Tips for games in the NBA, WNBA, ABL, Euro League, Champions League and the German Basketball Bundesleague you can find here.

Compare the bookmakers

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What is the odds comparison?

Truly a good question. As the name suggests, this basketball betting odds are compared by the most diverse bookmakers. At Bettingformat, the odds of over 70 bookmakers are automatically compared. The bookmakers, who offer the most lucrative odds of a basketball game, we list in the odds comparison. You will find that there are differences of over 0.20 points or more. As you can imagine, it makes a difference whether you get paid out after winning a prize at odds of 1.80 or 2.00.

Which types of bets does the basketball odds comparison cover on Bettingformat?

Currently, we can only offer you a quota comparison on a two-way bet. That is, you can compare the odds of a Tip 1 or 2. However, work is underway to compare basketball betting odds of over / under betting, half time wins, and three-way regular time betting. You may also be able to compare quotas for a possible game extension shortly. In the betting school, which we offer in Bettingformat, you can find out more about the various types of bets, betting strategies, etc.

Place lucrative bets on basketball events thanks to the betting school.

Which basketball leagues are displayed in the odds comparison?

Currently we compare betting odds of the Basketball EuroLeague, Champions League, NBA, WNBA, German Basketball Bundesleague and the Austrian Basketball Bundesleague. The NBA is certainly one of the most famous basketball leagues in the world. Finally, some German players are represented in the American Basketball League and they have a decent amount of play so almost every day the bets can be made. For the Austrians, the Austrian and German Basketball Bundesleague will probably be more tangible, which is why we focus more on this in the analysis in the betting tips. As well as the basketball EuroLeague and Champions League. Many well-known teams from Europe are represented in these two leagues. Including teams from Germany, Greece, Spain, Turkey and Russia. A regular look at the basketball odds comparison is worthwhile in every case again and again, because we try to expand the odds comparison in basketball with leagues as needed. In addition, odds can change during the basketball games again and again. Now you may be thinking why not all the leagues are listed? At Bettingformat only those basketball leagues will be shown in the list for which we have received betting odds and we can show them in odds comparison. How you can get to know them faster, we explain in the next point.

  • NBA - National Basketball Association
  • WNBA - Woman National Basketball Association
  • German Basketball Bundesleague
  • Austrian Basketball Bundesleague
  • Basketball Champions League
  • Basketball EuroLeague
  • World Cup

How to get to the basketball odds comparison in Bettingformat navigation?

As you can see in the picture, we have the most varied sports in the menu: odds comparison, shown. Next to "Basketball" you will find a number. This tells you how many basketball events are currently offering the odds comparison. A click on it opens the various leagues. In addition to the respective league name you can read the number of events that offer a comparison of betting odds. Normally, only those basketball leagues are shown right away, which have a quota comparison. However, if you are not sure, you can click on “all leagues” and all basketball leagues, which Wettformat has in the program, will be listed.

Klosterneuburg Kapfenberg ABL Quotenvergleich Wett Tipp Basketball In the odds comparison you also find the pairing Klosterneuburg against Kapfenberg. There will also be regular betting tips on the ABL. Photo: GEPA pictures / Christian Ort

Does the odds comparison also apply during a basketball game?

We can only partially answer this question with a yes. Rarely, but every now and then, we get the live odds of the bookmakers, then you can also follow live how the odds of a basketball event change. However, we advise you to look at the odds before a game. Because we know from experience that it is seldom the case that bookmakers supply us with the live odds. Which bookmaker is particularly suitable for live betting can be found in our betting comparison.

What should you look for in the basketball odds comparison?

The basketball odds comparison on Bettingformat offers you the possibility to compare the odds of many betting providers. Over 70 bookmakers are available for comparison. You can therefore assume that you will find the most lucrative odds for a basketball game. You just have to click on the respective bookmaker and you will be redirected to the secure site. If you find the word analysis in the odds comparison, then this is written with a bet tip from experts. What bet tips Bettingformat has for you we explain on a separate page. Only so much: In this we inform you about the most lucrative betting variants, after we analyzed both teams and made a prediction about the outcome of the game. In the end we can show you the way, shortly before the start of a basketball game or shortly before a bet. The odds can be very emotional, because they often change shortly before the game, but usually not in favour of the players.

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