Odds Comparison - FA Cup

The FA Cup is the English football cup competition. This cup is the oldest football competition in the world. It is there since the first season 1871-72. Every year since then a title holder has been identified. Up to 763 teams compete each year for one of the most wanted trophies in world football. All members of the English Football Association are eligible to play. The better teams - such as those who play the Premier League - will enter the FA Cup later in the season. The special feature of this cup mode is that there is no seedling. So again, and again better clubs come to the later rounds. In addition, there is no extension – after the result is a draw, there is one more match (replay). Only if also after this regular time the result is draw, an extension and possibly a penalty is possible. The semi-finals and final of the FA Cup traditionally take place at Wembley Stadium.

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  1. Creation of the odds comparison
  2. Displaying games
  3. Most interesting time for a odds comparison
  4. What teams?
  5. Importance of the odds comparison
  6. Best time for odds comparison
  7. Odds suggestion for long-time bets
  8. Summary
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How does the odds comparison for the FA Cup come about?

We list for you the best odds for the FA Cup on this odds comparison page. It does not matter to us whether the bookmaker has a big name or is still a young bookie. If the bookmakers have the English FA cup game in the program, you can see this on bettingformat.com. And as fast as possible. So, you always have an overview of how the odds are on your favorite betting market. If there are changes in the bookies, changes will be played as soon as possible even on bettingformat.com. It's worth taking a look at the odds comparison the day before the match.

Which games of the FA Cup are displayed in our odds comparison?

The odds comparison of matches of FA Cup you can find on bettingformat.com at the latest when the big clubs will get on stage. Currently, we cover the first 3 leagues in England - the Premier League, the Championship and the League One. If teams play in these leagues you will find for their matches the overview page for the odds. For the interesting matches, you will not find an only overview, but also an analysis of the matches including the betting tip.

When is an odds comparison of the FA Cup interesting?

Experience shows that the odds for the FA Cup come very early, usually shortly after the draw. For the bookmakers, this is an interesting event, so the bookies are quick in calculating the odds. The hot phase usually starts with the entry of teams from the top leagues. This happens in the 4th round, which is usually played in early January when the Premier League makes a brief winter break after the exhausting Christmas holidays. From then everything goes very fast.

Wett Tipp FA Cup Arsenal gegen Chelsea © GEPA pictures Find the best odds for a match between Arsenal and Chelsea. Photo: GEPA pictures/AMA sports/Catherine Ivill

Are there any teams where an odds comparison is particularly important?

At the latest when the Premier League clubs have entered in the FA Cup, the hot phase begins. Then often motivated underdogs from lower leagues, who have already fought their way through the cup for several rounds, meet the stars of England's „Bel étage”. The teams from lower leagues always have home advantage - in front of own audience, of course, one would prefer to see the big favourite. The result is interesting odds and betting variants. Clubs like Millwall and AFC Wimbledon, that play in front of fanatic home fans, want to crash the big clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester City. In addition: After the draw, the smaller club requires a replay in the stadium of the larger club. After one more time draw result in the regular playing time the decision is made in extension or penalty.

  • Arsenal: 13
  • ManUnited: 12
  • Chelsea: 8
  • Tottenham: 8
  • Liverpool: 7
  • Aston Villa: 7
  • Newcastle United: 6
  • Blackburn Rovers: 6

Why is the odds comparison in the FA Cup so important?

With odds comparison, we would like to provide for you the service so that you do not have to rummage through all kinds of bookies yourself. After all, who can get an overview of all bookmakers and choose the most attractive odds? On bettingformat.com you will get the odds overview with the most interesting betting markets for free. So, you will not miss any lucrative odd with which you can bet. In addition, you will definitely discover a new bookie that is worth testing. We compare the odds of about 75 bookmakers - daily up to shortly before the kick-off.

When is the perfect time to check out the odds comparison for the FA Cup?

The odds for the FA Cup are, according to our experience, displayed very early. Once you have the bookies in the program, you can calculate the odds with us. One thing is clear: each team still has to play league games, usually a few days before the FA Cup match. A lot can happen in such a match - an important player can get injured; a team loses or surprisingly wins. Of course, all of that affects the betting odds of the FA Cup matches. The more serious the event in this game so close to the cup game is, the greater the odds fluctuation is. So, you have to check these league matches well before the FA Cup events. The English league can also be followed very well via TV - use this if you want to bet on FA Cup games.

Experience has shown that shortly before the match, the odds on a victory of favourite go down. English games are also popular in other countries. If you are fast enough, you can still get good odds with a clear favorite. Add to that the league standings: a team that is under pressure in the league because this team needs points or is fighting for staying in good position or for European Cup place will put less emphasis on the FA Cup than a team that goes well.

What are the odds for long-term bets?

Of course, it can also be interesting to bet on the total winner before the competition starts. At the beginning of the competition, we cannot see clear favorite - the outright odds on the title winner can, therefore, be particularly lucrative. Many bookmakers offer long-term bets for the English Football Cup, and these bets are popular among betting fans all around the world. Even the bet on top scorer of this competition can be placed.

Summary of the odds comparison of FA Cup

We offer you an odds overview with the most interesting betting markets for the most important matches of the FA Cup. You will also receive an analysis of the two teams and a forecast of the betting tips included. The cup has its own laws, is called “a well-known football wisdom”. In the FA Cup, a so-called underdog can turn to a big favorite. If you find that special outsider, you are lucky. A look at our odds comparison of the FA Cup will show you the right direction.